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Instagram isInstagram is not my favorite social network. I use it only because I need to use it for my business. Besides, business goals, there are no reasons for me to waste my time on Instagram. Even though IG is the second most popular social network after Facebook, I still see loads of wrong things happening on Instagram. By 'wrong things', I don't mean adult content or other obscenities. I adult friendly person. When I say 'wrong things', I mean things that are wrong for business. Yes, Instagram is tremendously popular. However, it is the fakest social network on the Web. 'Fake' is a synonym of Instagram. From photos to likes, user interactions, and followers, almost everything is fake on IG. If you don't agree with me, keep reading and I will open your eyes. 


Fake followers is a general problem on Instagram. Even though IG is doing everything to prevent fake followers, it is still very prevalent on the social network. There was a raid made by Instagram against fake followers. That day, some popular accounts lost millions of followers. A famous rapper Akon lost almost 50% of fake followers. Nowadays, you see IG profiles with 100K, 200K, 5 million followers, however, you are never sure what percentage of these followers are real. This is why IG is an extremely fake social network. 


Some people write on Instagram: "If you unfollow me, I will unfollow you!" This sounds really ridiculous. Usually, I would follow someone if his or her content gives me some benefits. Even if a person does not follow me, but I like his content, I will continue following him. I am sure that approximately 85% of IG users follow for following and unfollow for unfollowing. This behavior doesn't make any sense. When people act like this, content becomes worthless since following is the main value of the network. Even you publish some rubbish content, you will still get a huge following as long as you follow others. You see how the system is built. 


As I have told you, almost everything on Instagram is fake. Even when you get loads of likes, I do not recommend you to be proud of your content. Sometimes, I observe the way people browse Instagram. They simply spin the page down and like everything they encounter. There is a popular assumption that more likes you give, more likes you will receive. This strategy works. However, we encounter the same problem. Since the likes are given for your likes, the likes you receive are fake. This is funny, and at the same time, very sad. 


There are loads of apps, programs, web services, and marketing companies that automatize your Instagram activity. Usually, these services charge a small monthly fee for the usage. Whether it is a web service or Android app, you can customize everything. For example, an Instagram automation tool will like, follow, and post comments even when you are asleep or offline. You simply choose some hashtags and the app will handle everything for you. You can even set the number of like an app should post per an hour. 

When you interact with other Instagram users, they will interact with your account too. Thus, these IG automation tools are very useful for marketing and branding. However, we still encounter the same problem. It is all fake. Whatever an IG automation tool does, it is all fake. Hence, we can say that almost 90% of all user interaction, likes, and following on Instagram are fake. 

Even though my position regarding Instagram is not very positive, I understand that IG is crucial in today's business. Whether your business is online or offline, there is no way to go without Instagram. Today, every business incorporates Instagram into their business strategy. Keep using Instagram, however, remember that it is a fake social network. 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.