pet a lion

pet a lionLions are one of my most favorite animals. When I was a child, “King Lion” was my favorite cartoon. Also, I had a lot of lion dolls I used to play with.  We are always attracted to huge and strong animals. What is more, there is some sort of glory in lions. I also think that an animal’s love and attachment to a human being is more innocent and honest. People will love you as long as you satisfy their desires. There is no unselfish love in this world. Only a mother can love her child for nothing. At the same time, there are a lot of mothers who leave their children in orphanages and other places. I do not believe in a pure love between women and men.

When an animal loves you, it does it for nothing. An animal does not want any clothes, cars, jewelry, and it is not prone to showing off. When an animal loves, its love is pure and absolutely sincere. Recently, I watched a lot of videos on YouTube of lions. I found out that these animals are very emotional. When a lion gets attached to you, it will be your best friend.

Look at this video to see how sincere a lion’s love can be

This lioness has not seen its loved one for a while

At the same time, we should never forget that it still a wild and dangerous animal. Hence, we always need to be very cautious. In this blog post, I will give you some tips on how to safely pet a lion.


If you want to pet a lion, you will need to start petting it when it is very small. Get a toddler lion and start taking care of it. Do not think that you can buy a mature lion and it will get attached to you. When a lion is small, it will treat you like its mother or father. Also, there is less probability of a lion’s violent behavior towards you if it gets addicted to you during its childhood. A big lion will become dangerous no matter how docile it is. Don’t forget that its wild instincts are alive. Anytime, you can get mauled by your lion. Therefore, it is very dangerous to pet a big lion.


When I am hungry, I am always very angry. I can get into a fight when I am hungry. Therefore, I eat at least five times a day in order not to feel a sense of hunger. I am a bodybuilder, and therefore, I keep sticking to this regular eating diet. It will suffice to eat at least three times a day in order to stay fed.

Animals are not much different from us. If you don’t feed your dog or your cat, they will also become hungry. Your hungry dog can bite you if it is hungry. A hungry cat will scratch you if you don’t feed it. A lion will eat you if it is hungry. 

In fact, wild animals’ danger is too exaggerated. If you feed your lion, it won’t be as dangerous as people assume lions to be.
If you seriously want to pet a lion, you will have to very affluent. Lions consume several kilograms of meat every day. If you do not want to get eaten by your lion, you will need to feed it regularly. Be prepared for that. 


No matter how docile a wild animal might look, it is still very wild. It is necessary not to turn your back to a lion and be dominative. Nonetheless, this types of dominance should not look insulting. If the animal feels like you are insulting it, it will attack you. If you are too lucky, you will get injured. Otherwise, your lion will kill you.

Do not insult your lion. Be dominant. However, don’t treat your lion the way you treat your children. Show your respect to the animal, and it will love you.   

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.