humanismWe live in the most civilized and developed age. What is more, our life is very safe. None of our predecessors enjoyed this level of security we have now. We all have smartphones, laptops, different gadgets, and etc. Communication has never been as convenient and available as it is nowadays. We connect anyone, in any country of the world, in a matter of a few seconds. To receive a message from someone, we don't wait for months anymore. Everything is simplified by modern technologies. Logically, everything seems to be great. However, most of us have lost one important thing. This thing is humanism. 

Humanism is what lacks in today's human beings. Even if we became more successful and wealthier, I am sure that most of us lack humanism. I don't say I am perfect human being. I am very selfish, ambitious, and competitive. I am also not the most humanistic person in the world. However, I always remind myself of different things that let me preserve last drops of that humanism that was instilled in my soul. Today, I will share some of my knowledge that will let you remain to be a human being even when the whole world is spoilt. 


temporary lifeThere is one thing that lets me treat material things with ease. I always remember that absolutely everything in this life is temporary. One day, you will leave your money, your mansion, your cars, your jewelry, and all other material goods you have. Then, you will be in a state when all the material things don't matter anything. This state is death. 

There is no reincarnation, no rebirth in this world, and other silly stuff. If you believe in it, then, you are fooled. Don't fool yourself anymore. Even though I am a non-practicing Muslim, I still believe that one day, we will face The One Who Created us. Then, we will be asked about everything we have done in this life. That Day, material goods won't help us anymore. 

This belief lets me resist the evil of my soul. I really don't care about human-made borders that keep people under control. Even if there is an absolute anarchy, I will still hold myself from doing evil. 

When a person loses humanism, he becomes an animal. This is a state when a person is capable of doing any evil thing that will satisfy his desires and ambitions. When a person does not afraid of God, you can expect almost everything from this person. 


I have recognized that all evil and bad character traits are very fashionable nowadays. It is fashionable to be selfish, competitive, pompous, uncultural, unintelligent, ignorant, and other trendy stuff. All these things are promoted and advertised by hip-hop culture. If you look at rappers, RNB singers, rock stars, TV celebrities, you will realize that almost none of them promotes education, charity, humanism, generosity, empathy, and other things that embellish a person's soul. 

Loss of humanism is fashionable. For example, let's take me as a case. What makes me a good person? What motivates me to do good things to other people? First of all, this is a habit. My good and kind behavior is a habit. I never ask myself about the things I will get if I make someone a favor. Secondly, some of my religious beliefs can also motivate me to do good deads. However, these days, I have almost lost everything spiritual in my soul. I an extremely materialist guy nowadays.


humane and richSome people tend to think that humanism is a very old trend. There might be no practical benefit of being humane. What is more, some people think that such personality traits as generosity, humanism, empathy, kindness will prevent them from being rich. Yes, life is a war. You need to be wild and aggressive to win it. However, not everything is that harsh. 

If you look at the worlds richest personalities, you will see that most of them spend a lot of money to charities. Of course, some of them do it to promote themselves. However, I do believe that some are really sincere. For example, Bill Gates. He is a man who is capable of ignoring societies and the whole world itself. When I see him spending billions to help people in Africa, I believe that some humanistic intentions motivate his activities. 

This is to say that humanism will not prevent you from being rich and successful. if you are rich, you will be rich no matter what type of person you are. No need to get rid of your humanism. You can still be a billionaire, and help other people as well.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.