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bulking dietBodybuilding is the most complicated sport that exists in this life. It is not a simple sport. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle. If you want to really achieve some good results in this sport, you will need to think far beyond your gym. Bodybuilding will occupy your whole life. And for sure, this sport will positively change your life. There are a lot of things you will need to pay close attention to. Your diet is one of these important aspects.

I say that 100% of success in bodybuilding is dependent on your training. I also say that your diet is responsible for another 100% of success in bodybuilding. Training and diet are like night and day. These things are always together. There is no need to tell you why your diet is crucial for muscle building. If you are an active reader of fitness blogs, you already know that training, diet, and sleep are three key factors of success in bodybuilding. While training, you tear your muscles. Your diet supplies your torn muscles with amino acids which add more muscle block to your meat. You recover while sleeping. Also, the major part of anabolic hormones such as growth hormone, testosterone, and insulin are released during sleep. Therefore, good sleep is extremely important to grow.

Sometimes, I think that a proper diet is a much more complicated thing than lifting heavy weights in the gym. Yes, eating is the major problem in this sport. Right now, I will give you some good tips on how to successfully manage your diet.


caloriesYou know that your body needs calories in order to build muscles. While bulking, you will need to consume much more calories than you would do it when you are off the bulking phase. It is absolutely necessary to count calories you get. I always do it, and therefore, I see good results. When I was a newbie in this sport, I was not paying any attention to the number of calories I eat. Therefore, I was always undereating. No wonder why I was not growing. Then, I found out that getting a required amount of calories is very important for muscle building.

Every weight category has its own requirement for growth. For example, with the weight of 230 lbs, I need 5K calories to grow. WIth the weight of 85 kilograms, a man would need 4K calories in order to build muscles. Hence, every weight class has its individual requirements. Find your calorie requirements, and try to get that amount of calories from your diet.


You know that proteins are building blocks of muscles. Hence, proteins are crucial in the process of muscle building. Without proteins, you will never build any muscles. When you consume proteins, they are converted into amino acids, then, the body uses these amino acids in order to build muscles.

A non-training person needs at least 85-100 proteins a day. If you are bulking, your body will require at least 2 grams of protein per every kilogram of your bodyweight. According to another respectful opinion, it is better to consume at least 1 gram of protein per every pound of your bodyweight. Anyway, try to consume at least 200-300 grams of proteins every day. You can get the major of your daily protein intake from food. Protein powder will supplement your protein need if there is no available food.


It is always better to have ready food for next two or three days. You will easily get tired of eating the same food. You should definitely diversify meals in your diet. Otherwise, you won’t be able to eat over continuing meals. They will become annoying up to vomiting.

I have no idea of how you will get your meals ready. You may cook it yourself, or get it cooked by your wife, mother, girlfriend, your personal cook, or anyone else. If you can afford to buy food in restaurants AND cafes, you should do it. Remember to diversify your meals. Otherwise, you will easily get tired of eating.


Due to different situations, sometimes, it gets difficult or even impossible to have your meals available. In this case, you can supplement your diet with weight gainers. They are very convenient and caloric. A few scoops of a mass gainer will supply your body with 1200 calories. This equals to almost three full plates with macaroni.


I got my fantasy exhausted several times. Therefore, I was unable to get new ideas for new foods to include in my bulking diet. I found that the Internet is a great source of new food ideas. When your fantasy gets exhausted and your girlfriend feeds you with the same food every day, get into the Web and find something new. 

Written by Bahtiyar
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