a sexy travel blogThere are thousands or maybe millions of different travel blogs on the Internet. Most of them look relly gorgeous. Competition in the travel blogging industry is very high. Therefore, travel bloggers do everything in order to make their blogs unique and unusual. For this reasons, travel bloggers use high-quality technical devices to capture their journeys. Moreover, well-written articles make a blog look more professional. These are some of the means travel blogger perform in order to enhance the quality of their travel blogs. When I look at the amount of travel blogs on the Internet, the number of travel blogs truly amazes me. Most of us are familiar with maximally 20 or 30 famous travel blogs. Some of them are NomadicMatt, The Planet D, Expert Vagabond, Adventurous Kate, and some other popular travel blogs. Nevertheless, have you ever wondered about the exact number of travel blogs that exist on the Internet? There may be hundreds of thousands or millions of travel blogs on the Internet. Only a pity amount of them became famous and popular. Most of the travel blogs will never be discovered.  For this reason, if you plan to start your personal travel blog, it should be truly original. What is more, your travel blog must be really sexy. People love sex. This is why porn sites prosper and develop. Build a sexy travel blog and you will definitely succeed in the travel blogging industry. As you see, I also claim my blog to be a travel blog. However, it is being transferred into a universal blog. I write about loads of topics such as online business, SEO, blogging, travel, affiliate marketing, business, investing, book writing, psychology, philosophy, personal development, sex, and many other different things. Therefore, it is very hard to call my blog as a simple travel blog. Actually, I planned to launch a blog fully dedicated to travel. Right now, I am not traveling, and therefore, there are so many articles on my blog that have no relation to travel. In the nearest future, I will start traveling. And when it happens, I will definitely strive to make a sexy travel blog. Launching a sexy travel blog would be very original. To be honest, there is no such a definition ‘a sexy travel blog’. So I can say that I am the blogger who uses this definition. If you do not know what does a sexy travel blog means, here are some information and tips to build a sexy travel blog.


This is the first thing I would like to advise you. Your travel blog’s design must be impressive. When we say that a person is sexy, firstly, we mean that he looks very attractive and seductive. Therefore, a sexy travel blog needs an astounding design. Travel blogs built on such common platforms as Blogger, Livejournal, will never look gorgeous. Free blogging platforms offer you a very poor-looking design. For that reason, you should not even think about building a travel blog using these free blogging tools. Here are some of my personal tips to choose a great theme for your future sexy travel blog.

a)  Go to ThemeForest and choose the most impressive theme for your blog

ThemeForest is definitely the best online marketplace to purchase themes for your website. Currently, ThemeForest offers the best themes that are available on the Internet. On ThemeForest, you will be able to buy a beautiful and stylish theme for approximately 30$ to 100$. It is a very cheap coast that is affordable for almost everyone.

b) Hire a professional designer to design a sexy logo for your sexy travel blog

Fiverr is one of the best online marketplaces to hire professional designers and all other types of specialists. I usually use Fiverr for different kinds of professional purposes. Additionally, you may use services of famous and popular services such as DesignMantic.

Thus, you should firstly emphasize your efforts on the design and look for your future sexy travel blog. A blog won’t look sexy if it has a poor design. Do not save your money on design and logo for your travel blog. A truly sexy travel blog need a truly gorgeous design.


hottest spotsNow, when your travel blog is built, you should start traveling. Your sexy travel blog needs some sexy content. Of course, I do not mean porn materials. Avoid all types of porn content on your travel blog. Advertisers and affiliate merchants avoid cooperating with the blogs that contain adult content. Therefore, be always aware of this fact. You can still avoid publishing nudity and porn materials, but at the same time, your blog will be a truly sexy travel blog. Sexy content does not necessarily mean porn materials.

As I have already told you, first of all, you should start traveling. Visit the world’s most sexy cities such as Bangkok, Manila, Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Paris, Amsterdam, Caracas, and other hot spots. Explore night clubs, discos, and other seductive places in every city you visit. Write about your thought and impressions. What did you like in those places? How much do escort services cost? Write about these things. Your readers will be definitely interested in this information. Give your tips and travel guides to world’s most passionate places.


date with local girlsSex travel does not merely mean making sex with prostitutes around the globe. Prostitutes are always available for everyone and everywhere. Therefore, this type of information will never amaze your readers. People are interested in the national mentality of local girls. Therefore, you should explore women in all the cities you visit. Date local women. Study their national and sexual mentality. Make sex with them. Thus, you will obtain a lot of useful information. Moreover, your will get unforgettable sexual experience. From one city to another, women differ. Some of them are really very passionate, and others are not. In some places, women adore oral sex. In conservative countries, women are more restricted in bed. Explore women everywhere you travel. Write about your personal sex experience. Share your knowledge with your readers. People are tired of usual tips and recommendations. Blogs are full of this boring stuff. Readers want to see some interesting stories. Write about your adventures and it will captivate minds of your visitors.

A travel does not necessarily need to contain adult content in order to be sexy. Being sexy means much more than merely being naked. The above-given tips will help you to build and launch a truly sexy travel blog. Good luck in your passionate adventures!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.