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sex in tokyoTokyo is the most expensive city in the world. Even though you might be fascinated by high technologies, skyscrapers, and the immense wealth of the city,  all these things come with a huge cost. Locals in Tokyo don’t enjoy the pleasure of sex too much. In fact, Japanese is the least sexually active nation in the world. For foreigners, sex in Tokyo could be of the major interest. In this ultimate guide to sex travel in Tokyo, I will provide you with the best tips on how to find the most gorgeous and hot Japanese girls for sex in Tokyo. 

Japan is famous for its huge and very weird pornography. The weirdness of Japanese porn comes from sexual perversions that take roots in sexual inactivity and dissatisfaction. Since Tokyo is an extremely expensive city to live in, Japanese people have to work very hard in order to pay their bills. There are no students in the world who study harder than Japanese students. A fully capitalistic city leaves no chances to outsiders and losers. This is why sex in Tokyo is always bonded with the amount of money you have. Whether it is sex with prostitutes or sex with non-working girls in Tokyo, it will always cost you a lot of money.

In Tokyo and Japan, financial wealth is the main priority in people’s lives. Japanese people judge your personality and your intellect by the amount of money you have. If you are a financially successful person, then, girls in Tokyo will treat you well. If you are handsome but have no money, then, you are a loser in Tokyo.

Tokyo is an extremely busy city. It is busier than New York, London, or any other city in the world. People here work to survive. This is why the game is quite difficult here. Both men and women work very hard. Though sex in Tokyo is not as well achievable as it is in Bangkok, Manila, or any other Asian cities, I will provide you with the most effective tips on how to find and pick up girls for sex in Tokyo. 


I don’t want to start with a classic tip by giving you a list of shopping malls where you can find cute Japanese girls for sex in Tokyo. Tokyo is a very complicated city. What works in other destinations of the world, might not work in Tokyo. Therefore, we will need a unique approach to get sex in Tokyo.

You will definitely see a lot of hot ladies in Tokyo almost everywhere; on streets, malls, metro, cafes, and etc. However, keep in mind that these girls are always busy. What is more, I bet that a girl whom you talk to in a metro or somewhere else will definitely forget about you after a few hours.  The city and life Tokyo are so informationally crowded and overloaded, and therefore, locals in Tokyo forget unnecessary things very quickly.


In Tokyo, everything is digital. What is more, the city is very big. Even if you find a cute Japanese girl in a metro or in a mall, you will probably stay too far away from her home, and therefore, it will be very inconvenient for both of you to meet. Hence, I recommend using location-based dating apps such as Badoo and Tinder in Tokyo. These apps automatically detect locations of people and show you the closest hot girls in Tokyo. This is very time-saving. Before you meet, you can find out a lot of information regarding your potential mate. At least, you will be sure whether she is a prostitute or not.


girls in tokyoNighttime is the best period of a day to get laid in any country or city of the world. Nighttime in Tokyo is very vivacious. The city doesn’t sleep. Thousands of banners, and huge screens lighting the city with advertisements of famous brands. Nightclubs are always filled with people. Nightlife in Tokyo has no prototype in the world. It is absolutely unique and unrepeatable.

Nightclubs are very convenient for picking up a girl for night in Tokyo. No matter how far you live, when you meet a girl in a nightclub, you can end up in a single hotel room tonight. It will definitely happen if you really know how to treat hot Japanese girls in Tokyo.

Women in Tokyo usually have slim bodies. Obesity in Tokyo is a rarity if we are not talking about the sumo. Japanese girls look very childish and soft. Although she might be already 30 years old, she might look like an eighteen years old girl. If you are into mature women with good skin and body, then Japanese women will surely satisfy your taste. Finally, here is the list of the best nightclubs in Tokyo to find the hottest ladies for sex in the city.   

  • Shinjuku – is one of the most popular districts in Tokyo. This district is home to dozens of nightclubs and entertainment spots. Whilst popularity is the main advantage of this area, you will also see a lot of things that you will definitely dislike. Some of them are a lot of garbage on streets, small gangs, shady immigrants, and etc.  Kabukicho red-light district is also located in the Shinjuku area. What is more, Shinjuku is the favorite place for international expats, travelers, and tourists to hang out in. Though you may find local girls in this district to be very flirtatious, be sure that she is not a prostitute. 
  • Roppongi – is a district where international tourists party. Though a very criminal place, Roppongi has loads of awesome nightclubs to party and find some hot girls for sex in Tokyo. As in every shady district, this area is full of pickpockets, scammers, and immigrants. 
  • Shibuya – is a student area where you can pick up some hot student girls looking for some fun with handsome foreigners. Be sure that the majority of people in this area are fluent in English. Shibuya is one of the most clubbing districts in Tokyo. You will find a lot of nightclubs with all types of music genres. 
  • Ginza – is a more exclusive and less popular place in Tokyo. If you are fed up with crowds of international tourists and looking for kind of a quiet place to part, then, Ginza should be on your map. 


No matter where exactly in Tokyo you travel or stay, there is a small and very exclusive number of nightclubs that you must visit. If you don’t do it, it is like going to Paris without visiting the Eiffel tower or going to Egypt without seeing the pyramids. Here is my scrupulous selection of the best nightclubs to visit in Tokyo.

  • Genius is located in Ginza. It is an internationally famous nightclub visited by tourists and locals. The interior is very unique and sophisticated. As for the music, the club doesn’t have a strict music style. 
  • AgeHa (Studio Coast) gathers thousands of visitors every night. This is a club where you lose your identity in a huge crowd of partying people.  If you are into quiet places, then, Ageha is not for you. The club is located in Shih Kiba district which is in Tokyo’s Bay Area. 
  • Womb is a dance club featuring famous DJs and international travelers. If the main aim of your travel is partying, then, you can’t skip this famous club. The music in the club is always very loud and energetic. Womb is located in Shibuya.
  • VISION  is an underground nightclub that is specialized in all genres of dance music. This is a crowded nightclub that doesn’t sleep till the morning. In Vision, your chances to meet young student girls who are ready for adventure are very high. 
  • Feria is located in Rappongi. This club plays all types of music including RNB, Hip-Hop, Rap Music, and etc. There is also a roof area where you can meet some Japanese girls looking for romantic minutes. 

Tokyo is a very safe city due to its effective police that patrols the streets all the time. Whether it is daytime or night, you should be safe if you don’t stick to too dangerous areas of the city.

street in tokyoThe cost of living and traveling in Tokyo is very high. Nevertheless, you can always find very cheap alternatives for accommodation and food. Staying in capsule hotels might be a good alternative to expensive hotels. Tokyo has a very delicious and quite cheap street food. Hence, you can always travel or live in Tokyo on a budget. 

Tokyo is the most difficult Asian city to get laid due to is business and materialistic priorities of local people. Sigmund Freud said that civilization brings a lot of discontents. This is happening in Tokyo. In an extremely competitive and almost impossible race for financial goods and social status, Japanese people have already forgotten about life’s simples joys such as communication, sex, and romance.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.