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how to build a blogBusiness on the Internet has a multitude of diverse options and variations. To make money online, you may start trading online, providing your professional services, and many other financially profitable activities. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make cash online. I find affiliate marketing to be so convenient for a great variety of different reasons. First, you do not need to have any funds in order to start affiliate marketing. Promotions and advertisements are already done by a company whose products you are going to promote. Thus, you may launch this business from zero. Its potential profitability is absolutely unlimited. There are thousands of people who have already become millionaires with the help of affiliate marketing.

What are the most frequent places where people carry our affiliate marketing campaigns? Mainly, affiliate products are promoted on social network pages and on personal blogs. Both of these options have loads of advantages and benefits. No doubts, having a good blog would be a better option to start affiliate marketing. Whether you want to do affiliate marketing, sell online, or make money through other ways, having a good blog is crucial for your financial success.

I was recently questioned how to build a good blog. Writing personal answers through emails is truly very time-consuming. Therefore, I decided to write a detailed post describing all the stages while building a blog. Hence, many people will benefit from this profound article. 


Domain name of your website is like a business card. To look more representative and serious, you will definitely need to have a gorgeous looking business card. The card makes the first and the most important impression on a person whom you present it. Thus, it is utterly significant to have a gorgeous one. We see the same situation while talking about domain name of your website. There are many factors you should consider before choosing a domain name.

a) Your domain name should represent the main idea of your blog

If you want to launch a travel blog, you should definitely include some travel abbreviation in your domain name. Here are some of the examples: NomadicMatt, AdventurousKate, BlondeAbdroad, TravelChick, and etc. If your blog is going to be universal and multiniche, your domain should also represent a universal idea. Look at my domain name. Firstly, 'bahtiyar'. Thus, I associate my blog with my personality. People see that the blog is a personal website of someone. Secondly, 'world'. This word represents a great universality and versatility of my blog.

Consider about the main idea and purpose of your blog. Choose the most appropriate domain name that fully represents your project.

b) Buy a top-level domain name

Usually, I see loads of very good blogs; however, their domain names are not top level. Extensions like .wordpress.com. These types of domain names are not considered to be serious. Moreover, search engines will never rank a domain name that is not top-level. If you plan to make a serious online business, treat your website very seriously. Getting a good domain name is crucial for an overall success of your blog.

c) Choose a short and memorizable domain name

It is always better to get a short domain name that is very easy to be memorised. Forget about long domain names such as smartpassiveincome.com. This website is tremendously popular and successful. Its owner makes more than 150K $ each month. However, the above-mentioned blog is a unique exception. People tire of typing long domain names. Make this task easier for them. Choose a short domain name. 


To be honest, I have never tested other website platforms such as OpenCart, and others. However, I have some good experience of launching websites on some famous site builders such as SimpleSites, Wix, Yola, and many other popular builders. My blog is based on WordPress. WordPress is definitely the best platform where a blog might be built.Here are some of the factors proving it.


WordPress is the most flexible platform. There are thousands of free and premium themes you can install on your WordPress blog. You can configure its look as you wish. Online website builders are very limited in their functionality and configurations. Therefore, if you look for a great flexibility, WordPress is the best option for you. 


I love WordPress the most for a huge variety of available plugins and extensions. Most of them are absolutely free. Nevertheless, premium plugins provide you with more advanced functions and options.


WordPress has a very simple dashboard. Thus, even a newbie blogger will be able to navigate and manage a website built on WordPress. 

My choice is WordPress. I recommend this web platform for any types of online projects. 


The first thing you should consider about is your blog’s design. Even if you generate a great content, if your design is terrible, you will never succeed. Visitors pay foremost attention at the look of your blog. A good-looking blog is definitely more pleasurable and comfortable for reading. Do not underestimate this factor. I am truly amazed and shocked by the amount of conscious bloggers whose websites look very ugly. I know some of these websites. The content on them is really great, however, these bloggers forgot to work on the design of their blogs.

Do not use any free themes since they look very poor. Buy a good theme on ThemeForest. ThemeForest is definitely the best online marketplace to purchase impressive themes for your blog. A good-looking theme is crucial for your business project.


The logo is a face of your blog. For this reason, it is very important to have an impressive logo. Hire professional designers. Fiverr might be a good place to find some good specialist. You may also look up some famous designing companies. As usual, your logo must represent the main idea and purpose of your blog. It should not be meaningless. 


Choosing a good hosting company is one of the most important stages in online business. Here are some of the factors you will need to consider before choosing a hosting company.


The hosting company you choose must be a reliable host. While launching your online business, you will have loads of technical problems. Thus, having a reliable hosting company will definitely simplify all of the difficulties you will face. There may be such unexpectable things as spam, hacking attacks, and etc. With a strong hosting company, your blog will be always secure.


A good customer support is one of the most important factors to be considered before making your final decision. The support agents must be polite, educated, and very punctual. 


A good hosting company must have a good price. Competition in the hosting industry is tremendously high. Therefore, all the famous and popular hosting companies strive to provide their clients with the lowest hosting prices.

My blog is hosted on TMD hosting. TMD hosting is definitely the best hosting can be found in the world. Its customer support is ideal. The prices are the lowest in the online market. I truly love TMD hosting. I recommend this company for any types of online projects.

These are the first steps you should make in order to build a gorgeous blog. In my further articles, you will learn how to generate an awesome content for your blog posts.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.