How to remove mugshot from the Internet


How to remove mugshot from the InternetLife is fully unpredictable. You never surely know what will happen tomorrow. You might plan, make predictions, but in most cases, life gives us a lot of new surprises. It is great when these surprises are pleasant. Sometimes, your destiny gives you absolutely terrible things that you don't wish even to your enemy. Being arrested, jailed, convicted are some of the most terrible things that might happen in a person's. Even when a person has fully served his prison sentence, a terrible mugshot on the Internet might still spoil his life. There are a lot of ways how a mugshot on the Internet can damage a person's personal and professional life. If you care about your life, then, your reputation should be your first priority. Your past is gone. No matter what you have done in the past, it doesn't exist anymore. You should live a new life, and nothing from your past should influence the way things unfold in your present life. 

Unfortunately, mugshots on the Internet are can still impact and badly damage the quality of a person's life. No matter whether a person was guilty or not, it is not society's business to interfere in his past. I understand when state authorities make their private databases to keep records of crimes, arrests, and convictions. However, I don't approve a government publicly exhibiting criminal record for people to see. If your mugshot is published on the Internet, you should get rid of it as soon as possible. Otherwise, that photo will keep damaging your life. In this article, I will tell you how to remove a mugshot from the Internet. 


If publishing mugshots in your state is legal, then website owners have a legal right to publish people's mugshots. You can complain, quarrel, sure them, but they are legally right. If you contact a website owner and demand them to unpublish your mugshot, they will simply ignore you. You won't get an email reply from them. Usually, these people are strict patriots. They treat ex-convicts as devils and evil. In their conscious mind, their mugshot websites are helping their societies to stay safe from dangerous people. Therefore, you shouldn't waste your time trying to contact and persuade a mugshot website owner to unpublish your mugshot. As was said before they will simply ignore you. In some cases, when you have annoyed them a lot, they will publish your mugshot on the home page of their mugshot website. Legally, you can't do anything against them. If publishing mugshots are legally allowed in your state, then, these people are not guilty. Their websites are their properties, and they are allowed to do anything they want to ton their web platforms as long as their content is legal. 


Some people might think that Google might somehow unpublish or punish a mugshot website which is spoiling your life. First, Google is just a webs platform as billions of other websites on the Internet. Of course, Google is the most popular and visited website in the world. However, Google doesn't have any power or legal authority over other websites. In other words, Google doesn't own the Internet. 

Whenever a person complains to Google regarding a mugshot, Google will simply ignore his request. Just imagine, mugshot websites have been active on the Internet for decades. Millions of people have requested Google to remove their mugshots from the Web. Google has either completely ignored them or said that they don't have any legal authority to remove or hide content which is completely legal. Hence, Google won't help you o resolve this issue. 


The only way to remove your mugshot from the Internet is to contact a company which is specialized in removing mugshots on the Internet. I have already helped hundreds of ex-convicts, felons, and accidentally arrested or accused people to remove their mugshots from the Internet. My company Bahtiyar Digital is one of the leading companies in the world in the field of reputation management. Hundreds of people, on behalf of themselves, their friends or relatives, have successfully used my services. 

It is very important whom you contact to remove your mugshot from the Internet. Some services might charge you a lot of money, and in the result, won't provide any desirable results. I treat ex-convicts, felons, and other people who had problems with law as normal people. I fully understand that human beings make mistakes. We all make mistakes. Even prophets and messengers of God made mistakes. Only angels are crystally clear. Thus, people feel comfortable while addressing their problems to me. I treat all cases with understanding. Actually, I don't care at all about a person's past and things he has done in his life. I treat this work professionally and confidentially. 

If you are already tired of that humiliating mugshot that keeps damaging and spoiling the quality of your life, then, you are Welcome! Contact me anytime you wish on my WhatsApp +1 646 813 9621, tell me about the mugshot, and I will remove it within a few days. First, I prove the result, then, you will pay. As a real man with dignity and honor, I guarantee you full anonymity, confidentiality, and success. Feel free to contact me!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.