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speak englishMany people suffer from the fear of speaking English or others foreign languages. Even if they know what to say, they cannot pronounce it. It seems like the brain started wandering around instead of thinking. This process is linked to the common fear of novelty. You are afraid of people laughing at you if you tell something wrong. You are afraid of making mistakes as it can show you in a bad light. You are afraid of being misunderstood. This list of possible fears can be endless; it can become a paper writing. However, the truth is that all those fears are groundless and unreasonable. To get rid of them you have to work on yourself, your mindset, and your confidence.


Imagine that you are learning English for a while. You have a rich vocabulary, you know the grammar, and your pronunciation is impressive. You can give a long speech when you are alone; you understand movies and songs, you read thesis writing easily. Daily practicing leads you to improve your English skills. You try different tests and quizzes online and they prove that your level is advanced. Nevertheless, when you need to speak to someone, you start freezing. You prefer to keep silence than to say something wrong. The main problem here is that you are lacking confidence. Fortunately, it is just one more obstacle on your way and you can overcome it easily.


To become fluent in English you have to use this regularly. You have already done everything you could in private. Now it is time to leave your comfort zone and to introduce yourself to the outer world. Do not be scared of being rejected or not understood. Have a small talk in English either with strangers or with friends. Forget about your shyness and your fears. You will not be punished for your mistakes but you will definitely improve your language skills.

You can make this process easier and less stressful by creating a new English identity for you. Imagine yourself as someone who inspires you. It can be a famous actor, singer, writer, or author of popular paper writing. Someone successful, confident and English speaking. Use this identity always you face the fear of speaking English. Ask yourself what you would do in this situation if you were Tom Cruise. Believe in yourself; believe that you can be as fearless as Tom Cruise when using English. This approach is really useful for building your English confidence.

Unless you get rid of your negative attitude, you will not become a true English speaker. Many people repeat “My English is poor” or “I do not speak English well”. They convince themselves that they are powerless, and any efforts to change it are in vain. Stop doing that! Replace those sentences with “I am confident English speaker”, “My English is fluent”. Always keep those affirmations in your mind, repeat them every time you are afraid of speaking English. 

One more recommendation that is efficient is to memorize phrases native speakers use in conversations or when writing essays at yourwriters.net. If you have them in your mind, you will not panic during the conversation. You will not think what to say or how to say it correctly. Just copy what native speakers usually say in similar situations.

Remember, that you are great. You have managed to learn a new language. You deserve to get all the advantages English can give you. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.