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sex in moscowMoscow is the capital of the Russian Federation. The city is really huge. Moscow is an international megapolis with a  population of over 12 million people. It is the second the most populous city in Europe, and also, the 11th biggest city in the world. Sex with Russian girls in Moscow is one of the most popular topics on the Internet. Since the majority of international tourists visit Moscow to have sex with local Russian girls, sex in Moscow will be always very popular. Now, when you have a small bit of information regarding Moscow itself, I will provide you with the best tips on how to find the hottest and sexiest Russian girls for sex in Russia. You will definitely love and enjoy this ultimate guide to sex travel in Moscow. 

Moscow is a very expensive and modern city. This famous city doesn’t resemble any other cities in Russia. Moscow in Russia is like New in the USA. Moscow is the main financial and economic center of Russia. While visiting or traveling in such an important city in Moscow, you should know that girls here are very posh and materialistic. Thus, to seduce girls for sex in Moscow, you should use a specific model of behavior. Since I know girls in Moscow very well, I will provide you with the best tips to seduce girls in Moscow for sex. Before I start giving you recommendations on specific places and spots to find and meet girls in Moscow, let me give you the exact recommendations on how to treat girls in Moscow in order to get sex.


I can divide girls in Moscow into four categories. They are:

  1. Local Moscow girls
  2. Russian girls from other cities of Russia
  3. Girls from Central Asia who work in Moscow
  4. International female travelers

These are the women you will usually find and meet in Moscow. Since all of these groups of girls in Moscow require different approaches if you want to seduce them for sex, I will give you the exact instructions and recommendations on how to behave and treat women who belong to the above-mentioned groups of girls in Moscow.


gold diggers in moscowFirst, you should understand that the majority of local girls in Moscow are financially affluent. Moscow is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and therefore, local Moscow girls are richer than Russian girls from other regions of Russia.  Comparing local girls in Moscow with local New York girls, I would say that American girls are much simpler than Moscow girls. If you are a professional seducer like me, you will definitely have a lot of sex with local girls in Moscow. However, if you are not professional enough, you will definitely need to improve your pick up skills in order to have sex with Moscow girls. 

Local girls in Moscow usually live in very expensive flats or even in mansions in some elite and premium districts in Moscow such as Rublevka, Barviha, and etc. Flats in good districts in Moscow might cost millions of dollars, and you should understand that only rich people can afford living there. What is more, local girls in Moscow drive expensive cars and wear exclusive designer clothes. Showing off is more prevalent in Moscow than in Los Angeles or Washington. Russian girls are very mercantile and money-obsessed. If you are a poor backpacker who travels on a budget, you should forget about sex with local girls in Moscow.  On the other hand, you call still have sex with local Moscow girls if you listen for the following advice. 


When you know what people what, you will always get what you want. This rule works in every field of our life. Whether it is business, politics, friendship, sex, or love, give or promise people what they want, and they will give you everything you want. We will do the same thing with flashy and posh local Moscow girls.


Local Moscow girls are into rich men. Whether you are a traveler or a local Russian man, local Moscow girls will be interested in you if you are wealthy. Of course, your looks, education, an intellect play a role in this niche, however, your financial well-being is the most important thing in the game. Local Moscow girls want a man with loads of money. You should know that the local Moscow girls are very manipulative. They manipulate everything and everyone that can be manipulated and exploited. You should use this very inclination of Moscow girls for your benefit.


No matter who you are, you can always deceive women with your looks. Put on a fake Rolex and rent a Bentley for a week, and everyone will believe you are a millionaire. This is the exact thing you should do if you want to seduce local Moscow girls for sex. Even if you are a poor backpacker, you can still deceive these flashy girls with chicken’s brains with your looks.


It is not enough to look like a rich man in order to seduce local Moscow girls for sex. No gold- digger wants to deal with a rich, but at the same time, very smart man. Their best prey is a stupid dude with a lot of cash. Remember that gold diggers want to exploit and misuse your financial resources. They don’t need anything except for your money. If you look too conscious and smart, they won’t deal with you since you are a bad prey. As I have mentioned before, look like a fool with a lot of cash. When you look exactly as I tell you, you will find Moscow gold diggers try to deceive you. When they do it, it is time to use it for your benefit and get as much sex as you want. Gold diggers promise a lot of good things, but finally, they just exploit your financial resources. While dealing with them, you should do the same thing. Promise her golden mountains, but in return, you should just exploit and use her.


As you have already understood, in this chapter, I will talk to you about Russian girls from other regions of Russia who either live or work in Moscow. I will tell you about their characteristics, and finally, give you the best recommendations on how to seduce them for sex. 

Other cities in Russian are not as rich and spoiled as Moscow. Therefore, you will find that Russian girls from remote regions of this country are much simpler and approachable than local Moscow girls. What is more, the majority of these women came to Moscow in order to earn money. They are working a lot, and it is very predictable that they rent flats.

Seducing this type of girls in Moscow for sex is very simple. Since you are a foreigner, they will be honestly interested in communicating with you. If you are a citizen of a developed country such as the USA, Canada, Great Britain, you will have more chances to get laid with Russian girls in Moscow. Just be polite and honest. There is no need to be very flashy with these girls.


girls for sex in moscowYou should know that there are loads of guest workers in Moscow.  Most of them are from Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and etc. Guest worker girls came to Moscow with one main reason. They came here to work and earn money for their families. These girls come from either middle-class or poor families. Getting laid with a cute Asian guest worker girls won’t be a big struggle.

Here are some of the best tips on how to seduce guest worker girls for sex in Moscow. These girls are not flashy. These are simple women who have no time, nor financial opportunities for showing off, designer clothes, exclusive nightclubs, and restaurants. These girls are trying to survive and feed their families. If you are a foreigner in Moscow, guest worker girls will be interested in you. You can usually meet these girls in metros, parks, shopping malls, nightclubs, and cafes. If you are reading my blog for a long time, you should already know how to talk to girls of this group.


Finally, we have a fourth group of girls in Moscow. They are international female tourists. Not only tourists visit Moscow, but there are also a lot of expats who live in Moscow. You can find female tourists in the same place where you will probably go. If you are a tourist or a traveler, you will definitely want to visit some famous places such as Kremlin, Red Square, and etc. In these attractions, you will meet a lot of foreign tourists who might be looking for a handsome guy to have some fun in Moscow.

Invite one of the international tourists you meet at a cafe or to a restaurant, buy her some drinks, and I bet you will end up sleeping in one bed that very night. Female tourists are very easy when it comes to sex in Moscow. Since 99% of them are coming from open-minded and very financially affluent Western countries, they are absolutely convenient for having sex in Moscow.

If you follow the above-mentioned tips and recommendation, you will surely succeed in your sex travel in this megapolis. In my next articles, I will give you a list of the best nightclubs to find girls for sex in Moscow.

Written by Bahtiyar
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