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sex in amsterdamAmsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. Although very small, Amsterdam attracts millions of tourists every year. It is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Some tourists come to Amsterdam to look at its architectural and historical places, others to enjoy work of arts, and millions of other tourists and travelers come to Amsterdam for sex. Amsterdam is one of the most sexually liberal cities in the world. It is Europe’s Pattaya. In this ultimate sex guide, I will provide you with the best tips on how to find girls and women for sex in Amsterdam. You will be provided with the best places to meet hot girls for sex in Amsterdam as well. 

Amsterdam is the financial and cultural center of the Netherlands. It has a very small population of 850,000 locals. It is not hard to imagine that there are much more travelers and tourists in Amsterdam than local people. Amsterdam is situated on canals. Hundreds or maybe thousands of small canals criss-cross the city. There are approximately 1500 bridges in Amsterdam. The population of the city is very mixed. There are loads of immigrants from Morocco, Turkey, and other Asian countries. 

Getting laid in Amsterdam is very easy. Liberal laws of the Netherlands made Amsterdam one of the most sexually attractive cities in the world. Whether you are looking for straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transsexual sex, you will find everything and even more in Amsterdam. This city has not borders and morality. Amsterdam is a city of your dreams, where you will be able to fulfill your sexual fantasies.


Even though Amsterdam has a mixed population, you will find out that some groups of the populations are absolutely useless if you are looking for sex in Amsterdam. Since immigrants belong to Islam, you have almost no chances to have sex with Muslims\ immigrants in Amsterdam.  Hence, you can somehow about Arab and Turkish girls. In this case, you will have several options to have sex in Amsterdam. First, you can have sex with local Dutch girls in the city. Second, you can have sex with prostitutes in the city. There is a great variety of prostitutes of all races, nationalities, and religions in Amsterdam. Whether you want a European, an African, or Asian whore, you will get whatever you want in this sexy city. Third, you can have sex with tourists in Amsterdam. Let me give you detailed tips on how to approach and game with different types of girls in Amsterdam. 


You should know that local girls in Amsterdam are very posh and materialistic. Since Amsterdam is one of the world’s fashion centers, the majority of women in the city are influenced by the idea of being fashionable and wearing only expensive designer clothes. This is why a Dutch girl in Amsterdam will firstly look for a financially successful man. Whether it is sex or a serious relationship, your looks won’t matter much in the game in Amsterdam. It is better to be ugly but rich than handsome but poor. This saying is very suitable if we talk about seduction in Amsterdam. 

To get laid with local Dutch girls in Amsterdam, you will definitely need to wear impressive clothes, an expensive watch, and of course, stay in a good hotel. In other words, beings a little bit flashy will definitely work in Amsterdam. First, local girls will find everything out about your financial well-being, then, they will decide whether to deal with you or not.


sex with prostitutes in amsterdamDe Vallen, the red light districts in Amsterdam is famous worldwide. I think that the majority of male travelers come to Amsterdam to explore the district. Usually, call as ‘window girls’ or ‘window prostitutes’, their work starts from the afternoon. Amsterdam has around 2000 prostitutes. A few hundred prostitutes work in De Vallen as ‘window girls’, and other whores work in clubs, bars, and as call girls.

While walking in the district, you will usually see a red light. However, quite often you might see a blue light in the window. This means that the prostitute inside is either a transgender or transvestite. Local Dutch girls are somehow rare among window girls. Since prostitution in Amsterdam is legal and prostitutes pay taxes, you will find out whore from different countries of the world.
Prices for ‘window girls’ start from 50$ for 30 minutes of oral work or intercourse. Usually, both of them will be done with a condom. If you like to extend the session, you will need to pay some extra fees. 


Your third option to have sex in Amsterdam is to pick up some horny tourists. This is a very effective option since all the tourists come to the city in order to go wild and have some fun.  If you love the diversity in sex, you will surely love to have sex with tourists from different countries of the world. 

 Whether it is daytime or nighttime, you will have a lot of opportunities to pick up hot ladies for sex in Amsterdam. Be handsome, demonstrate some type of financial affluence, and you will definitely get led in Amsterdam. Further, I will provide you with exact information on the best places to find hot girls for sex in Amsterdam. 


