become famousBeing famous is very advantageous because celebrities have more business and career opportunities. Your fame will become the main income source in your life. Implement my tips and become famous as soon as possible. 

Being famous has several advantages. I have already discussed them in my previous posts and I hope that you have read some of them. Now, when you are aware of the benefits of being famous, it is very probable that you want to become famous. Fame can give you new career and business opportunities. Celebrities make millions of dollars merely by using their brands. When you are famous, you will have a brand and it can become a good income source. Famous people are more welcomed and respected everywhere. Of course, there are two types of fame. One of them is positive and other is negative. Being notorious won’t benefit you because it will simply sophisticate your life. Notorious people like El Chapo or Al-Baghdadi do not benefit from their fame. When I am telling about the advantages of fame, I mean the positive type of fame that attracts a lot of people to your personality. 

How do people become famous? Are there any necessary qualities required to become famous? What are the most effective ways to become famous? In this article, I will try to give you the answers to the above-mentioned questions. 


Every person has specific qualities that made him famous. You may have something unusual in your personality and this factor will make you famous. Look at Kim Kardashian. She does not sing or dance. Why did she become famous? First of all, she comes from a rich family, and the second reason of her fame is her beauty. Do you think that she would become famous if she lived in an unknown country and in an unknown area? There are loads of very attractive and talented people who will never become internationally famous. They have a great potential but they do not have the necessary circumstance and opportunities that might make them famous. Kim does not have anything appealing except her beauty. Her butt is adored by men worldwide. There are millions of women around the world who love her face and figure. This woman knows that she is not great at singing, acting, or dancing. Nor she has any high intellectual capabilities. Kim is aware of her advantages, and therefore, she has implemented them to become famous. Stephen Hawking became famous only by the help of his intellect. He is not attractive, and additionally, he is physically impaired. His outstanding intellectual talents have made him worldwide famous. I do not deny the fact that some people are very talented in different fields. These people use all of their abilities and skills in order to develop themselves in different fields. 

Every one of us has something unusual and unique. Our uniqueness may be in our appearance or special talents. There is a woman who was included in the Guinness book just because she had grown the longest nails in the world. Her nails were 8 meters long. Another woman became a celebrity because she had the largest number of tattoos on her body. These people have nothing natural in themselves that could make them famous, but they use another tool that has already made them famous. 

Look at yourself and analyze your talents, skills, and abilities. What are you good at? You may have a great voice and you may use it to become famous. If you have a gorgeous body, make some photos of yourself and post them on your Instagram page. Ther are thousands of people who have already become famous on Instagram. Your advanced writing skills may help you to become a famous writer or a blogger. For example, Paulo Coelho. He is not a handsome man and he cannot sing or dance well. This guy is good at writing. I can tell you that there is a single book that made him internationally famous. This book is “Alchemist”. Paulo has written dozens of books but none of them was so successful and popular as “Alchemist”. There are people who became famous by the help of a single song. 

Analyze your personality and try to find something in yourself that will help you to become famous. Emphasize your attention on your talents and do not waste your time doing something else. 


Our appearance is very important in our life-success. All celebrities have unusual and sometimes even scandalous style. Let us look at Lady GaGa. I can say that her way of dressing is the most extraordinary and remarkable amongst all famous people in the world. Lady GaGa does not afraid to seem unusual and unique. Outstanding style may attract the attention of people around the world and, thus, it may become one of the most significant factors of your popularity. Look at people whom you see every day on the streets. Do you see something unique in the way the look and dress? Usually, you do not see anything interesting in them. They look simple not because they are not famous, but because their style resembles styles of millions of people around the world. Some people afraid of looking dissimilar. How does a man with long hair look like? Do you like long-haired men? I used to have long hair. Let me tell you that in some communities long-haired men look very unusual. A woman with short hair is a normal thing but a long-haired man looks very weird in some societies. Let me tell you how it feels to be a man with long hair. First of all, long-haired men attract a lot of attention. You feel yourself like a white crow in the huge crowd of black crows. That exactly how a long-haired man feels in a conservative society. So what does cause these feelings? Long-haired men are unusual this factor attracts exceeding attention of people. The same thing happens when a person has an extraordinary style. Some people afraid of being unique. It is very simple to be amongst of a huge mass of people. When you are usual no one pays any attention to your appearance. It may be more comfortable but it is not the best way if you want to become famous.  

