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amazon factsWhen Jeff Bezos was founding Amazon a little over 23 years ago, he didn't know it would grow so big. His initial intention was to keep it a simple online bookstore and not much else, but it has exceeded that in many ways. Not only does it sell books of every kind, it also sells almost every category of products that you can imagine, retailing them at amazing prices and offering attractive Amazon discounts for a fair amount of them.

It has even gone a step further to sell some products at the manufacturing price, which is the lowest to be had, sourcing them straight from the manufacturers and cutting out all the middle processes that make the prices high.

Due to its dedication and passion, Amazon has built a customer base that has nothing less than a mind-boggling 300 million users from all around the world and sells more than 3 billion products every month. In addition to these, the online store adds about a million products to its existing ones every new day, and in 2 years, it is expected to sell more than 12 billion products monthly.

All these make it a giant in the e-commerce sector of the USA. It controls about 43.5% of it, and this gives it credence in the eyes of new users. A large percentage of its profits come from the USA, but other countries like Germany, Japan, and England follow closely. Today, Jeff Bezos has a fortune of about $100 billion, making him one of the richest men on Earth. However, this is just a peek into what the infographic on Amazon is about, so take a look below.

Written by Bahtiyar
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