inheritance - how our genes change our life by sharon moalem


inheritance - how our genes change our life by sharon moalemSharon Moalem MD, Ph.D is an award-winning scientist, physician, and New York Times bestselling writer. Sharon uses medicine, history, genetics, biology, and evolution psychology to explain the human body functions in fascinating ways. His books have been translated into more than 30 languages. Sharon Moalem was featured in loads of popular magazines and newspapers such as New York Times, New Scientist, Time magazine.

Sharon Moalem has written 3 scientific books. To be honest, I knew nothing about the author when I began reading his first book. I found the book truly captivating. The author explains different scientific problems and subjects in unusual and unexpected ways. When you open one of Sharon’s books, you won’t be able to close it till you finish reading. That is what exactly happened to me. Mr. Sharon Moalem has written 3 scientific books so far. I wish the author writes more so that each of us can benefit from his knowledge and wisdom. The author has narrative talents of Dumas, Hugo, and Stendhal. His scientific intellectual capacity is astounding as well.

‘INHERITANCE’ was the first book of Sharon Moalem I read. This is not a classic, boring book on genetics. If it was, I would not even begin reading it. In ‘INHERITANCE’, Sharon Moalem explains and proves that our genes are not absolute. Sharon explains how our environment and lifestyle change our DNA. Through evolution psychology, Sharon Moalem explains how genes are passed from one generation to another. Epigenetics is a branch of genetics that studies inheritance. Partly, ‘INHERITANCE’ is about epigenetics. Both genes and our life make a great impact at each other. In the book, the author explains the process of methylation and VGE – Variable Genetic Expression.  Also, Sharon Moalem compares Nazis’ and Soviet’s knowledge of genetics. Both of these parties were wrong. In the case of Nazis, they were over evaluating the influence of genes. This misguidance led to eugenics, and then, finally, to the huge genocide of millions of innocent of people. On the opposite side, the Soviet Union was underestimating, and almost ignoring genetics. They wanted to make all people the same. This stupidity led to terrible consequences as well.  

Before reading this wonderful book, my knowledge of genetics was solely based on my assumptions and observations. Like Nazis, I thought that genetics is absolute. I was unaware of such things like methylation, VGE, and other genetic abbreviations. Nonetheless, I still think that genetics is the most influential factor of human life and behavior. This book made my knowledge of genetics, epigenetics, and evolution psychology more profound. Thanks to Dr. Sharon Moalem. I recommend this book to everyone. You will definitely enjoy the reading.    

Written by Bahtiyar
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