InstagramTill nowadays, I was neglecting the importance of Instagram for business. I was mainly concentrated on my personal blog. I realized that Instagram is crucial in today's business. Whether your business is online or offline one, Instagram is very important to an overall success of your business. I am looking at online business as a professional programmer, blogger, designer, affiliate marketer, and online entrepreneur. Therefore, I was underestimating Instagram. Today, I recognize several reasons why Instagram is a key factor in all types of businesses.

Even though Instagram is a simple social network such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and other social platforms, IG is extremely popular nowadays. From children to old people, everyone uses Instagram. In this blog post, I will explain some of the main factors why you should put a lot of efforts on your Instagram account in order to succeed in business.


To be honest, I am not a fan of social networks. I don't like chatting on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. I only use social networks to promote my business. This is the only reason why I would have an Insta account. Otherwise, I would not even get close to these networks. I never watch videos on Facebook. I don't waste my time looking at female booties on Instagram, and etc. Therefore, I was judging Insta from my personal point of view. My thinking was simple: "I don't waste my time on IG. Why would someone spend hours by checking people's photos?!" No, I understand that I was wrong. It appears there are loads of children, teenagers, women, men, and old people who love surfing on Instagram.

Secondly, I don't like taking photos. I am not a fan of photographing. Therefore, there would not be any reasons for me to open a personal Instagram account. Since I don't take photos, what would I upload on IG? Now, I know that Insta is crucial for my business. Therefore, I started taking some photos.

So these are the reasons why I was underestimating Instagram as a potential business platform for my enterprises. Here are a few reasons why I am sure that Insta is the most important social network nowadays.


Instagram usersInstagram is an overwhelmingly popular social network. People might not use Facebook and Twitter, but they will definitely visit Insta at least once a day. Almost everyone has an Instagram account. Since IG is a mobile application, everyone who has a mobile phone can use it. Therefore, this social network is more visited than any other websites.

When I think about the popularity of Insta, I usually question myself about the factors that made this social network that famous and beloved. Of course, Insta is managed by Facebook, and this is the first reason why IG is so popular. However, there are loads of other reasons why IG is internationally admired.

IG is specially designed for mobile phones. Therefore, everyone who has a mobile phone can comfortably access this social network. I bet that the majority of Insta users don't know how to use a PC. What is is more, a big part of IG users don't have personal computers in their homes. However, they all have mobile phones. No doubts, a mobile phone is more available than a PC. This is the reason why billions of people around the globe use IG – you don't need a PC to fully enjoy all features of this mobile application.


people are too lazyBlogs are made for reading. Reading is an activity that requires attention, thinking, and analyzing. The majority of the world's population hate reading. Why do they hate this activity? They dislike reading since they are too lazy to activate their brains.

For example, I am a very intelligent and smart person. Reading is my favorite hobby. I love analyzing and thinking as well. Intellectual field of activity is my specialty. Unfortunately, only 1% of the world's population resembles me. 99% of people around the globe prefer visual content. In other words, they love photos and videos. Reading is the most annoying thing for them. No doubts, if you target 99% of the world's population, your mobile app will be extremely popular. I believe that the most active users of IG are not too intellectual.

Thus, if you want to target 99% of the globe's inhabitants, you should definitely incorporate IG into your business strategy. People are too laze to visit your blog. However, your message will surely reach them on Instagram.

These are the reasons why Instagram must be included in your business. Till nowadays, I was putting all efforts on my personal blog. Now, I am thinking about how to promote my Instagram account. I realize that Instagram can boost my business. There are loads of people who have no websites, however, their Instagram accounts are superbly popular. This lets them make huge money online. For this reason, a wise person will never ignore the importance of IG in today's business. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.