how sex works by sharon moalem


how sex works by sharon moalemActually, I do not read books about sex at all. I have written several books and dozens of articles on sex. Therefore, I was thinking that I know near to everything about sex. I was wrong.  The saying “YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW” is absolutely true. When I saw Dr. Sharon Moalem’s book ‘HOW SEX WORKS’, I thought that it was a typical book explaining sex based on the evolutionary point of view. Again, I was wrong.

‘HOW SEX WORKS’ covers a huge variety of different topics. In the beginning, Dr. Sharon Moalem explains the physiology of men and women basing her conclusions on genetics, medicine, biology, and evolutionary psychology. I was in awe when I found a lot of unknown and new information in the book. For example, do you know why obese girls reach puberty earlier than thin girls? The book gives detailed scientific answers to dozens of questions. I would say that ‘HOW SEX WORKS’ is not a book about sex. The book is about human anatomy, biology, relationships between the sexes, evolutionary psychology, medicine, and many other topics. I learned a lot of new things from this book. Thanks to Dr. Sharon Moalem. I highly recommend this book for scientific, informative, and entertaining reading.        

Written by Bahtiyar
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