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verify phone on PayPalIt is well known that PayPal’s security system is very unpredictable. They planned to create the strongest security system for their online payment service but instead, they have created an automatic robot which disturbs customers with it’s sudden and ridiculous, limitations and demands of verification. You don’t need to do much in order to be assured in my statement. Use your friend’s notebook to access your Paypal account and you will see that PayPal won’t let you do it because you are trying to access your account from another device. Isn’t it ridiculous? There are loads of other silly technical problems that you will encounter if you continue using PayPal. One of these problems is when PayPal does not let you access your account until you verify your phone number. PayPal sends a text to your phone number and you are obliged to type the text in the empty blank. If you type the right text, you will access your account, otherwise, you won’t be able to do it. So what if you are on vacations somewhere in Thailand or France? How will you verify your phone number? Of course, there are some options to call your brother or someone else and ask him to put your SIM card on his phone and then you may try to verify the number. It is not the most convenient way to resolve this problem. Let us forget about how ridiculous is PayPal. Our aim is to get access to our PayPal account and we urgently need to verify our phone number. I am here to help you and therefore I will give you 100% effective method to verify your phone number even if you are outside the USA. Follow the next steps and you will forget about this problem:

1) Go to and register. Choose yourself a phone number. Now when you have made your choice, you are ready to do the next step.

2) Go to It will ask you to verify your number. Choose “add another number” button and then insert the number you have chosen on

3) As soon as you insert the number, you will receive a text from PayPal. That text will be visible in your TextNow account window. This text may consist of different numbers and letters. Insert that number in required fields on PayPal and you are done.

Now, you will have a full access to your account. You may choose hundreds of numbers on if you need. Do the same thing every time when PayPal requests you to verify your number.   


You see that there is no a problem which has no solutions. It is possible to find a key to open any doors and it is always possible to find a possible way in order to resolve all problems.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.