happinessHappiness is a relative thing. From an individual to individual, it differs very much. Like evil and good, happiness and sadness are philosophical concepts. There is no a single proper and exact definition of happiness. All people describe happiness in dissimilar ways. Usually, being happy means feeling some positive emotions such as satisfaction, pleasure, joy, and other feelings that improve our mood. On the opposite side, sadness means frustration. Often, we are very sad when we are unable to reach our objectives, wishes, and desires. Frustration causes sadness. I am going to dedicate a special post to describe sadness in details.

Today, I will give you my personal description of happiness. The sense of happiness is dependent on our values. For somebody, millions of dollars may be a great happiness. For others, who do not value materialistic things, this money does not matter anything. Thus, happiness is a relative thing. It differs from one individual to another. Here is what happiness means for me.


My geographical situation is a very significant factor that is responsible for the level of happiness in my heart. Living in the place I hate and disgust makes me the saddest person in the world. I have already described some of the effects of living among a society you hate. If you hate a country, you will definitely like its government and society. Consequently, having some serious life problems is something unavoidable. Loneliness, unemployment, grief, sadness, and many other evil things happen when you are living in the place you hate.

I am a very demanding person. To be happy, I need a lot of my needs to be satisfied and fulfilled. Otherwise, happiness will remain to be an empty concept for me. Living in the place I love to live is one of the most important priorities in my life. When you are somewhere where you love to be, a good mood and happiness are guaranteed to you.


happinessI need to do whatever I want to do in order to feel happy. Happiness is unreachable if you do something you really hate and dislike. This thing covers every aspect of my life. Whether performing my professional activities, having fun and rolling, doing my favorite sports, or engaging in my hobbies, I need to do whatever I want to do. If I want to do something, this means that I love doing these activities. A person will never want to do something he dislikes. I will never achieve happiness is I am preoccupied with the things I consider to be invaluable and not deserving my attention.


There is nothing more terrible than living among the people whom you disgust. I have such kind of experience. In this situation, it is very difficult to survive. When you hate people, they start hating you too. Social conflicts and problems are inevitable when you live in the society you disgust. Forget about friendship, love, cooperation, and other ephemeral concepts in this situation. We are incapable of forcing ourselves to love somebody. If we hate, we continue hating.

Living among the people whom I like makes me content and happy. When you respect and like your society, you will be predestined to succeed. It is necessary to have a strong motivation in order to achieve some professional goals. When we respect our community, we strive to compete. If you hate and dislike the people who surround you, you will never want to develop among them. In this situation, you already think you are much higher than the people whom you hate. For this reason, personal development is impossible in the community you hate.


This aspect is related to my financial capabilities. I am a great fan of shopping. Usually, I shop online since I see loads of advantages in this type of shopping. I almost gave up offline shopping. What is more, I have a good collection of very precious things. As all men do, I love expensive cars, yachts, business jets, luxurious apartments, gorgeous women, elite watches, and exclusive jewelry. Happiness means having everything I want to have. I still have not reached most of the above-mentioned thing, and therefore, I can conclude that I am a fully happy person. When you don’t have something you want to have, you do not feel satisfied. Consequently, my happiness is dependent on materialistic goods such as money, and other financial assets. I have desires, and I need to satisfy them. Otherwise, I will be frustrated.


This is one of the aspects of my character and temperament. I am a maximalist. Some people say that maximalism is something related to very young men. However, I do not agree with this description. I was a maximalist during my childhood, teen ages, early youth, and I am still a very passionate maximalist. Maximalism will remain to be in my character all my life. Whatever I do, I want to be on the top. Whether I sing, act, write, play, or do anything else, I need to be the best in everything I am involved in.

Maximalism is something that may develop a human’s personality, professionalism, skills, and experience. However, you can hardly find a happy maximalist. Maximalists look for maximum results in everything they perform. Of course, these demands are rarely satisfied. Therefore, it is very difficult for me to be a happy person.


happinessHealth is the most precious thing every one of us has in our life. Without good health, we will be unable to enjoy anything. Even if you are a billionaire, your money won’t buy you happiness if you are physically or mentally sick. You cannot enjoy the pleasure of sex if you have lost your health. Being healthy is crucial for my happiness and satisfaction.


My EGO is huge and powerful. I can tell you that most of my activities are stimulated by my EGO. I want to be the best simply to satisfy my EGO. I want to succeed because my EGO is not satisfied. EGO is not the worst thing we have in our life. Actually, EGO enhances us as professionals. You will never become a good specialist if there is no a high competition in your professional sphere. If your EGO is content with your low achievement, you will never develop. That is why I think that having a string EGO us beneficial for our success.

This is how I describe happiness. As you see, I have not mentioned such things like children, family, motherland, patriotism, love, romance, women, a wife, and many other things that would be necessary to make other people happy. I did not mention them just to be honest with you. Children, a good wife, motherland, and other things are not important for me. I do not dream about having children or a family. I am not a family man, and therefore, I dream a lot about something similar to Playboy Mansion. Hope to build the similar one, and call it Bahtiyar Mansion. If I do it, I promise that my mansion will be sexier, hornier, lustier, and much more luxurious than Hugh Hefner’s mansion.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.