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sex in bangladeshBangladesh is one of the most populous countries in the world. With a huge population of 164 million people, Bangladesh is currently the 8thm most populous country in the world. This means that if you are looking for great sexual diversity, you will definitely enjoy sex travel in Bangladesh. In fact, sex in Bangladesh is one of the very popular topics on the Web. Since Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, and other popular hot sex spots are fully explored, sexually thirsty travelers and tourists want something exotic. Sex in Bangladesh is a truly exotic thing.

To have sex with passionate Bangladeshi girls and women, you need to be a very skillful seducer. Why? Because Bangladesh is a Muslim country with a very strict and orthodox culture, believes, and society. Even though there might be loads of hot Bangladeshi girls ready to have sex with you, society will act as a firewall preventing access to her body. This is why sex travel in Bangladesh need to be carried out in a very professional manner. Anyway, if you are seriously interested in having sex with Bangladeshi girls in Bangladesh, this awesome blog post will definitely help you. 

Even though Bangladesh is still a developing country, we can say that its famous capital Dhaka has evolved into a modern megapolis with over 17 million people. It is definitely one of the biggest cities in the world. This is why I say that sex in Bangladesh will give you a lot of sexual variety. At the same time, you should keep in mind that Bangladesh is a Muslim country. 905 of its population are Muslims. Bangladesh is the third country with the biggest Muslim population after Indonesia and Pakistan. If you have already read some of my previous posts, you should know that sex in Muslim countries is not an easy task. Most of the women in Bangladesh wear hijabs and pray. Islamic scholars teach the nation to be shy, modest and protect virginity till the marriage. This is what most of the girls in Bangladesh do. Of course, I don't say that all of them are saints and angels. However, you will find that almost 95% of Bangladeshi girls live a strict Islamic life preventing them from sexual promiscuity and lust. 

Since sexual life is not paradisiacal in Bangladesh, young men satisfy their sexual instincts by watching porn. Even though porn is officially illegal in Bangladesh, there are still tons of it. Today, with cheap access to the Internet, almost every Bangladeshi men or women watch foreign porn on popular porn sites such as xVideos, PornHub, RedTube, and etc. As everywhere, when governments block different websites, nations start using VPNs to get access to whatever content they want. This is why I say that porn is available almost everywhere except North Korea. 

Whilst talking about sex education in schools, you can forget about it if we are talking about Muslim countries. There is no sex education in Bangladesh. People here have very little knowledge about contraception, STDs, and other sex education-related topics. Consequently, the birth rate in Bangladesh is very big. When people know nothing about contraception, no wonder why contraception skyrockets with blazing speed. As of sexually transmitted diseases, they are widespread in the country. I am not talking about serious STDs such as AIDS. However, minor STDs are very prevalent in big cities such as Dhaka. This is why I recommend always using condoms to protect your health from bad things. Even though you might find very good-looking and hot Bangladeshi girls for sex, don't forget to protect yourself. 


prostitution in bangladeshThe following statement might shock you – prostitution in Bangladesh is absolutely legal. Does it sound ridiculous? The government banning porn, but at the same time, legally allows prostitution. It reminds me of Thailand where prostitution is illegal, however, it is widespread in almost every corner of the country. Very contradictive things. Thus, you should know that prostitution in Bangladesh is legal, and you have nothing to worry about while using services of lustful whores in Bangladesh. At the same time, you should remember that there are loads of radical and very religious people in Bangladesh who might get angry by your dirty intentions towards Bangladeshi girls. therefore, do not expose your sexual intentions too much. If you want to have sex with Bangladeshi girls and Bangladeshi prostitutes, just do it, and don't brag too much about it. 


As it was said before,  prostitution in Bangladesh is widely spread. There are approximately 300,000 working prostitutes in Bangladesh. Hence, you will never have a lack of escort services while traveling or living in Bangladesh. You will find loads of brothels in rural areas as well as in big cities. Most of these brothels are very old. You will see buildings that are 200 or 300 years old. What is more interesting, you will see thousands of young sexy Bangladeshi girls and experienced Bangladeshi women working in these brothels. 

As of these ancient brothels, you will find that accommodations in these ancient apartments are too beautiful. You will find them very old, almost destroyed, and dirty. However, this can be very arousing to sex in a dirty and old place. Hardcore sex is always better in extreme places. What is more, Bangladeshi prostitutes are very lustful. Lust, exotic women, and extreme aura of old Bangladeshi brothel houses will make your sex travel in Bangladesh truly unforgettable. 

Prostitution in Bangladesh will be always in demand due to several factors. First of all, there are loads of immigrants and foreign workers in the country. Most of them are unmarried. For this reason, they will always use cheap escorts services of Bangladeshi prostitutes to satisfy their sexual urges. What is more, since the opposite sex is not available before the marriage, young men will always have sex with prostitutes as a form of sexual education. 

It is clear that rates to prostitutes in Bangladesh are very low. They are among the cheapest sex workers in the world. You can have sex with a Bangladeshi prostitute for a couple of dollars. An elite Bangladeshi escort will also cost you very cheap. 


In Islam, anal sex is forbidden. There is an exact order in the hadith saying to avoid anal sex. As of oral sex, there are some different opinions among Islamic scholars. Nevertheless, there is not a piece of evidence proving that oral sex in Islam is forbidden. For these reasons, we know that anal sex is not practiced in Bangladesh. Since the majority of Bangladeshi men and women are religiously taught, they will definitely avoid what is considered a sin. As of blowjobs and cunnilingus, I think that the proportions are the same. Some couples practice it, and others don't due to cultural and national views. 


LGBT community is not much respected in Bangladesh. What is more, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people are often discriminated in the country by conservative people. Members of LGBT cannot openly expose their sexual orientation in Bangladesh. Gay marriages are illegal in the country. 

Even though LGBT views are not welcome in the country, there is a big number of gays and bisexuals in Bangladesh. Due to different factors and the most prevalent of them in the unavailability of premarital straight sex contribute to widespread gay sex relationships among Bangladeshi men. 

Written by Bahtiyar
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