psychologistYou may be a psychologist even if you have no psychological education and a diploma in this field. Being a psychologist is a lifestyle. You may be a businessman, sportsmen, a politician, a blogger, a web developer, and at the same time remain to be a good psychologist. Psychology is our life. It surrounds every single side of our lives. Psychology exists in our families, schools, universities, business activities. Psychology is everywhere. When your neighbor smiles at you in the morning – it is psychology. When you calm yourself while your boss is blaming you for something – it is psychology. When you negotiate some business or legal issues with your business partners – it is psychology. Psychology is everywhere. We unconsciously implement psychological tricks every day and every minute. To make a good business conversation with your potential business partners, you need to be a good psychologist. In order to become an ideal wife or a husband, you need to be a good psychologist. Psychology teaches us to understand people and to comprehend the initial reasons for every single feeling. If you want to be successful in all areas of your life, you must be a good psychologist. There is a small group of people who intentionally study psychology and most of the people use psychological knowledge obtained by their own experience. So now, when we know the importance of psychology in our lives let, I will give you some useful recommendations which will help you to become a better psychologist.


Observation is the main tool every psychologist uses in order to make any conclusions and decisions. If it is very important for you to learn the personality of a particular person. Observe a person very carefully. Observe the way he walks, talks, moves, look at how he reacts to different words and impulses. Sometimes we need to make our own psychological analysis regarding a particular community. So the best way to carry out this is to observe this community. Look at the main values that prevail In that community and it will become clear for you who are the members of this community. One particular person is a result of the whole community. If you analyze the personality of a single person, it becomes clear to you which kind of community he has come from. We are products of our society and we cannot avoid it. A country where we live, films that we watch, newspapers which we read and many other things influence the way we think. You need to obtain the ability to observe. When you learn it, you will surely become a better psychologist.


It is quite simple. If you want to become a better psychologist, you should obtain more psychological knowledge. While obtaining new knowledge by your own experience requires many years, you can fastly become more knowledgeable if you read more psychological books. Theoretical knowledge is a core factor to become a professional in any field. There is no practice without a strong theory. A theory is useless without any practice. Reading useful psychological books will surely enhance your analytical skills and help you to become a better psychologist.


This is the best way to understand what people feel. Usually, we think and plan depending on our current situation, abilities, talents, and potential capabilities. Have you ever thought of why other people do not think the same way you think? The main reason why they do so is that they don’t have the same abilities and opportunities which you have. Imagine that you have one billion dollars and try to understand what will your thinking be like in this condition. If you are a beautiful, gorgeous girl, try to imagine that you are an ugly, uneducated village girl and you will understand how other people feel themselves. I really love this method and implement it myself because it lets me understand other people. Consequently, when you better understand other people’s mental and psychological condition, you built better communication with them. It lets you choose the most appropriate themes and topics to discuss. It won’t be good if you mention night clubs, yacht parties, and gorgeous girls while speaking with a physically impaired person because it will make him feel uncomfortable. People with different disabilities are not able to offer themselves things that are available for healthy people. I would probably mark this method as the best tip on your way to becoming a better psychologist.


Try to find the real reasons for every event. Usually, we see things that are more visible to us. Analyze every word, every look, every possible motivation, and other factors. Be very attentive and try to recognize even a single blink of an eye. Developing your discern will definitely make you a better psychologist 

Our life experience makes us wiser and smarter. We never want to commit the mistakes that we have made in our past. Being patient, attentive, and having good theoretical knowledge in psychology surely makes us better psychologists and observers. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.