ibuprofen for dogsTreating mild and severe pain in dogs may require a combination of a number for treatment regimen. The common one is the use of painkillers such as Ibuprofen and aspirin to help canines cope better with an ailment. With the availability of other forms of holistic treatment like the use of CBD oil, which is simple to use, you may want to consider going the hemp way. 

Pain killers such as aspirin and Ibuprofen remains a standard component of every medicine cabinet. The reason for this is they are highly reliable when dealing with inflammation and provide relief from injury. If you are wondering about the safety of Ibuprofen for coping with pet ailments and other aspects of the medication, you can read more about it below.


As you must have imagined, it would be entirely reckless to administer Ibuprofen or other medications meant for humans on animals. While dogs and humans may share a lot of similarities in systems of the body, both systems function differently. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) such as carprofen, meloxicam, and deracoxib are derivatives that are safe for both humans and animals. 

The worry about the use of pain medications in dogs is how their body system will react to levels of toxicity. While drugs such as steroids are a complete no for pets, many people claim Ibuprofen and aspirin may be okay when used in moderation. There is also the issue of using different medications at once. For NSAID and Ibuprofen, you should do well not to combine them with any other meds. 


Most tablets are packed in doses, usually in milligrams (mg). For humans, you can find brands with 200mg tablets, which could be a lot when administered to a pup. For safety reasons, it is best to follow strict medical guidance when administering medications on animals. Using NSAIDs or other narcotic drugs to treat pain and inflammation without seeking proper counseling could be detrimental to a dog or cat's health. 


You want to start by choosing the right type of non-steroidal autoimmune drug for your pet. It is worth mentioning that none are formulated for the body system of animals, but there are ways to find the best brand that can be safe or your dog or cat. 


The level of toxicity of your chosen pain killer should be something that your pet can handle without suffering from any significant repercussions. A 200mg dosing could be highly toxic even for a large dog breed.


Your pet's age and weight will also determine how much of a particular medication its body system can accommodate. You can expect younger pups to react differently to meds than adults would. Larger breeds may be able to withstand the after-effects of such treatment but could be worse for a small dog. 


Some of the approved non-steroidal medications that are safe for use in treating dog conditions are

  • Rimadyl or Novox 
  • Previcox 
  • Metacam 
  • Deramaxx

You can get these drugs to help ease pain, inflammation, or fever in animals. This page https://pets.webmd.com/dogs/guide/dog-pain-medications, has more on the mode of actions of the medications above. It is best to follow a vet’s prescription so you can be sure of the appropriate dosage for your pet. 


safe for dogsSeveral home remedies are safe to use in helping animals suffering from mild to severe pain. One such is CBD oil, which could provide relief from trauma, belly ache, and help dogs cope better with cancer. When it comes to over the counter drugs, you should only use one after due medical consultation. Ibuprofen and other NSAIDs can lead to other complications arising from a high level of toxins in the blood. 

There have been several cases of severe ulceration, diarrhea, and food poisoning when meds meant for humans were consumed by animals. In one example, a pet owner accidentally left the bathroom door open, and her 4-year-old beagle had a filled day in the drug cabinet. Long story short, she was rushed to the vet after being found unconscious a few hours later. 


In a situation where you want to avoid NSAIDs for treating pet conditions, other alternatives are worth checking out.  


Also referred to as cannabidiol, CBD could be a non-steroidal approach to managing ailments in animals associated with pain and inflammation. You can find brands made for dogs and cats that are safe for use on all breeds. The good thing is that you can also use hemp products for humans on pets. 

Options include topical applications such as cream, balms, oil, but most pet owners seem to go with edibles infused with CBD. You can find more here on how to use cannabis for pets and the right dosing. 


Another form of holistic treatment for pain is the use of acupuncture to relax the nerves. It could be handy to help relieve symptoms of weakness and joint ache. 


The anticonvulsant medication gabapentin could be useful in the treatment of post herpetic neurological pain in animals. It is used in managing partial seizures, hot flashes, and joint aches in humans too. 


A moderate dose of tramadol could also be an alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Tablets for humans can be administered responsibly to treat weakness of the body in cats and dogs. 


Your pet must get the right type of diet and exercise to be able to stay healthy. In situations where there needs treatment, it is best to always consult with a vet before using any medication. 

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