You do not have to look weird in order to have a unique style. Dressing in a classical style can still help you to look very extraordinary and extravagant. Do not buy yourself clothes that are bought by millions of people around the world. Choose something that is very limited and no one will look like you. Everything that suits you is fashionable. Do not forget about some of your clothes if they are not fashionable anymore. Fashion is ruled by the small group of people who need to sell more clothes. It is the artificial concept exploited by entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. Will you buy new shoes if you already have 100 pairs of them in your closet? I may buy additional shoes if I like them but I won’t buy something new just because my old shoes are not considered to be fashionable anymore. The person who believes in fashion will forget about 100 pairs of his shoes just because they are not fashionable. Fashion is required to develop and enhance a future trade. A person won’t buy something new if there is no such a concept called “fashion”. 

Establish yourself an extravagant and unforgettable style. Your outstanding appearance will make you famous. 


Do you know how does love work? Usually, we love people who have the things that do not exist in our own personalities and life. An ugly person will adore beautiful people. A poor man is in love with wealthy personalities. Do you know why millions of women around the word love Kim Kardashian? They love her because she has a gorgeous body. Thes women are not satisfied with their own appearance, and therefore, they adore Kim. Do you know why millions of men around the world love Floyd Mayweather? Do you think that they want to box like him? No, this is not the reason. Men around the world admire Floyd because he is extremely rich. They like his cars, his clothes, his jet, and mansion. They actually do not love him – they like his wealth. It is a kind of a psychological compensation. We don’t have something, and for that reason, we unconsciously look for the people who have the things that we want.  

Money is the most admired and adored thing in the world. Some people are ready to lose their health in order to earn some cash. Thus, we can say that for some people money is more precious that their personal health. Have you ever seen a celebrity who is not rich? Let me tell you that I have not seen someone really very famous and poor at the same time. There are some people who are included in the Guinness book due to some reasons. They may be famous to a certain extent but I cannot tell that they are celebrities. Usually, these people are not rich.  All real celebrities are rich. We admire and love famous people for their wealth. Of course, there are some other reasons that make celebrities so popular but their wealth it the main reasons of their fame. Would you like Bill Gates if he is not the richest man in the world? This man is not a handsome one and he has nothing appealing in his style, behavior, or personality. Bill is tremendously rich, and consequently, people around the world adore him. El Chapo is a notorious man, a drug dealer, and a criminal. At the same time, this man has more than 1 billion dollars. People around the world fell in love with him and everybody has already forgotten about his crimes. We love rich people because every one of us wants to become wealthy. Even if you do not have any extraordinary talents, your wealth will make you rich. People are interested in rich people and therefore fame is closer to wealthy personalities. 

Become rich and you will definitely become famous even if you don’t have anything extraordinary to be admired for.  



If you want to become famous you must have something to show people. It may be your talents, your appearance, or some projects. Remember that no one will know about you if you don’t tell people about yourself and your enterprises. Use every possible tool to be shown to millions of people every day. Usually, it is difficult to speak to your audience using different TV channels. This problem does not exist anymore. The Internet gives you a great multitude of different tools to promote yourself online. Open your personal blog, tell people about yourself, your projects, your hobbies, your perspective, and tremendously high earnings. Make loads of selfies and upload them to your website. Use Instagram, because today, it is the most powerful online resource that can easily make you internationally famous. People who have already understood the power of Instagram are already using it to promote themselves. Forget about being shy if you want to become famous. Be open-minded and self-confident. There is no a single shy person who has managed to become famous. People should admire your confidence. Make press conferences and directly promote yourself and your brand. Millions of people do the same thing every day.   

Mass media is a necessary tool if you want to become famous. There is no a single celebrity has managed to become internationally famous without mass media. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.