You can meet different girls in different places. There are different types of women and all these girls types prefer different places to spend their time. You have fewer chances to find somebody extroversive, very passionate, and horny somewhere in museums, galleries, and other similar places. If you are looking for this type of girls you’d better search for them in night clubs, cafes, restaurants, discos and any other entertaining places for youth.

Public libraries may be good places to make some acquaintances with people of the opposite sex. Girls who visit libraries are usually very smart, well-read, erudite, and open-minded. The main characteristic of women who visit public libraries is patience. Studying and reading require great patience and not everyone can be patient enough in this field. Girls who frequently visit public libraries have a stable and mature character. This type of girl does not resemble girls who merely enjoy having fun at nightclubs. From my own experience, I can assure you that there is a type of girl who does not think at all. Yes, they never think. Such girls do not make any considerations and usually, their main hobby is having fun and rolling. This type of girl is not the best option for you. If you make a relationship with a club-girl, do not even hope that her attitude will be stable and regular. At the same time, library girls are usually introverts. If you build a relationship with a book-lover girl, you may be sure that your relationship will last long. Of course, you may not want to have a long-term relationship with anyone. In this situation, nobody will force you to continue your romance. There may be lots of other things which motivate you to be interested in library girls. It may be a mere interest and you might have a wish to have a new experience with different types of girls.

In the art of seduction, your success will depend on the strategy you choose. While dealing with any type of girl, you should have a clear and accurate seduction plan. Different types of women require different approaches and seduction methodology.


Women, who regularly visit public libraries, have a specific characteristic that differs them from other types of girls. Library girls are very attentive and perspicacious. Thus, you will need to be very careful with this type of girl. Women at nightclubs might be drunk and this mental condition does not let them spot your sexual intentions. Thus, your deal becomes easier. The situation with library girls is absolutely different because usually, these girls have a very high intellectual level, psychological knowledge, and skills. If you approach and talk to them, they will carefully analyze your actions, gestures, and words. If a library-girl spots something suspicious in your behavior, she will try to stay away from you. Your words and communication style will show your real intentions and that’s why try to look more sincere.


If you are one of the club boys and you have never read a single book, you should not waste your time demanding to pick up someone at public libraries. You will have more success with the same club girls. Usually, people are attracted to the same type of personality. Why do I claim that you should be intelligent enough to seduce women at public libraries? First of all, as I have told you, library girls are very specific. Their thinking and style of making conclusions are very diverse. If they visit libraries, that means that they respect knowledge and intellect. If your main value is money, consequently, you will respect people who have money. If your dream is to have fame, you will follow and love famous people. Thus, women who spend their time at public libraries are fans of knowledge, books, information, and intellectual life. Everyone loves money, but the main tools to seduce a library girl is your erudition and knowledge. You may have no money, but if you are intelligent enough, a library girl will surely respect you. The situation with club girls is absolutely different. These girls do not care about the books you have read, foreign languages you are fluent in. Your weapon at night clubs in your appearance and style. Even if you say something really stupid, it won’t spoil your seduction success at night clubs. As long as you are handsome and wear a gorgeous jacket, you will be successful at night clubs. Library girls are not inclined to showing off. The main things they respect in a person are humanity, intellect, and erudition. If you don’t have such characteristics, you should not visit libraries with intentions to seduce someone there.


The main thing you should remember while trying to seduce women at public libraries is the fact that this type of girl respects and appreciates knowledge, erudition, and information. Try to show her how well-read and erudite you are. Try to use different scientific information, dates, numbers, and names in your conversation. Show her your knowledge in different fields of sciences. Tell her something related to geography, history, foreign languages, technology, business, and politics. At the beginning of your talk, you must show her how highly intellectual you are. Talk about famous books, authors, and ask her opinion. People like expressing their opinions and she will be very pleased to tell you about her thoughts.


Patience is the main factor of success. The art of seduction is not an exception. You need to be very patient in order to seduce women at public libraries. Continue your intellectual conversation. You may discuss any topic. Ask her what are her hobbies and try to talk about something which she finds to be very interesting. At the end of your presence in that library ask her phone number and promise to call her. Be patient and do not hurry up to have sex with her on your first date. As I have mentioned above, this type of girl is very discerning. If she spots that you are a professional pick upper, you may forget about a fancy to seduce and have sex with her.

I wish you good luck! In order to be successful, you should professionally implement tools which I advise you in this post. Keep in mind that different types of women require different approaches and strategies. Try to analyze her character and use methods that will be effective to seduce a girl of her psychological type.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.