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monetize a blogI have a very busy activity on Quora. While answering on Quora, I make my personal marketing researches. I look for the things, questions and topics people are interested in. I receive too much answer requests on Quora, and consequently, I cannot answer all of them. Most of the questions repeat many times. Thus, I think Quora to be a very good place for carrying out marketing researches.

There are loads of people on Quora who ask about the easiest and the fastest ways to monetize their blogs. Not only people on Quora are interested in a fast blog monetization. All of the beginning bloggers dream of finding out a secret that will let them monetize their websites in a very short period of time. Unfortunately, this secret does not exist. In this post, I am going to prove that it is absolutely impossible to fastly monetize a blog. Here are some of the reasons why “a get rich quickly” formula cannot be applicable to blogging.


What are some of the necessary elements of every blog? First of all, a good blog should have content. If a blogger decided to make a professional blogging career, he will definitely need to work very hard on his content. Bloggers need high-quality content because it is necessary to attract large amounts of visitors on their blogs. It is impossible to monetize a blog if no one visits it. A good content is like a good piece of cheese for a rat. The competition in the blogging sphere is tremendously high, and therefore, bloggers need to produce 100% original and high-quality content. 

Right now, let us calculate how much time it takes for a blogger to generate his content. A good post should have at least 1000 words. This is my assumption. Of course, there are loads of popular articles that consist of much fewer words. A full-time blogger is capable of writing at least 5 great posts a day. In the end of each day, he will be fully exhausted. All the famous bloggers say that everyday blogging is not a good habit because it will promptly bore every blogger. Therefore, let us assume that even a full-time blogger won’t be able to publish 5 posts each day. If he writes 2 good articles every day, it will be OK. Hence, in a month, he will publish 60 articles. In two months, a number of his posts will raise to 120. After three months, the number of his posts will increase to 180 posts. For me, 180 articles are not enough. If a blog page displays 10 posts, thus, a blog will have only 18 pages. It is a very pity amount of pages. So what will a visitor think when he sees only 18 pages on your blog? He will think that your blog has a very small amount of content. Blogs with a huge number of articles are more attractive for readers. So what do I count to be an enough number of posts? I think that having 1000 posts on a blog is well enough to say that your blog is a serious and deep blog. If a blogger publishes 2 posts a day, it will require him approximately 16 months to write and publish 1000 posts on his website. It is one year and four months. Keep mind that some days, a blogger won’t publish anything. Therefore, it may require him much more time than 16 months. Ok, let’s say that my required number of 1000 posts is too demanding. Let us say that having 500 posts on a blog is absolutely enough in order to monetize it. A blogger will need 8 months to generate 500 posts. It is also a very long period of time. During these 8 months, every blogger will lose his patience.

I know that some of you might say that it is possible to monetize a blog with even 5 or 10 posts. For those of you who think so, I will describe the following factors that will crush down your assumptions.


It is a clear fact that web traffic is the most important mechanism in the whole process of blog monetization. It is impossible to monetize a blog if it has no enough web traffic. Even if your content is brilliant, you won’t make a single sent without high-quality web traffic. What do I mean by “a high-quality” web traffic? High-quality web traffic is the traffic that brings you effective conversions (affiliate sales, your own products sales, etc.). Even if you hope to make money by CPM, CPC, and CPA ads, the quality of your web traffic must be very good. All of us can use different bot machines to send millions of bots every day. Bots are easily distinguishable, and in a very short time, all of the ad companies will suspend your website from their publishers. Thus, you will lose a chance to earn money through CPM, CPC, and CPA ads.

To earn money through affiliate marketing, you will need much more traffic. I think you will be lucky if one person from 10K visitors will buy something via your affiliate links. The websites that make tons of money through affiliate marketing; have a tremendously huge and good web traffic. For beginning bloggers, it is much easier to earn some money through placing CPM, CPC, and CPA banners on their blogs.

Now, when you have realized the necessity of big and good web traffic, let me tell you about the main tools used to drive that type of traffic. The options are:

a) Social Media Marketing

b) SEO

c) Paid advertisements and promotions

These are the most popular and used web traffic driving instruments. Let us analyze each of them, and conclude how much time it will take to acquire enough amounts of web traffic on your blog.

SEO is a good source of traffic. However, let me tell you some honest words regarding driving traffic using SEO. It does not matter how many tremendously good and professional SEO companies you hire for your blog, you won’t see any significant results during the first six months of your blogging activity. Google does not trust new website. A website that is less than 6 months old is considered as a newbie by all the search engines. No matter how many thousands of high-quality backlinks you build, during the first six months, you won’t receive any sufficient web traffic from search engines. SEO takes some time, and therefore, you should not expect any quick results in the beginning.

Social Media Marketing is one of the best web traffic driving tools. If done properly, it can bring a good amount of visitors to your blog. Even though SMM might be a good source of web traffic, you won’t get any sufficient amount of traffic until you build yourself a high reputation and a big number of followers. It will take you some time.

If you are a rich person, you can pay some huge money and place your banners on some of the world’s most famous, popular, and visited websites. If you have enough budget to do so, you will get a good traffic immediately. Thus, you will have some chances to make your first money very fast. 99% of new bloggers have no such opportunity, and therefore, let us forget about this option.

As you have already understood, the amount and quality of your blog’s content, a huge and a high-quality web traffic are two essential things that let you monetize your blog. To acquire both of them, you will need to spend numerous months working very hard. Making money by blogging is not as easy as people assume it to be. It is a truly hard job.

The above-given arguments prove that it is absolutely impossible to fastly monetize a blog.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.