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fitness girlsFitness girls are women who spend some time in the gym. A fitness girl does not necessarily need to be a superbly beautiful and sexy lady. When I say ‘a fitness girl’, I mean a girl who exercises in the gym to improve and perfect her health, body and an overall physical appearance. Thus, fitness girls do not always look like super seductive porn stars.

Fitness girls are extremely popular nowadays. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networks are mad about fitness girls. I am not a fan of anybody. I am a fan of myself. When I see a gorgeous fitness girl in my gym, I always think that it is a good idea to have sex with her a couple of time. Hence, I never worship women like other idiots. I look at a girl like at a potential source of physical pleasure. Today, I will give you a couple of effective tips on how to seduce fitness girls.

What are the advantages of having sex with fitness girls? First of all, the majority of fitness girls are well-shaped. They have good-looking bodies. Their butts, hips, and breasts are usually toned. What is more, most of the fitness girls are very open-minded. However, I do not want to generalize all fitness women. There are also loads of ugly ladies among fitness girls.

To make the process of seduction successful, let us learn something about fitness girls. All women who train in the gym are absolutely dissimilar. In addition, they come to the gym for different purposes. Hence, we can say that fitness girls are different. There are two types of fitness girls you will meet in your gym.


narcissistic bitchesDo you think that all narcissists are gorgeous? Most of them are unattractive. They adore themselves since nobody except themselves will love them. I am going to talk about narcissism in my nex blog post. So let me tell you about narcissistic fitness girls.

These girls are not usually beautiful. They don’t necessarily have voluptuous bodies. At the same time, there are a couple of them who look somehow cute. Regardless of their physical appearance, these narcissistic fitness bitches adore themselves. They come to the gym to make their bodies more ideal. Since they don’t see any problems with their figures, perfecting their look will be the only goal of narcissistic fitness women.


This is the second type of fitness girls. These ladies might be truly beautiful and sexy. However, they are always confident about their looks. The majority of them are shy and humble. These fitness girls come to the gym to get rid of some visual problems such as belly fat, too thin hips, and etc. These fitness girls are more mentally adequate than the first group. 

Now, when you the types of fitness girls you meet in your gym, it will be easier to seduce them. All fitness girls can be easily seduced. However, it will be necessary to apply different methods while dealing with different groups of fitness women. It is definitely more difficult to manipulate narcissistic fitness girls. However, if you are enough cunning, you will easily get them in your bed. Here are some of the best tips to seduce both types of fitness girls.


This method will work only with girls who are just starting their training routine. When a girl first comes to the gym, she knows absolutely nothing about bodybuilding, nutrition, physiology, and other stuff. You can become her mentor.

For me, the gym is an ideal place to get to know new girls, seduce them, and then, make sex with them. I always do it. When there is a new beautiful and preferably unmarried girl in my gym, there is an 85% likelihood that I will bed her. Let me tell you how I do it. Nearly two months ago, a new girl came to the gym where I train. She was enough communicative, and therefore, it was very comfortable for me to talk to her. There is no need to give a full transcript of our conversation. It will suffice to say that by the end of her first training day, I took her phone number. I told her that I have a cool training program for women. I asked the number to send the program via WhatsApp. The same day, we went to a cafe. The next day, we went to a pub. When she got drunk, she asked me to drive her to a hotel. Of course, we had a very hot night together. I had sex with her a couple of times. Then, I got bored of her.

As you see, it is extremely easy to seduce fitness girls within a short span of time. That fitness girl was very horny. She was young and unmarried. She loves male striptease. Thus, I was very lucky to meet that girl. Of course, if a woman is conservative or has a lot of psychological complexes and problems, it will definitely take more time to have sex with her. In my case, it was very fast and easy.


If she is a girl who came to the gym in order o get rid of her belly fat, or she wants to get bigger hips and butt, she is not fully confident in her beauty. More than often, these types of fitness girls need external stimulation. Whether she is a narcissist with megalomania or a young girl with low self-esteem, these women need psychological stimulation. They always need somebody to praise them. They love beautiful compliments, verses, and etc.

Fitness women with low self-esteem are vulnerable to picturesque compliments. If you know how to talk beautiful, you will get a lot of fitness girls in your bed. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.