Some of my blog posts may sound very weird. I understand it. If you live in a wonderful country that satisfies all your needs and whims, things like living in a terrible country may be unfamiliar to you. It is necessary to keep in mind that people around the world have different problems. I always strive to write practical and useful articles. I carry out deep marketing researches to find people’s problems and questions. I found out that there are millions of people around the world who hate the place where they live. These people ask different questions on the Internet and request people to help them in order to survive in their hateful environment. I have been in these situations, and therefore, I realize that their problems are real. Thousands of different bloggers write about the same things. They copy each other. How many blogs are there on the Internet that are dedicated to blogging? Thousands of bloggers write about blogging and the number of people who are interested in this niche is growing day by day. I think that it is a ridiculous idea to blog about the same things million times. There are still loads of unanswered and perspective questions on the Internet. 

Something that may seem to be very weird for you, maybe urgently necessary for someone else. Usually, we do not understand other people’s problems if we have not been in the same situation. Do you care about the things that may cure diabetes If you do not suffer from these diseases? Surely, you would not care about a problem if you did not face it yourself. I know what does it feel like to live in the country that you hate. I won’t tell you about how your life will change if you hate everything that surrounds you. Instead of it, I will teach you how to survive in that hateful environment. 


If you live in the country that you hate it is very likely that you hate its population. Do you befriend people whom you dislike? I strongly doubt it. People may become lonely when they dislike their society. It is a very usual situation. Your ideas and principles may contradict the common values that exist in your country. If you do not have any friends in your country, do not be disappointed. Start traveling and you will find yourself loads of friends abroad. Loneliness is guaranteed to you when you hate your environment. Living in a country that you hate may be very difficult for you, but you should remember the things that will help you to survive. 

Isolate yourself from the community of your country. Do not interact with anyone. You may like some people who live in your city, and it would be very beneficial for you if you befriend them. People are different, and for some people loneliness is unbearable. I can live in absolute loneliness and it is not a big problem for me. I know several things to preoccupy myself with. 

Isolate yourself and you will feel like you live in another country.  This tip usually helps. Dedicate all your time to your projects and forget about the country where you live. Isolation is the best thing that will certainly help you in this terrible situation. 


What happens when you watch local TV? Usually, you will see the ugly faces of people that live in your country. You might hate them and you may also hate their disgusting language. I used to live in a country that I hate. Let me tell you that it is not the best thing that you may have in your life. Watching local TV may be very awful. You usually get nervous when you see some ugly faces on TV and hear their ugly language. The things these people say on TV are really silly and ridiculous. You will be stressed by the level of their stupidity. Watching local TV in the country that you hate is not the best idea to have a good mood. Avoid everything that reminds you of that country. Even if you continue living in it, try to think about remote places. Local TV will always remind you of the country that you hate. Avoid watching it. You may love other cultures and countries. Watch the things that you really like. They may be your favorite TV shows or videos on the Internet. 

Stop watching local television if you want to survive in the country that you hate. 


Do you know why do I suggest you start an online business? I think you are trying to guess the reasons for my advice. You need to earn money in order to live. When you hate your country, it will be very difficult for you to interact with local people. Thus, your business and career opportunities will be strictly limited. It is impossible to work amongst the people whom you hate. Adaptation in the place that you hate is extremely difficult, and sometimes, it is absolutely impossible. I would never work in one office with people whom I hate. What can be more terrible than this situation? All your working days will become awful. Your stress level will seriously increase and you may even fell into a deep depression. It is necessary to surround yourself with people whom you love. A hateful environment is the most dangerous thing for your mental health. There may be some benefits in this occasion. You usually isolate yourself when you live amongst people whom you hate and isolation can be beneficial on different occasions. Isolated people are often very creative and productive. 

It is clear that you won’t be able to make any kind of physical business in the country that you hate. You may try doing it, but it will cause you a lot of stress and negative emotions. When you make a physical business, you will need to communicate with people. You will meet several negative people every day. If you hate your country it is very likely that you hate its population. Thus, you will definitely want to avoid any interaction with local people. Online business will resolve all your problems. With this type of business, you won’t be restricted anymore. Online commerce gives you a great opportunity to make business with any people around the world. While making an online business, you might forget about the country where you reside. Your hatred won’t hurt you anymore if you make an online business. If you hate people, they will also hate you. It is a common rule. No one will love you if you do not give them the same feeling. Our feelings and emotions can be easily recognized by people who look at us. I believe in the aura and it surely exists. Will someone want to cooperate with you if you hate him? The answer is very simple and clear. No one would like to make business with you if you hate them. Everything is not so bad as you expect it to be. Make an online business and you will be able to develop and enhance yourself wherever you are. 

It is impossible to live somewhere if you have no funds to maintain your life. You will not want to work in the country that you hate, and therefore, you should start your online business right now. 


Having no one to talk to can be bearable for a short period of time. People are social creatures, and consequently, communication is necessary for us in order to stay in a good mood. How will you manage to have communications in the country that you hate? There are several options you may like to consider. There are loads of different tourists and foreigners in your country. Do you think that befriending them is a good idea? You may think so but, let me discourage you from doing it. First of all, keep in mind that foreigners and tourists are very busy people. They come to your country with a purpose. They do not need any communication with you, and usually, they may afraid of you. American and European tourists are cowards. You may be insulted by my saying but they are real cowards. Especially, when it comes to traveling or living in Muslim countries American and European travelers show an utter level of cowardliness. I can go to any country in the world and live there without any fear. I easily integrate into a foreign society. I adore communicating with local people. Americans and Europeans are aware of the fact that their countries are hated in Muslim locations, and therefore, they afraid of the locals. I perfectly understand them, and therefore, I do not blame them. As you have understood, communicating with foreigners and tourists in your country is not the best idea. You have no other options. Of course, you may find a few intelligent people living in your country and start communicating with them. However, it is not the best idea because they might not be interested in you. 

Do you know what would I suggest you do in this situation? Isolate yourself and befriend new people through the Internet. It is the best option for you. International online dating services are very helpful when a person suffers from loneliness. It is clear that your communication won’t believe it. However, you can always have conversations with your new friends via Skype. is my favorite service. I think that it is the best online dating resource that exists on the Internet. I usually use it to build a great list of international friends. Set your geographical location and browse for people to communicate with. 

Communicate with people through the Internet and it will definitely help you to survive in the country that you hate. 

Survival in a hateful country is not the easiest task. Living in this situation is very stressful. You might have a pity amount of positive emotions while dwelling in a place that is disgusting for you. Do not give up. Remember about great people who managed to survive in prisons and concentration camps. People in these places suffer more than you. Your situation is temporary and one day you will abandon your hated country. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.