cannabissBrownie is the most revered dessert in American and English cuisine. Unfortunately, there are no clear facts concerning the history of the appearance of this delicious pie.

One of the stories about the brownies tells that for the first time this dessert was cooked by the chef of the restaurant in the hotel "PalmerHouse", which is located in Chicago. It was in 1892. However, the name of the brownie can be found in the "Boston Cooking School", a collection of culinary notes, released in 1884.

Classical recipes for brownie appeared in 1906. They can be found in almost all major editions of English and American culinary literature.

But now we will not just talk about the classic brownie dessert. Everything is already known about it. You are here to learn how to cook a brownie with marijuana, which means that your gastronomic claims extend far beyond the classics. And we really appreciate it.

The main ingredient of Brownie cannabis is not even chocolate, as amateurs might think. The basis of this yummy pie is Cannabis Butter, a.k.a. Cannabutter. All magic, adventures and a fascinating journey through the world of medicated foods, inspired by the healing power of the Chief of All Plants, starts from cannabutter.

We want to tell you how to make this basic, but the irreplaceable product. Enjoy!


●    Unsalted butter (1 lb )

●    Water ( 1 cup )

●    Your favorite cannabis variety ( you can use both cannabis ground flowers or cannabis trim in proportions you like, but we recommend 1 ounce of flowers or 1.5 ounces of trim if you want to get really high)

●    If you use a vaporizer, you can take remnants of cannabis and use them to make medical butter, too. But it is not very effective.


1.  Take a clean stockpot or other similar cookware. Put there unsalted butter and a cup of water. Start to simmer these basic ingredients, but make sure that the fire is low. Always control temperature ( 200-250 F is optimal ) adding cold water.

2.  When you’ll feel the smell of melting butter, add your favorite cannabis variety (use grinder to chop it).

3.   Now pay attention to temperature regime. This stage requires a patience from you. Simmer mixture for 2-3 hours and don’t forget stirring it. Make sure your cannabutter never boils.


1.   Make sure you have a slow cooker. Put there all ingredients including cannabis product.

2.   Attention! This way of making cannabutter takes time, so make sure no one and nothing can interfere with the magical process. Take something to cover slow cooker, set low fire and let the medical mixture to simmer for 12 hours. You need to stir it from time to time, so don’t go anywhere.

3.   The potency of end-product depends on the time of simmering. So be patient if you want to eat really outstanding brownies with cannabutter, buddy.


●     After the main cooking process is over, pour your magical butter into heat-resistant cookware, using cheesecloth. It will separate plant remnants from end-product.

●     Squeeze plant remnants to get all the mighty liquid into heat-resistant cookware with the mixture.

●     Refrigerate mixture overnight. In the morning you’ll see the hardened product and excessive water. Water should be carefully drained.

●     Never use the microwave to melt cannabutter. It will spoil the very essence of this product.

●     Let it melt at room temperature before cooking.

●     Consume carefully and have fun 🙂

Brownies and other homemade edibles will open a new world of cannabis-infused products to you, so make sure to invite all your friends and buy enough cookware for next gastronomic experiments!

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Written by Bahtiyar
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