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Kissing skills are very important in relationships with the opposite sex. Everyone appreciates people who know how to kiss. Even though kissing is not a difficult activity, there are millions of people who do not know how to kiss. Of course, they kiss somehow, however, their kissing skills cannot be classified as professional. To kiss professionally, you will need to have some theoretical knowledge on how to kiss. You will never learn to kiss professionally simply by practicing. Practice does not improve kissing skills if a person has no theoretical knowledge. Therefore, I suggest reading this article till the end.

Whether you like to kiss in a simple way or you prefer a French kiss, you will need to have a lot of information on how to kiss professionally. Throughout a kiss, people transform and release their emotions. By a person’s kiss, you will understand almost everything about him. Passive people kiss in a passive and slow way. These people will never learn how to kiss passionately. I have had some girls how did not know how to kiss. Even though these women were already mature, I hated every moment when we were kissing. Sometimes, I think that your kissing skills are more important than your talents in making sex. In fact, we kiss our partners more frequently than we make sex. Therefore, girls and boys, men and women should know how to kiss professionally.

In this blog post, you will learn everything necessary on how to kiss like a real sex guru. I will teach you how to kiss a girl. Even though I am a straight man, I will also give you some information on how to kiss a boy. Also, I will provide you a lot of information regarding the French kisses. Thus, this blog post will become the ultimate guide on how to kiss professionally sexy.


Girls are more tender and sensitive creatures than men. Therefore, in our attitude, we need to be extremely attentive to girls. In addition, girls are very sentimental. For these reasons, a kiss means a lot of sentimental things for a girl. Through a kiss, a girl can understand loads of different things regarding her boyfriend. We always feel a person’s emotions when we kiss him. A kiss can pass passion, love, tenderness, lust, sexual excitements, and many other feelings. At the same time, kissing is always associated with positive feelings. We never kiss someone we hate. To kiss a girl in a sexy way, you will need to understand her psychological type. There are different types of girls in the world. Some girls are mainly tender and sensitive. Others are horny and lusty. There are a lot of women whose main qualities are lust and sexual hunger. Hence, different types of girls prefer to kiss in different ways. Here are some of the basic steps you will need to do in order to kiss a girl in a professional manner.


To identify a girl’s psychological type, you will need to pay some attention to everything related to her personality. Look at the way she walks. If her walk is unconfident and humble, it is very likely that this girl has a tender and humble temperament. It is foreseeable that this girl won’t be too horny and passionate in bed. What is more, I can guess that this girl prefers passive and tender kisses. To kiss a girl in a suitable manner, you will need to adjust your kissing manner to her sexual temperament. A passive girl will not bear kissing in a passionate and horny manner.

If you find a girl whose walk, speech, gestures, and behavior show you her hot temperament, this is very probable that this girl has a tremendously hot sexual temperament. Consequently, it is more than predictable that this type of woman prefers kissing in a very hot style. Include more lust in your kisses, and a passionate girl will be fully satisfied. As I said, kisses might be tender, sensitive, horny, lustful, passionate, and passive. If your kiss does not suit a girl’s sexual temperament, I can guess that you won’t be satisfied in bed. Throughout a kiss, it is very easy to identify a woman’s sexual temperament. If a girl’s kisses are not hot, she won’t turn into a passionate girl during sex.

To kiss a girl in a professional manner, a man needs to be a very good psychologist. Since all of our physical gestures and movement represent the state of our soul, we will be able to easily identify a person’s sexual temperament by paying some attention to his visual signs. To kiss a girl in a pleasurable and satisfactory way, you will need to kiss her as she wants. This will definitely satisfy her.


how to kiss a guyThis paragraph is dedicated to girls. Since straight boys do not want to kiss a guy, they can pass this paragraph without reading it. If you are a gay and you want to kiss a guy in a pleasurable manner, you may also benefit from reading this paragraph. I am not gay and I never kissed a guy. However, I know what I like during kissing with a girl. I know what I dislike while kissing a girl. Also, I am conscious about some usual mistakes a girl can make while kissing a guy. Therefore, I think that I will be able to provide you with some of the best tips on how to kiss a guy in a proper way.

To kiss a guy so that he likes it, you will also need to study his personality very well. You do not need to know a person’s biography in order to kiss a guy in a professional style. To kiss a guy, you will merely need to understand his psychological type. When you know his psychological type, you will easily identify his sexual temperament. There are different types of men. Some men were created for family life. Usually, these men are very shy, humble, tender, and sensitive. Their motions are very slow and passive. You will find them kissing very slowly. If you have a hot temperament, you will need to slow down your lips motions while kissing these types of guys. To kiss a guy with a passion, you will also need to have a very passionate nature. Otherwise, your sexual incompatibility won’t let you succeed together. To kiss a guy in a satisfactory style, a girl will need to adjust her kisses to his psychological temperament. As I told you, different types of men love kissing in different ways. For example, I am a very hot and passionate man. I love lusty and horny women. I want a kiss to turn me on. Therefore, I prefer kissing in a very passionate manner. Hence, to kiss a guy properly, you will need to learn his sexual temperament at first. If you want to kiss a guy so that he is satisfied by your kissing talents, you will need to kiss him as he likes. Before you kiss a guy, ask him about his kissing preferences. His answer will tell you how to kiss him well.


French kiss is my favorite kiss. I do not like any other type of kiss but a French kiss. French kiss suits my sexual temperament and psychological type. I love a lot of things in a French kiss. If you do not know what French kiss means, let me clarify this concept to you. Usually, when partners insert tongues in each other’s mouths, we say that these people are French kissing. In other words, a French kiss is a kiss during which you insert your tongue in your girl’s or boy’s mouth. French kiss is more passionate and sexually exciting than other types of kisses. I will definitely give up dating a girl who does not like French kissing.

French kiss is a very simple kiss. To French kiss, you won’t need to have any special knowledge and experience. However, there are still a few things you will need to know about the French kiss. While French kissing, try to insert your tongue in your partner’s mouth as deeper as possible. This might turn your partner on. Usually, this turns me one, and therefore, I suggest you do the same thing. Also, while French kissing, try to passionately lick your partner’s tongue. I also like licking my girlfriend’s tongue without our lips being attached. This looks very horny and lusty. French kiss is one of the best things we have in our life. Sometimes, I love French kiss even more than I love oral sex and sex itself.

To kiss like a real sex professional, you will not need to become a scientist in the science of kissing. Even though kissing is not a too complicated and sophisticated activity, you will need to turn on your psychological skills in order to give your partner what he wants. Different people prefer kissing in different ways. Therefore, you will need to identify a person’s sexual temperament at first. When you master this psychological skill, you will start kissing like a real PRO.

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