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sex in sao pauloSao Paulo is the most populous city in Brazil. Even though Brasilia is the capital of Brazil, Sao Paulo is considered as the most important financial and business center in Brazil. This city is also one of the richest if not the richest city in Brazil. Sex in Sao Paulo is not less hot than it is in Rio de Janeiro. Since the city is located in the heart of the country, there are no beaches here. Even though you won't find here those hot beaches and half-naked girls, sex scene in Sao Paulo is still very vivacious. In this ultimate guide, I will provide you with the best tips and recommendations on how to find the most gorgeous and hottest girls for sex in Rio de Janeiro. 

There is almost no difference between girls in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. I can say that women in Sao Paulo are a bit busier than hedonistic girls in Rio de Janeiro. Sao Paulo always reminds me of New York. Of course, there are a lot of skyscrapers in both cities. However, this is not the only thing that makes the cities similarity is in their populations. In both New York and Sao Paulo, people are always busy making as much more money as possible. Whenever you go to an expensive city such as Dubai, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, or New York, you will see that people there have almost no time for their personal lives. When you work too much to pay your bills, you will definitely have almost no time and even desire to have sex. We also see the absolutely opposite condition in undeveloped and developing countries where the cost of living is considerably less expensive. These countries are Thailand, the Philippines, and etc. In these states, both men and women have plenty of free time to have sex. Since the cost of living is very low, no matter what class of people you belong to, in poor countries, you will always have free time for sex. 


Fitness in Sao Paulo is extremely popular. In fact, Brazil is the second after the USA by the number of gyms and fitness centers in the world. Sao Paulo has an immense number of sports centers. Nowadays, it is trendy to be healthy and beautiful.   You find loads of very sexy and hot girls in gyms of Sao Paulo. One by one, visit different gyms during the day time in Sao Paulo. Even if training is not your priority, just go there to meet some voluptuous Sao Paulo girls. Here are some of the best gyms and fitness clubs where you will undoubtedly find some wonderful women for sex in Sao Paulo. 

Black Fitness Club
Up Fitness Center
Nilton´s Academia fitness center
Academy Fitness Center

I recommend you make a big list of different gyms and fitness centers in Sao Paulo. You shouldn't include only the most popular and visited fitness clubs. First, look up the gyms that are situated nearby to your hotel or accommodation. These are the best and the most suitable locations to find some hot girls for sex in Sao Paulo. What is more convenient is that you won't have to travel long when your gyms and fitness clubs are located near to your current physical position.

When you spot a beautiful girl in a fitness club, you should start talking to her. Make a good first impression, then get her phone number, and invite her to a nightclub or a restaurant. Further, you will definitely know what to do in order to get her in your bed.  


shopping mall in sao pauloWhatever city you go, city centers and shopping malls are the best places to find hot women for sex. Shopping centers in Sao Paulo are absolutely awesome. As you know, nowadays, shopping centers include a lot of entertainment spots such as cinemas, cafes, and restaurants. A shopping mall in Sao Paulo might be one of the best spots to meet hot Brazilian girls because only a girl who has plenty of free time will be hangout out there during the daytime. Thus, this is a kind of targeted girls. Hence, I think that 9 of 10 girls whom you meet in a shopping mall in Sao Paulo will have a lot of free time to chill with you during both the daytime and nighttime. Other busy girls with loads of financial problems will usually be in a grey office working. Busy women have no time to think about sex, love, or relationship. What do actually busy women want to do after work?  They will usually come home, take a shower, and sleep till the morning. Okay, it is clear now. Shopping malls are good places to find gorgeous girls for sex in Sao Paulo. Now, let me provide you with the best shopping malls where you will find only the hottest ladies. 

  • Morumbi Shopping – this is a huge shopping mall with loads of cheap stores and expensive boutiques with designer clothes. This is one of the best shopping centers to find girls for sex in Sao Paulo since all classes of people visit it. The main downside of the mall is that it is too crowded. I recommend parking outside the mall since you might find no place to park there. 
  • Shopping Cidade Sao Paulo – this mall is one of the newest shopping centers in Sao Paulo. Even though it is new, it has already become a favorite spot for young Brazilian girls to hang out in. Apart from luxurious boutiques, Shopping Cidade Sao Paulo has a lot of affordable cafes and restaurants where you can have very delicious meals regardless of your budget. 
  • Shopping Iguatemi – this is a famous shopping center which is situated in a financial center. Usually, you will come here to find and meet Brazilian girls who belong to the upper class. Only the sexiest and the classiest women hang out in this shopping mall. 
  • Shopping Cidade Jardim –  this shopping mall is among the most popular ones in Sao Paulo. It is beloved by locals of all ages. If you are looking to hook up with Brazilian women of all ages. Shopping Cidade Jardim is the best place. 'Jardim' means garden. The mall is eco-oriented. 


No doubts, young ages are a womn's best ages. She is still young and fresh. Further, her beauty will fade. This is why young girls are precious like gold. If you want to find the best girls for sex in Sao Paulo, then, universities of Sau Paulo ar your hot spots. 
Of course, I don't recommend walking in universities like an alien among student. The best thing you can do is to visit cafes and restaurants situated near big universities. You will find out that Brazilian students always hang out there. Here is the list of the biggest universities in Sao Paulo. 

