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beach girlsBeach girls are definitely the sexiest and the most open-minded women in the world. I love beach girls very much. Picking up hot beach girls is one of the easiest things in the art of seduction. While concentrating your seduction efforts on beach girls, you will be sure that these women will never disappoint you. What is more, my experience tells me that beach girls are the lustiest girls in sex. Making sex with beach girls resembles different porn scenes we usually watch in porn videos. Beach girls have the sexiest mentality between all types of women you might want to get laid with.

I am a very avid beach visitor. I love beaches for several reasons. First, beaches are full of sunlight. Consequently, a beach is the best place to enjoy some healthy sun baths. Secondly, beaches are very good for getting to know beautiful, sexy, and well-shaped beach girls. I think that a beach is the best place to spend the first half of your day. The second part might be spent in nightclubs, and then, the final part of your day will be enjoyed with some of the hottest girls you picked up during your day. Generally, beach girls seem to be very unavailable. Sometimes, men are afraid of approaching beach girls. Women in bikini look less approachable and available. Also, not all men have sexy and attractive bodies. Therefore, most of them are shy to show their fat bellies and thin butts. However, if you look gorgeous, you will easily seduce loads of beach girls in a very short period of time. In today’s b log post, I will give you some of the best ideas on how to pick up beach girls with ease. Here are some of the steps you will need to do in order to easily seduce hundreds of sexy beach girls. Before the tips, let me tell you something about girls at the beach that will let you know these women better.


beach girls are sexyPicking up beach girls has both advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages is that only sexually liberal and open-minded girls visit beaches. If a girl is intellectual, religiously, or culturally limited, she will never wear a bikini and come to a beach. Thus, more than 85% of beach girls are hot tempered and sexy. It is like visiting a church to pick up God fearing girls. So when you visit beaches, you will get an absolutely opposite thing. Beach girls are more confident than other girls who have no enough courage to show their bodies on a beach. Sometimes, beach girls love spending time on beaches because it lets them show off their voluptuous bodies. In addition, more than 90% of beach girls are waiting for some sexy men to get to know with. When you come to a beach, be sure that the majority of girls at the beach are waiting for someone to pick them up. Hence, a beach is the best place to pick up hot and sexy women.


When you come to a beach, your body will be fully visible to everyone on that beach. Consequently, if you have something unattractive on your body, beach girls will easily spot it. This will not make a positive impression. When I come to a beach, I see loads of men who look truly disgusting. Fat bellies and thin butts are the most unattractive and ugly parts on both women’s and men’s bodies. If I ask you about the sexiest places on a girl’s body, you well definitely say that they are breast and butt. Girls at the beach also love men’s butts. What is more, girls at the beach dislike fat bellies. When you come to a beach, there won’t be your t-shirt and trousers that could hide some of your body’s disadvantages. There is no car, clothes, and money when you come to a beach. Hence, there is nothing but your body to show off in front of voluptuous beach girls. Therefore, you will need to prepare your body before you come to a beach.

sport Go to a gym. Start doing bodybuilding. Gain muscles. Get a bigger butt. Do everything in order to get rid of your belly fat. Belly fat is definitely the ugliest thing on a person’s body. Whether it is a woman or a man, belly fat will spoil everything beautiful on a person’s body. Also, if you have no muscles, I’d recommend spending at least three or four months making bodybuilding. Having a beautiful and sexy body is a great advantage on beaches. Girls at the beach love sexy men.


It is nonsense to come to a beach without a good sun cream. Sometimes, gorgeous girls at the beach do not take any sun creams because they anticipate some sexy men with sun creams. Therefore, before you come to a beach, buy a couple of tubes with sun cream. Putting a sun cream on beach girls’ bodies is the best way to start your communication. If girls at the beach like you, none of them will refuse to get some sun cream on your hands. This will let you touch their sexy bodies, give them a lot of physical and psychological pleasure, and start the communication.


There is no beach if there will be no water. Thus, every beach has a lake, a sea, or an ocean. If the weather lets you come and enjoy your time on a beach, you will be able to swim too. Being in the water with beach girls is an ideal moment to get closer. If some of your girls at the beach cannot swim, you will have a great chance to develop your communication by suggesting some swimming lessons. While giving your swimming lessons, you will touch your sexy girls at the beach. Thus, swimming will make you closer thereby putting your communication at a higher level.


yacht and beach girlsIf you can get a yacht, your chances to seduce beach girls will increase up to 100%. People love beautiful and comfortable yachts. Girls at the beach love yachts more than any other women in the world. Yachts always associated with luxury, wealth, and wellbeing. If you have a yacht, this will tell a lot of things about you. When you say to beach girls that you have a yacht, this will mean that you are successful, rich, stylish, fashionable, luxurious, and confident. Beach girls love these types of men.

You do not necessarily need to buy a yacht in order to roll with beach girls. There are loads of different companies that will let you rent a good yacht for a limited period of time. You can rent a yacht for a day, a week, a month, or even more. It all depends on your plans and intentions. While communicating with girls at the beach, you can say that the yacht belongs to you. You do not have to say that the yacht was taken for a rent. Manipulation is a common element of every seduction. Therefore, do not hesitate to tell whatever you think is necessary to be told.

You can use a yacht during a day. Also, a yacht is an ideal place to date your beach girls in the evenings. A stylish yacht is the most romantic place to have a dinner. Also, sex in a yacht will be truly unforgettable. There are a lot of women who dream of having sex on a yacht at least once during their lifetime. Accordingly, you won’t have to persuade girls at the beach for sex in your yacht. Sometimes, you will see them begging for it.

You can make sex with beach girls wherever you want. Making sex on a beach is also a very good idea. To be honest, I have never had sex on a beach. However, I will definitely do it. I have provided with some of the most effective tips on how to pick up beach girls. Once you started your communication with beach girls, everything will continue as usual. Further, you can invite them to your flat, house, hotel, to a restaurant, or to a nightclub. It will be up to your imagination. A yacht is not the only place where you can have sex with beach girls. When you and your beach girls are outside of a beach, all the common seduction tips must be used. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know how to seduce beach girls in further stages of your relationship.

Written by Bahtiyar
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