pastDuring my teen ages, life seemed to be ideal for me. Further, I realized that life is much more complicated than my expectations. Our life is a challenge. It consists of two roads. One road is absolutely straight. Thus, it won’t be difficult to walk on it. The second road is paved with challenges, difficulties, and problems. In other words, our path is not always smooth. Therefore, being happy every time is absolutely impossible. All of us have something good and bad in our memories. I bet that there is no a single person in the world who is absolutely happy. No matter how rich or famous you are, you will always have some terrible life moments in your life that you want to forget. Hence, our past is not always beautiful.

Some people say that we should forget about our past and keep living. This saying is absolutely correct. At the same time, it is not as easy to forget about your terrible past as people expect it to be. A person’s memory does not resemble a hard disk. On your PC, you can permanently delete whatever you want. Nonetheless, our brain’s memory is uncontrollable. It remembers absolutely everything happened in our life. Whether it was a happy or a sad moment, your memory stores all the information. When your bad memory goes to the surface of your memory, you will start to realize your mood changing. Usually, bad memories cause negative emotions and stress. In more severe cases, bad memories may cause depressions. Therefore, forgetting about your bad prior life is one of the steps you can do in order to become a happier person. Bad memories cause nothing than disappointment and frustration. When we come back to our past, we see a lot of things that theoretically could be changed. At the same time, we realize that everything in this short life is predestined. If something bad happened in our past, it could not be avoided. Anyway, most of us want to forget about those terrible moments we had in our life.

My life was not always smooth. As most of you, I also had a lot of horrible thing in my past that I want to forget. Sometimes, those terrible things come to the surface of my conscience. Every time it happens, my mood turns into a negative state. Being preoccupied with your bad past is very dangerous for your mental health. Mostly, reminding yourself about your awful past will cause a lot of stress. Further, these terrible reminiscences may lead to severe depressions. If a depression is not cured, it might lead a person to a suicide. Since I am very experienced in this field, I decided to write a helpful blog post that will help you forget about your bad past. All of my recommendations will be very effective and practical.


The majority of our bad past memories come when we are not doing anything. I found that being preoccupied with something is the best thing you can do in order to forget about your terrible past. I used to sink into deep depressions when I was an absolutely free person. I had everything. At the same time, I had nothing to do in my daily life. Therefore, I had a lot of time to remind myself of my horrible past. As soon as I become a busy person, I had no free time to think and analyze my past experience. The majority of stressful people are not busy personalities. They spend the most part of their time at home. They are not interested in reading, learning something new, and at the same time, they do not contribute anything in this world. The biggest part of these people has enough money to continue living without doing anything. Being an absolutely time free person has both advantages and disadvantages. As I mentioned before, it is a disadvantage is that you will always have a lot of time to think about your past.

To forget about the past, you should start doing something. If you do not like working, try to preoccupy yourself with different hobbies. They may be sports, reading and writing, blogging, visiting different sightseeing places, traveling, sewing, and many other activities. When you do something, your mind will always be busy with something. Thus, you will have no time to remind yourself of your prior life. I find this recommendation the best method to forget about your gone life. As nobody else, you ideally know your personal preferences and interests. If I suggest you to start reading, you might be one of those people who hate reading. Consequently, my advice will be absolutely useless. If I suggest you to start traveling, you might have a big family you will need to look after. Thus, I am unable to give you the exact recommendation since I know nothing about you. Analyze your born inclinations and desires. Identify your main life priorities. Start doing something to forget about your past.


abandon your countryIt is very boring to live in the same place for a very long period of time. Same people, same streets, same cafes and restaurants, same national mentality, same days, same girls, all these same things make your life disgusting. What is more, if something bad happened in your country, living in that country will always remind you of your bad prior reminiscences. If some evil people did something bad to you, you will always remember that those bastards live in one country with you. If you hate some people whom you want to forget about, leaving your country of residence will be the best thing you can do. In fact, your world is very large. There are hundreds of different countries and nations around the globe. You will be able to start living a new life whenever you wish. Nobody made you obliged to dwell in the country you hate.

You do not necessarily need to start traveling in order to forget about your past. If you do not want to travel, you will be able to merely abandon your country to forget about your past. When you move to another place, you will realize that all those evil people are very far from you. Moreover, in your new country of residence, you won’t find anything that might remind you of your prior experience. By changing your place of living, you will start living a new life. This will let you understand that everything happened in your past is already gone. Those horrible moments will never happen and come back to your life again. If you want to forget about your past, you will need to abandon your country as soon as possible.


avoid pastUsually, we start remembering about our past when we see or feel something that reminds us of it. These might be different people, odors, streets, words, weather, and many other things. Our bad reminiscences do not come on the surface of our conscience without any reasons. There is always something that causes their appearance. Avoiding these things might be the best way to forget about your past. For example, if you want to forget about a particular person from your past, you will need to avoid everything that is associated with that person. Avoid his perfume’s odor, avoid communicating people who resemble or associated with that person, and avoid living in the same district where that person lives. If somebody robbed you on a particular street, try not to walk on that street again. This method will help forget about your past.


Usually, our past is always associated with people. In most cases, when we hate our past, we will always seriously dislike those people who caused these bad reminiscences. If somebody cheated or betrayed you in your past, you will definitely want to forget about that person. I find that befriending new people is one of the best ways to escape from your past. Sticking with old friends always remind you of your past. Therefore, if you want to get rid of your past, you will need to get rid of those people who remind you of it.

Often, I wonder about those people who stick to their old friends. There are a lot of different social networks that let you connect with your classmates. One of these networks is odnoklassniki. This network is popular in Russia and all the countries of the past Soviet Union. The majority of Western people are not familiar with this service. To be honest, I never used this service since I do not want to know anything about my classmates. What is more, I do not wish to meet anyone of them again in my life. I think that we should always continue living. All of us should befriend new people. We should prosper and develop. Sticking to old friends is not the best thing to forget about your past.

The world is big. There are billions of people in the world. All of them have different levels of education, humanism, and conscience. All of them belong to different races, nations, and countries. Diversity in the world makes our life more interesting. What is more, learning and exploring new things always let you forget about your past. Therefore, I think that befriending new people will be an ideal option to forget about your past.


In fact, it is absolutely meaningless to remind yourself of your bad past. Even if you suffered a lot, those days have passed. It is probable that they will never repeat again. Your terrible past was a part of your life way. You had to go through those challenges. Everything was predestined to you. As you know, destiny is unavoidable. Therefore, no matter how much you struggled, you could not be able to avoid your past. Everything is gone. Nothing can be changed. Everything happened in your life is left in your past.

No matter how bad your past was, your life still continues. You will have a lot of happy and successful moments in your life. Also, you should remember that absolutely pure evil does not exist. In most cases, evil leads to good. Therefore, try to find out some wisdom in all those horrible things happened in your life. This will let you accept your destiny.

Bad past is a common problem of the majority of people around the world. Study biographies of famous and great people. Most of them had a truly horrible past. In fact, those suffering made them great and successful. Reminding yourself of your past will never benefit you. Everything bad is already left. This life is very short. It is like a sleep. One day, you will wake up and realize that your life was a challenge.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.