Your rating on eBay is a key factor in building a successful business. Buyers pay attention to your rating at first. If you have too much negative feedback from your buyers, your eBay business may be ineffective.  It is not too difficult to build a good reputation on eBay. Amazon’s customer review system is more sophisticated. So here are some of my effective tips to quickly build a strong rating on eBay.


Remember that our objective is to QUICKLY build a good rating on eBay. You may receive many good feedbacks but the process of creating your reputation can be very slow. Therefore, I will give you exact and very accurate recommendations to quickly build a good reputation on eBay. One of them is that in the beginning of your eBay business you should list only cheap items. Concentrate on the quantity. Forget about making a huge profit in the beginning of your eBay business. You can surely make some significant money in the beginning but it may not help you to quickly build a good reputation. You can buy an item for 20 dollars and sell it for 100 dollars. Remember that in the beginning, you will have certain selling limits and therefore the amount of money will be also restricted. If you sell 3 items and each of them costs 100 $ you will be able to list a maximum of three or four of such items. You may make some money by selling them but this kind of listings won’t let you list more. Thus, you will exceed your selling limits. As a result, you will receive four positive feedbacks after one month and you will need to wait one month to list more items.

I suggest you list cheap items because your selling amount will increase and you will receive more reviews at the end of the current month. Buy something that costs 1 dollar and sell them for 2 dollars. If your selling limit is 300 dollars, you will be able to list and sell 150 of such items. Consequently, in the end of the current month, you will receive at least 120 positive feedbacks.

Continue following this strategy until you receive 1000 positive feedbacks and then you can list more expensive items to make a serious profit. When a buyer sees 100 positive feedbacks he will have no doubts about your punctuality and honesty. Further, your business will become more successful and your good rating on eBay will let you sell your items very quickly.

I WISH YOU GOOD LUCK and seven figures in your bank account.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.