sex on a plane


sex on a planeSex seems to be an extremely exciting activity during your teenager ages and early youth. Then, when you grow a little bit, it becomes more boring. When I was a teenager, I had absolutely different sexual feelings from what I have now. Nowadays, sex is not much important for me. There might be many reasons why a man might lose interest in sex. The decline in libido occurs due to diverse things. At the same time, we always get tired of the same things. If you eat tuna every day, it will become disgusting to you very soon. The same thing happens in sex. If you have sex with the same partner and in the same place all the time, sex won't be exciting for you anymore. One day, you will get tired of it. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently change your sexual partners. Secondly, it is always better to have sex in different places. Sex on a plane will definitely give you loads of exotic emotions and feelings.

I think that having sex on a plane is a good idea if you want to bring some uniqueness in your sex life. Firstly, not everyone has sex on a plane. Secondly, you should try somehow hard to make sex on a plane. Everyone has sex in a bedroom, in a car, in a cafe toilet, and other similar places. However, sex on a plane is not as common as sex in other places. In this blog post, I will give you some tips on how to have sex on a plane. I hope they will be very useful.


An airplane toilet is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about having sex on a plane. I have been to an airplane toilet a couple of times. I can say that there is enough space for both oral and vaginal sex in an airplane toilet.

I think you won't have enough time to seduce a stewardess during your flight. Therefore, you will have to have a girlfriend flying with you on that very air jet where you plan to have sex. You or your girlfriend goes to the toilet, then, the remaining one of you follows there. The toilet door remains to be open letting you reunite again. 

I think that a plane staff won't pay much attention to you as long as you don't make any noise. Your sex should be very silent. You can have both vaginal and oral sex in the toilet. However, keep in mind that it will look too suspicious if you spend too much time there. Satisfy each other, and then, take your seats.


sex on airplane seatsYou don't have to visit an airplane toilet in order to have sex on a plane. You can make sex directly on your seats. However, sex options in this situation will be limited to a blowjob. You won't be able to have vaginal or anal sex on your airplane seats. If your girlfriend wants to make you a blowjob on your seats, it will be somehow doable. However, you will have to keep in mind the following things:

 There should be no neighbors on your seat side
Your airplane neighbor must be asleep
all sex activities when a plane staff is near

If you follow the above-mentioned tips, you will get an unforgettable blowjob on a plane. So can you boast of having a blowjob on a plane? Of course, you can. Only a limited number of lucky guys get blowjobs on a plane. It is definitely a very unusual and exotic thing.


rent a private jetThere is also a third option which is the best among all the things you can do in order to have sex on a plane. Renting a private jet is an ideal solution to have sex on a plane. Of course, it is very expensive. A whole average private jet might cost you several thousands of dollars. If you have enough money for that, you can rent it.

I am sure you don't need my tips on how to make sex on a private jet. When you rent it, you will be the BOSS on the plane. You can even organize a sex orgy on your private jet if you wish. On your private plane, you can have sex wherever you wish. You can even ask your pilots to put the plane on autopilot and have sex in their cabin. As long as your fantasy is not limited, you will get loads of interesting ideas on how to have sex on a rented plane.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.