convince a girl of your love


convince a girl of your loveEvery woman wants to be loved. For men, love is not much important. Of course, if you marry someone, you will definitely want her to love you. A marriage without love will not last long. If you are a man and your main objective is sex, you won’t get stressed if your woman does not love you. Since sex is the only goal you have, getting it will satisfy you.

On the opposite side, women have a different type of psyche. She always wants to be loved. Whether it is a serious relationship leading to a marriage or it is something entertaining, women always want to be loved. From the evolutionary point of view, love means attachment, and if a man is emotionally attached to a woman, he will definitely provide her and her children with food. Thus, women want to have a warranty of a long-term financial provision from their men. If a man loves, this means he will feed her. This is what exactly every woman wants. In other words, we can say that women want to assure that their men will spend their money on them and their children.

Now, let us see what you can get if your women are convinced of your love. In most cases, a girl will not agree to have sex with a man who is not emotionally attached to her Thus, if you tell a girl that sex is the only thing you want from her, in 99% of cases she will refuse to have sex with you. Of course, if she is a prostitute or a promiscuous one, she might agree to have a sexual intercourse. I strongly doubt you would like to date this type of girls. If you convince a girl in your love, you will have her sympathy, maybe her love, and of course, you will have regular sex with her. Consequently, it is absolutely necessary to convince your girlfriends of your love. In this blog post, I will give you the best tips on how to convince a girl of your love. 


girl talking on a phoneCall your girls as often as possible. For women, this means a lot. If you phone her several times a day, she will think you really need and love her. If you call her only when you want to date, it will look unpolite and selfish. Calling on a regular basis is one of the best ways to convince a girl of your love. If you phone her, it means you think about her. More you call, means more you think about her. Logically, when you can’t get a girl out of your mind, you love her.


giftsYou don’t have to be a millionaire to give your girlfriend some good gifts. Golden rings, bracelets, and necklaces on;t cost much. Buying a beautiful bucket of roses is not a big thing for the majority of us. When you give your girl a present, you spend your money. She thinks: “Oh. He spends his money to make me happy. He loves me!” This is exactly what women thin when giving them gifts. Thus, spending some money to give a woman a beautiful gift is the best thing you can do in order to convince her of your love. 


You can invite your girlfriend to a bar, a pub, a cafe, and other places. Nonetheless, a restaurant will always look more serious. Usually, when we want to have some fun with a girl, we will invite her to a club, a cafe, a pub, or anywhere else. We think about restaurants only when we have very serious intentions. If you want to marry a girl, you won’t invite her to a club. Inviting a girl to a restaurant will show your deep feelings. Hence, it is a good thing to convince a girl of your love.


a beautiful brideSwearing in serious intentions is the best way to convince a girl of your love. We will never want to marry someone whom we treat seriously. If you want to marry a girl, it means you are very serious about your relationship. Also, it means you love that girl. When you tell a girl about marrying her, you will straightly convince her of your love. You should not miss this opportunity. Usually, words do not cost us anything. Speaking is the cheapest thing you can do in order to convince a girl of your love. 

Written by Bahtiyar
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