your bad backlinks


your bad backlinksIn my previous article, I gave you some effective tips on how to identify bad backlinks pointing to your website. As I have told you, both high-quality and bad backlinks make a significant impact on your website’s SEO. High-quality backlinks improve your progress in SERPs. On the other hand, bad backlinks can worsen your SEO or totally destroy your online business. Search engines treat bad backlinks as means to manipulate their algorithms. Therefore, search engines have a very strict and tough policy regarding auto backlinking tools, spam comments, and other Black Hat SEO technologies. Penguin does not automatically penalize websites anymore. Nevertheless, websites that are violating Google’s terms and policy may get a manual penalty. For these reasons, if you have identified some bad backlinks pointing to your website, you need to remove or disavow them. When you remove your bad backlinks, they stop existing anymore. In the case of disavowing them, bad backlinks still exist, however, Google does not index them. Thus, you avoid Google’s penalty. If you want to ger rid of your bad backlinks, you can choose from these two options. Both of them are effective. In most cases, you will have the only opportunity to disavow bad backlinks. Due to some external circumstances removing bad backlinks is not always possible. Here are some of the things you will need to do in order to remove or disavow bad backlinks.


This is one of the easiest ways to remove your bad backlinks. Find out details of the website where your backlinks are placed. Contact the owner of a website and ask him to remove your bad backlinks. Do it politely. This may work if a website is functional. In some cases, you may not get any reply from the webmasters you contact. Some of them may ignore your request. You have already seen many websites that are filled with spam comments. Do you thing that somebody monitors or moderates them? No, nobody does that. If there was a moderator on such a spammy website, these spam comment would not appear there. Every day, I receive dozens of comments on my website. Before approving and  publishing them, I carefully review them. If they are real and natural, I approve them. In most cases, I get loads of spam comments. I mark all of them as spam or merely remove them. If tons of spam comments are already published on a website, this means that the website has no moderator. A serious website will never allow spam comments to appear on his website. Therefore, your request regarding backlinks removal may not be successful. In this situation, you will need to disavow your bad backlinks.


This option might not be the best one. However, it can be useful in some situations. Check bad backlinks your website has. Look up their URLs. Find the same pages on your website, and change their URL address. This is not the best option. While doing so, some of your pages will lose their PA (Page Authority). Consequently, you will lose a lot of web traffic. All of your new URLs will have a very low Page Authority. Thus, you will lose most of your SEO progress.


If you do not wish using the firs and the second methods, you can disavow your bad backlinks by using Google disavow tool. It is a very easy procedure. You make a list of bad backlinks, and then, you upload the file. It may take some time for Google to review your application. Nevertheless, this is a very good method to avoid Google penalty if you have too many bad backlinks.


If you are already penalized by Google and your website does not worth much, you can change your domain name and start over. This is a very radical method. You should do it only if you are already penalized by Google. Otherwise, I do not recommend you implementing this option.

These are the best methods to remove or disavow your bad backlinks. Having bad backlinks pointing to your website does not mean that you will be definitely penalized by Google. You can have loads of bad backlinks, but still be successful in SEO. You will need to worry about your bad backlinks only in some critical situations.

Written by Bahtiyar
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