philippinesThe Philippines is the sexiest country in the world. A few years ago, Thailand was leading in the field of sex travel. Nowadays, the situation has changed. Thailand is not a center of sex travel anymore. Today, the majority of sex travelers visit the Philippines for hot sex adventures. Sex travel in the Philippines is awesome. I have been to this wonderful country many times. I can self-assuredly say that the Philippines is the most convenient country for sex travel. There are a lot of different internal and external factors making the Philippines the best country for sex travel. I am sure you have heard a lot of hot stories about sex travel in the Philippines. Now, you are eager to visit this sexy country as soon as possible. This blog post will give you a lot of useful and helpful information regarding sex travel in the Philippines.


I wanted to say that the Philippines is the most sexually liberal Asian country in the world. However, I realized that Thailand is more liberal than the Philippine islands. Therefore, I can confidently say that the Philippines is the second most sexually liberal Asian country in the world. Filipinos are very tolerant people. They accept all sexual orientations. Whether you are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or anyone else, the Philippine society will treat you very well. In other words, I can say that the local society is very democratic and open-minded. Parents can encourage their children to become gays, lesbians, or transgender people. This is absolutely normal in the Philippine islands. There is no sexual discrimination in this sunny country. People do whatever they want.

Usually, an antidemocratic society restricts an individual to some extent. Living in parochial, and religiously strict countries make people limited and restricted. This is what usually happens when you live in some closed and isolated regions of the world. In the sexy country, Filipinas can do whatever they want. Filipinas wear sexy clothes, shoes on high heels, and make glamorous makeup. What is more, being promiscuous is not a sin in this liberal region. Although the Philippines is a Catholic Christian country, it seems that Filipinas have forgotten about adultery as a sin. I can say that the majority of Filipinas and Filipinos are religious people. As far as I know, they visit churches on a regular weekly basis. Although Catholic Christianity does not make a significant impact on sexual lives of Filipinas, you will find that their religion influences their moral and spiritual ideals.

There are thousands of brothels, sex saunas, red light districts, massage parlors, nightclubs, and other entertainment places in the Philippine islands. Manila is the capital city of the Philippine islands. What is more, Manila is the sexiest city in the Philippines. If you want to begin seducing and making sex with Filipinas, Manila is the best place to start from. A night is the sexiest time in the Philippine islands. When it is already dark, you will see hundreds or even thousands of sexy Filipinas strolling on the streets of Manila. Some of these hot Filipinas are prostitutes. Others are local Filipinas who want to have some fun with foreign men. Of course, a bug number of them are gold-diggers. At the same time, you will find a lot of passionate Filipinas who will enjoy making sex with you for absolutely free.


As I have mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Philippines is a sexually liberal and democratic country. There are huge numbers of gays, lesbians, and transgender people living in the Philippines. None of them are discriminated. Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people can openly tell about their sexual orientation in the Philippine society. Thus, the Philippines is one of the most LGBT-friendly countries in the world. There is a big number of gays in the Philippine government, police, and other administrative organizations of the country. Homosexuality is treated absolutely normally in this wonderful country.

If you are gay and you do not want to get laid with Filipinas, you will be able to find loads of local gays in the Philippines. The majority of them are bottom gays. Filipinos are genetically feminine men. Masculinity is not widely spread in Asia. Therefore, if a Filipino becomes gay, it is more likely that he become a bottom gay. Therefore, you should not expect to meet brutal gays in the Philippine islands. If you go online, you will find thousands of Filipino gays ready to date and make sex with you. In addition, the Philippines is packed with thousands of gay clubs, gay saunas, and other gay-oriented entertainment places.


There is a great number of ladyboys living in the Philippines. Some people might think that Thailand is the center of transgender people. This is absolutely correct. However, the number of transgender people in the Philippines becomes higher every year. After a few years, the number of the Filipina ladyboys will grow higher than the number of transgender people living in Thailand. What I can say is that both of these Asian countries are famous for their gorgeous and sexy ladyboys.

There are a lot of reasons why the number of transgender people grows in the Philippines. First of all, the Pilipinas is a poor country. I can say that the Philippines is a Southeast Asian India. The level of poverty in the Philippines is very high. For, Filipinos it is better to be women. A woman can earn some money by prostitution. The Philippine men have no loads of options. Usually, Filipinos perform a very hard work. Hence, I can say that Filipinas are much happier than Filipinos in the Pinas. A Filipina or a ladyboy has more life options than Filipinos. For example, the Philippine ladyboys work in malls, boutiques, nightclubs, and different entertainment places. What is more, if a ladyboy is lucky, he or she can marry a rich Western gay. This is what usually happens to gorgeous ladyboys. For ladyboys, getting married to rich gays is the best life option.

The Philippines is a sexually liberal and democratic country. In the Philippines, people are free to choose their sexual orientation and lifestyle. Therefore, Filipinas and Filipinos do whatever they want. If someone wants to become a ladyboy, his family, government, neighbors, and friend will only support his decision. This is the second reasons why the Philippines has such a big population of transgender people.


I am sure that the Philippines is the best place for sex travel. The Philippines is a very cheap country. Renting a flat, food, transportation, and other things won’t require much money in the Philippines. For approximately 500$, you will have a good life in the Philippine islands. The amount of sex in this country is tremendously huge. The Philippines will definitely satisfy all your sexual desires. You can even get laid with several Filipinas during a single day. There are millions of horny people in the Philippines. Most of them are always eager of making sex.


Although prostitution and gold-digging are widely spread in the Philippine islands, you will find loads of people ready to make sex for absolutely free. Whether you are straight, gay, or you are looking for ladyboys, you will find everything for absolutely free in the Philippine islands. None of your sexual partners will demand money for sex. Of course, the majority of your Philippine sex partners will want to become your friends and share your prosperity with you. However, you are never obliged to anything in this promiscuous place. Asian men usually have small penises. For women, the size is very important. It is definitely more pleasurable to suck a big dick than a small one. What is more, I am sure that getting a big dick in her vagina will give her more pleasure. Therefore, Filipinas are always eager to have sex with some hot Western men with big dicks.

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