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bad backlinksBacklinks building is the most popular activity in SEO. All SEO professionals and non-professionals perfectly know that high-quality backlinks is the most important ranking factor in SEO. Getting as many backlinks as possible from high-quality websites is the best way to improve your website’s SEO. When you start working on your website’s SEO, the first thing you do is building backlinks for your web resource. Without high-quality backlinks, a website has no authority. The first thing you need to do in order to get good positions in SERPs is to build loads of powerful backlinks pointing to your website. Even if a website has a brilliant content, it will never get good ranks in SERPs.  Even if you listen to Google’s spokesman Matt Cutts, you will hear that good backlinks and a perfect on-page SEO are the most significant ranking factors counted by Google. For this reason, all of us build backlinks. There are many tools that let you achieve this objective in different ways.

While building backlinks for your website, you may unintentionally get some bad backlinks that will seriously harm your SEO. As I have already told you, people use different methods to build backlinks. Some of these backlinks building tools are officially forbidden by Google and other search engines. These shady techniques are called Black Hat SEO technologies. It does not matter what types of backlinks building tools you use, because both White and Black Hat SEO technologies can give you loads of bad backlinks pointing to your website. These bad backlinks may be built by your competitors in order to crush your SEO success. In other situations, you may get bad backlinks by mistake. Whilst high-quality backlinks improve and strengthen your SEO, bad backlinks are very poisonous for your website’s performance in SERPs. Loads of bad backlinks pointing to your website put you under a great risk to be penalized by Google. In most cases, bad backlinks will merely worsen your web resource’s SEO. In severe situations, Google might penalize your website. In this case, your website will not appear in SERPs. These penalties may be temporary and permanent. It is all up to Google. Therefore, there is nothing good in having bad backlinks pointing to your website.

Finally, you have already built loads of backlinks for your website. You know that some of them are high-quality backlinks, and others are bad backlinks. You merely know it. However, right now, you are unable to identify which of the backlinks are high-quality ones and which are bad backlinks.


There are millions of websites that are simply used to build backlinks on them. These websites have no content. Most of them are spammy. PBN (Private Blog Networks) are some of these websites that were created with a purpose to build backlinks on them.

Today, Google’s Penguin stopped automatically penalizing websites on the Internet. All of Google’s penalties will be carried out manually. If you have loads of bad backlinks from the above-mentioned low-quality web resources, these backlinks can either harm your SEO or fully ruin your website. PBNs and other shady websites are usually manually scrutinized by Google’s specialists. Websites that have loads of bad backlinks from these resources might be penalized.

Thus, by looking at the source of your backlinks, you can identify the quality of your backlinks. Good backlinks usually come from high-quality backlinks. And oppositely, bad backlinks will always come from shady web resources.


Posting comments on high-quality websites is one of the most effective ways to build good backlinks. Nevertheless, most of Black Hat SEO tools use spam commenting to build backlinks. Usually, these spam comments are posted on low-quality websites that are never monitored by real people. Therefore, nobody cares if a website is getting spammed. Most of these comments include backlinks pointing to different websites on the Internet.

Monitor your backlinks. If you see that some of them are coming from spam comments, this is a sign of bad backlinks. You will definitely need to remove them in order not to get penalized.


If most of your backlinks have the same anchor text, this is a sign for Google that you have used some Black Hat SEO tools. These types of backlinks do not look natural. Today, when Google Penguin has stopped automatic penalties, websites, that have bad backlinks with overused anchor texts, can be penalized manually. Natural backlinks have different anchor texts. Backlinks with overused and repeating anchor texts are considered as poisonous and bad backlinks.


In most cases, backlinks are inserted within texts. If this text with the same backlink exists on hundreds or maybe thousands of different websites, it is a great sign that these are bad backlinks. If you see that some of your backlinks are inserted within a text that is repeating on different websites, you should definitely get rid of these bad backlinks. Otherwise, you may be penalized.


If your website’s content is written fully in the English language, backlinks from Japanese, Arabic, and Russian websites will look very suspicious. This is a clear sign that your backlinks are very bad. If some of Google’s spam specialists recognize these backlinks, he will understand that you used some Black Hat SEO technologies to manipulate Google’s algorithms. In this case, you might be temporarily or permanently penalized.

These are the main signs to identify bad backlinks. These low-quality backlinks are very dangerous for your online business. If you do not care about organic traffic, you can forget about them. However, if you still want to receive visitors from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines, you will need to get rid of your bad backlinks as soon as possible. In my further article, I will teach you how to disavow bad backlinks.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.