During the daytime, you will find a big variety of different places to find girls for sex in Amsterdam. These places are public parks, bars, cafes, picturesque bridges, and other locations where you will be able to pick up sexy girls for sex in the city. Here are the best spots. 

Vondelpark is the most popular park in Amsterdam. If you go there, you will find both local girl and tourists having picnics, playing, and doing other entertaining stuff there. In this relaxing and calm atmosphere, it is very easy and comfortable to start a conversation with a girl you like. 

Foodhallen is the main hipster bar in Amsterdam. During the daytime, you will find a lot of tourists and local girls hanging out there. This is a place where you will need to be a  little bit flashy in order to attract the attention of women. Good clothes and your expensive watch will definitely make the deal. 

Shopping malls are always good locations to get to know hot Dutch girls in Amsterdam.  Whilst it might be not appropriate to talk to them while they are shopping, talki9ng to them in cafes inside the malls is a great idea. 

In university cafes of Amsterdam, you will find out a lot of cure student girls. You will need to have a specific approach to them. Show off your knowledge and interest in the subjects of their studies. This might have a great effect on the success of your conversation with student girls in Amsterdam.


nudist beaches in amsterdamNudist beaches are absolutely cool for picking up hot girls for sex. There are several reasons why nudist beaches are very effective for this purpose. First, only the most sexually open-minded girls will visit a nudist beach. Also, a girl needs to have a level of self-confidence in order to get naked and come to a public beach. She should probably have a gorgeous body or she either doesn’t care about public opinion at all. Second, a nude beach is a great option to look up her body before sex. Here is the list of the best nudist beaches near Amsterdam. 

Zandvoort beach is one of Amsterdam’s most popular beaches. It is also a worldwide known beach. It is located in a beautiful area in the North Sea dunes and 3 kilometers between poles 68 and 71 are dedicated for nudists. 

Zandvoort includes a lot of convenient features such as five beach pavilions, meals, fizzy and alcoholic drinks. Some of the pavilions require people to wear clothes while dining. In Zandvoort, you will find a big number of sexy girls for sex and fun. Both local open-minded Dutch girls and tourists visit Zandvoort. Don’t be shy, get naked, and enjoy conversations with naked girls in Zandvoort. 

Velsen and Bloemendaal is the closest to Amsterdam nudist beach. If you want to pick up some hot girls on a nudist beach near Amsterdam and you don’t want to travel far, then, Velse and Bloemendaal is your place to go. Poles 58.0 to 59.5 span the entire nude recreation area, while pole 58.425 marks the border between the two municipalities.


nightclubs in amsterdamAmsterdam is a party capital of the world. Apart from its famous nudist beaches and ‘window girls’, Amsterdam can boast with its high-quality nightlife scene. Here is a list of the best nightclub to find girls for sex in Amsterdam. 

De School, Dr Jan van Breemenstraat 1. The nightclubs is built in a former school building. It features a cool nightclub, restaurant, and a cultural center. The club has a capacity of 550 visitors. 

WesterUnie, Klönneplein 4-6.  It is a nightclub with a huge hall for fans of techno and house music. This nightclub never sleeps. 

The Box, Mekongweg 5. This nightclub hosts party events 365 days a year.  The club is packed with the newest audio technologies. You will definitely love the atmosphere in the club.

AIR Amsterdam, Amstelstraat 24. It is a famous nightclub with house and dance music with a great audio system and interior. Loads of hot local Dutch girls and tourists hang out here. 

Club Up, Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 26. This is a nightclub for fans of really high-quality music. Even though DJs are usually very young, the quality of music is very high.

Escape, Rembrandtplein 11. This club is located in the city center. It features some of the best DJs in the Netherlands. No wonder why this club is considered as the most popular nightclub in Amsterdam. 

Melkweg, Lijnbaansgracht 234A. This is a  venue located in the center of Amsterdam. It features loads of entertainment places, cafes, bars, pubs, and of course, if you love quality music of various genres, then, this is the place to go. 

Nightlife in Amsterdam is truly gorgeous. At nights, people never sleep here. This is a city of sex, entertainment, and lust. You will always get laid in the city if you know the gamed, and additionally, very well-packed with financial resources. Be it hot local Dutch girls or some horny tourists, you will always get sex if you are a master of communication. Be sure to follow my tips, and an amazing sex journey to Amsterdam is guaranteed to you.

Written by Bahtiyar
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