Thousands of people give up even before they start. They do not have enough courage to start their new business project because they are afraid. Nothing can guarantee you 100% success. Even if you make a detailed business plan and build an accurate strategy, you may not be successful. There is no single person in the world who has the ability to predict the success or failure of a particular business project. Do you remember what did Bill Gates say regarding the Internet? The Internet was growing at that time and Bill Gates said that the Internet has no financial perspectives to develop. He thought that Internet business won’t develop. He is a very authoritative person in the IT area but his prediction was an overwhelming mistake. So if such geniuses like Bill Gates may make stupid predictions, your calculations may not come true. Every business project has a risk. The most important thing is to think realistically without any dreams in your mind. If you have made a concrete business plan and you think that you can succeed, the first thing you should do is to get rid of your fears of failure. Remember that we live only one time and don’t make yourself regret that you didn’t try something that could be your great chance.  


There are lots of very smart and creative people in the world. Usually, such people have great business ideas in their minds. Nothing other than their born laziness is keeping them away from success. Such people may have money to invest, but they don’t do it just because they are lazy. Big money equals big responsibility. It is clear how laziness does not let people become rich. You should avoid this characteristic in your personality. Sometimes you don’t want to do something that may be financially beneficial for you and the only reason for your willingness is your laziness. At these moments you should force yourself and try to get rid of your lazy habits.


Patience is highly appreciated in every field of professional business activity. Large corporations and rich empires were not built in a few weeks. No one has succeeded without patience. Look at great sportsmen, businessmen, singers, actors, technocrats, politicians. All of them have gone through different life and financial difficulties to become who they are now. An Absolutely straight road does not exist. You will have your ups and downs on your way to becoming successful and wealthy. Patience is a warrior who cannot be defeated. All your problems will be crushed by your iron patience. Be patient and you will become rich!


I am very happy to live in our era. We live in the century of globalization. With the come of the Internet, everything becomes easy. Your country borders do not restrict you anymore. You may make business with anyone around the world from your homeroom. The Internet opens infinite opportunities for everyone. You should keep this in mind because this will let you think globally. You may not have enough conditions and abilities to become rich in your country and therefore you need to think globally. Remember that your parochial thinking will never help you. The capacity of your thinking predestines your future success. If your thinking is limited by the borders of a district where you live, be sure that your success won’t go beyond the borders of your local area. Increase your horizons, gain new knowledge. All of these will teach you how to think globally.  


I always think that it is better to think, consider, plan, analyze, and then make some actions. This is a strategy that will save time and money. Usually, we start something without any analysis. When our projects fail, we say that this was predictable. So if this failure was predictable why then did we start it. Simply because we didn’t try to think and predict it. It is obvious that sometimes, by relying on the current financial situation we are able to predict the results of our future project. If you ask me whether it is profitable to sell music on physical disks I will definitely tell you that this business is not profitable anymore. Digital music is widely spread and people don’t want to spend their money on something which can be downloaded for free from the Internet. Analysis of the current situation in the business market can give you some possible results of your potential project. Loads of people start their project without making any business analysis. As a result, they lose their invested money and give up their project.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.