Lebanon is a well-known popular playground amongst men around the world. From old times, Arabs and non-Arabs used to visit this country to have some fun with local women. Lebanon is situated in a war zone. However, this fact does not make this country less seductive and sexy. This country consists of Muslims and Christians. Women in this region are considered to be the most beautiful women in the world. 

Let me give you some facts about this country that will amaze you.

First of all, prostitution in Lebanon is absolutely legal. It is the only Arab country in the world where prostitution is allowed by the official government law. The Lebanese government requires all brothels and pimps to have licenses. All escort workers are often tested for STD. According to my data, the government does not issue new licenses for new brothels anymore. There are loads of public houses in Lebanon and they can freely function. However, those who want to establish a new brothel, face significant difficulties. Consequently, most of the prostitutes in Lebanon work illegally now. There are nearly 6000 foreign women who come to Lebanon every year to work in the entertainment industry. Most of them are Russian, Moroccan, Algerian, and Asian girls. There are nearly 150 nightclubs in Lebanon. Some people tend to think that Arab countries are more conservative and strict than the countries of Central and Middle Asia. It is absolutely wrong if look at the above-mentioned data. There is no single country in the Middle or Central Asia that has the same amount of nightclubs as Lebanon has. I do not know any country in Central or Middle Asia where prostitution is legal. Prostitution exists everywhere, but there are a few countries where it is legal. 

You may think that I am departing from the main topic of my post but I strongly want to give you some tips to have amazing sex in this wonderful country.

What are the sexiest locations in Beirut?

Travel nearly 25 km north of Beirut to Jounieh city. This is a Christian city and it is very open-minded. The sexiest Lebanese women live here. You will find numerous night clubs in this wonderful city.  

Let me tell you something about how much do prostitutes cost.

Usually, these numbers vary from 80,000 Lebanese pounds (nearly 50 dollars) per hour. I suggest you seduce some local women because it is possible in Lebanon. Usually, foreigners have more chances to make sex with local ladies. Have you ever wondered about the reasons why local women are more open-minded with foreigners? A tourist is a temporary person in her city. He will make sex with her, and then, abandon the city. A foreigner won’t stay there forever. Tourists do not create any rumors as local men do. It is safer for a Lebanese girl to make sex with foreigners. 

Forget about Muslim girls if you intend to have sex in this country. You may see loads of Muslim girls there who dress in western clothes. You may think that their style is sexy, and therefore, they may be open-minded. That is your first impression. Do not be deceived by the first looks. All these girls are from religious Muslim families. They have very strict fathers who control their thoughts and lifestyles. I advise you not to waste your time striving to seduce a Muslim woman in Beirut. 

Strip bars are not a rarity in Lebanon. Go to Jounieh and you will find dozens of sexy strip clubs. “Excalibur” club is considered to be the best nightclub in Lebanon. It is almost a legendary one with a great selection of the sexiest women. You will find a huge number of prostitutes in this club. As always, everyone will strive to deceive you with prices. Your face says that you are a tourist, and for that reason, everyone wants to get your money out of your pocket. Do not hurry and you will find a gorgeous girl at a low price.

Although prostitutes in Lebanon are tested for STD, you will need to be careful with them. Your sex should be protected. Condoms are usually sold in supermarkets and pharmaceutical centers. You can find condoms from pharmacies and supermarkets.

Homosexuality is officially forbidden in Lebanon. Gays and lesbians are punished by fines and imprisonment. However, there are loads of LGBT members in Lebanon. The date and have sex stealthily. Usually, gays and lesbians use Grindr in order to find themselves someone for great sex. 

Fans of shemales won’t have a boring time in Lebanon. Ladyboys in Lebanon are really gorgeous. As always, it is better to look for shemales on the Internet. Lebanon is a Muslim country, and therefore, shemales are discriminated against in this region. There are some good destinations where you will be able to find TS girls. Visit cafe at ABC Ashrafieh mall and White Ghost Club at Blvd. Sin el Fil. You will definitely find yourself someone in these playgrounds. 

As you see, Lebanon is a wonderful place for great sex tourism. Visits it and enjoy local women. Use my tips and I hope that your sexual hunting will be utterly successful. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.