quora logoHow often do you visit Quora? I visit it more than a few times a day. I think that the idea of building Quora was really brilliant. Today Quora is one of the biggest knowledge bases on the Internet. The phenomenon of Quora is that people, who answer to the questions are not financially motivated to write. No one pays them for their posts. Motivations of people, who answers in Quora are different. Some of them may promote themselves and some regard it like a hobby. The most important fact is that authors on Quora spend their time and make big efforts to write complicated answers with detailed explanations. You may see really amazing answers with different statistics, graphics and images on Quora. Would you do so if you are not paid? If you would, I can certainly say that you already write your answers on Quora. 

This was a small preface to my main post topic. Since Quora has become a huge arena with a massive real human traffic it can be used to successfully promote your business. Any online or physical area that is visited and reviewed by millions of people daily worth of our attention. Such online giants can be used to advertise our companies and business. Let me clarify for you that Quora was built as a potential knowledge base, where people could get answers to their questions. It was not built with a purpose of promoting something, and therefore I will tell you how to promote your business so that it does not look like a simple advertisement. These ways are very simple.


If you visit Quora with an aim to promote your business, usually, you search for questions and answers, which are related to your daily business. Let me give you a couple of different examples. You are selling luxurious men and women clothes in Los Angeles. You have both online and physical stores based in LA. So how can you use Quora to promote your current business? Go to Quora and type in the search box the following words: business in Los Angeles, stores in Los Angeles, shops in Los Angeles, clothes in Los Angeles, boutiques in Los Angeles, trade markets in Los Angeles, malls in Los Angeles. I mean type there everything which has any relation to your business. Then open all questions. You will find people there asking questions about shops, stores, boutiques, markets, clothes in Los Angeles. Now, when you have found these questions, you should answer to this questions. Try to give long and detailed answers and in the middle of your post mention your online and physical store. Paste a link to your website. Answer other questions using the same method. In all your answers mention the name of your store and post a link to your online store. Your answer may be seen by thousands, even millions of people, and they will see the name of your store. Some of them will click your links and visit your online store. Do not forget to mention the address of your physical store, because it will drive shoppers to your boutique. 

The same promotion method should be used with all categories and kinds of businesses.


Let us imagine that the name of your store in Los Angeles is Glamorous Brand. So here are the ways and variations of how you can ask a question about your business. It may sound like this: “What is the exact address of Glamorous Brand store in Los Angeles?” or “Which LA store is better, Glamorous Brand or GRAZIA?” Your answers should sound not sincere. People from LA will try to learn more about your store and it will develop your business. Thousands of people will see these questions and some of them will answer. 

These two methods are the best ways to stealthily promote your business on Quora. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.