University of Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo State University
Federal University of Sao Paulo


There are truly gorgeous parks in Sao Paulo. Natural parks are everywhere. These places are used as an escape-from-stone-blocks method. What is more awesome is that only girls with a lot of free time will hang out in natural parks. I really love the calm and relaxed atmosphere in natural parks. This aura makes these places ideal for new encounters. Here are some of the best theme and natural parks in Sau Paulo. 

Rodrigues Parks
G7 Parks
Cidade da Crianca
AM Parks
SESC Bertioga
Magic City
Hot Beach


nightclubs in sao pauloNightclubs are a classic way to go if you really want to find some truly open-minded and sexually liberal women for sex in Sao Paulo. Before I  give you the list of the best nightclubs in Sao Paulo, let me give you a word of caution. Here are some tips on how to be safe during nighttime in Sao Paulo.


Sau Paulo is a really big city. As in all big cities, there are loads of different districts in Sau Paulo. Some of them are safe, and others are dangerous. Usually, while hanging out in a nightclub that is situated in the center of Sau Paulo, you will be quite safe. This is why I recommend sticking to the city center whether it is a hotel where you stay or a nightclub where you pick up girls for sex in Sao Paulo. 

There is a lot of nightclubs in shady and remote districts of the city. Whilst nightclubs in the city center are run by businessmen, local gangs manage remote nightclubs. Therefore, it is very dangerous to visit these clubs. You can be hit, robbed, kidnapped, or even killed there. Don't forget it is Latin America – the most criminal place in the world.  


Whilst Sao Paulo is the main financial center of Brazil, this doesn't mean that there is no poverty in the city. There are a lot of very poor people in Sao Paulo too. This is why crime is very prevalent in the city. My first advice to you is to to be very cautious with prostitutes in Sao Paulo. Remember that money is what they are looking for. Sex is not something they are seeking for since it is too abundant in their lives. Loads of tourists get robbed by prostitutes in Sao Paulo. Some of the street girls may drop tranquilizers into your drink, and when you are already asleep, they will rob you. This is why pay foremost attention to what you drink and eat. When you are finished with a street girl, it is better to say goodbye immediately since you never know what she is planning to do when you are asleep. 


  • Casa da Luz – this is a new club in the city center. The club has a bohemian interior. As of the music, I can say that the club doesn't have a fixed music style. Today, you might hear rock music playing. Tomorrow, it will be the day of hip hop. It is a really hot spot to find the horniest women in Sao Paulo.
  • Pratodia –  this amazing club is located in Barra Funda. The club is not among the most popular nightclubs in Sao Paulo. However, this might be a great advantage since it won't ever be as crowded as other popular hotspots in the city. I usually prefer hanging out in this type of places. WhIn addition, if you are very choosy when it comes to music, I bet you will definitely love the one played in Pratodia. the nightclub is not much expensive and the prices are affordable. In Pratodia, you will find the most elegant and beautiful girls in Sao Paulo.  This club is one of the best night places to find girls for sex in Sao Paulo.
  • Trackers –  this club is among the trendiest clubs in Sao Paulo. It is visited by a big amount of people on Fridays and weekends. I really loved the style of the club. It will remind you of a retro club. If you love rock music, then, this is the place to go. Also, I know that only the craziest girls love this type of music. These girls are usually very hot and inventive in sex. Tracker is a great place to find some hotties for sex in Sao Paulo. 
  • Love Story –  this is definitely the best and the most popular nightclub in Sao Paulo. It is nicknamed as 'the club of all clubs'. The club is very crowded. Electro is the main music style of the club. In this place, you will have a huge choice of different girls for sex. 


Brazil is one of the most sexually open-minded countries in the world. Therefore, you will find whatever you want in this country. LGBT is very well-treated in Sao Paulo. Also, there are loads of opportunities for swingers. If you want to have sex with someone's wife or husband, a singing club is a place to go. Here is the list of the best clubs for swingers in Sao Paulo. 

  • Marrakesh – this is a swinging club with a lot of special events carried out in. You will never get bored inside. Gorgeous couples come here to find someone to make their sex more exciting and pleasurable. You will definitely find some sexual adventures in Marrakesh swinging club. 
  • Code Club – one of the most popular swinging clubs in Sao Paulo. It attracts only the hottest couples in the city. A lot of special events are carried out in the building. You will never go home alone if you visit Code Club swinging club. 
  • Inner Club – this club is a classic swinging club you can with predefined themes and events. If you are not into spontaneous stuff, then, Inner Club swinging club is a place to go. 
  • Apice Club – this is the most luxurious swinging club in Sao Paulo. In addition, to sex Brazilian couples whom you might end up making sex with, Apice Club features a high-quality strip club. Apice Club is visited by the most elite women in Sao Paulo. 
  • Imperium Swing – this is the most open-minded swinging club where you can do whatever sexual activities you wish. There are no rules, no borders, no boundaries, and no morals in Imperium Swing club. 

Be confident and honest. It is better to be simple but honest than too complicated and look manipulative. Girls in Sao Paulo love honesty in men. As long as you are enough handsome, polite, and honest, you will surely get laid with the sexiest girls in Sao Paulo. I wish you good luck with your sex journey to Sao Paulo.

Written by Bahtiyar
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