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instagram vs blogsInstagram is tremendously popular nowadays. People visit Instagram more than they read blogs on the Web. What is more, Instagram is a mobile app. Today, almost everyone has a mobile phone. On the other hand, not everyone has a PC or a laptop to read blogs on the Internet. Even though blogs can be readable through smartphones, it is more comfortable to read them on big PC screens. On the opposite side, Instagram is ideally built for mobile phone users. These are the reasons why Instagramming is more popular than blogging. 

When you gather a large audience of people, no matter where, on the Internet or in real life, you will see a lot of business opportunities. Both popular Instagram accounts and blogs make thousands of dollars since they are capable of providing value for their advertisers. When you have several millions of followers on Instagram or you have tons of web traffic on your blog, you can easily advertise and promote different stuff, and earn money. This is the reason why people try to become famous and popular on the Web. Today, Instagram is one of the most effective ways to build a brand, become popular and famous, and make a stable business. 

Several years ago, when there was no Instagram, blogs were on the trend. Nowadays, there are still loads of blogs that make tremendously big amounts of money due to their popularity. People still visit and read blogs. Bloggers still make a living by blogging. Knowledge and information are still shared through blogs. At the same time, we should acknowledge that Instagram has somehow outshone the popularity and fame of Web blogs. This is not a secret. People visit Instagram more than they come to read blogs. 

The above-mentioned factors make some people think that blogging will die soon. This is why more and more people emphasize their branding and marketing agendas on Instagram. Due to the immense popularity of Instagram, some bloggers may even give up their blogging activities. To inspire online entrepreneurs, I decided to bust this myth. Instagram will never kill blogging. Even though Instagram is more popular than any of popular blogs, blogging will still develop and prosper. Here is some evidence to support this claim.


instagramActually, what is Instagram? It is simply a photo-sharing mobile application. All you can do on Instagram is to publish your photos, write a description, add some hashtags, like and comment on others' images, and etc. Instagram was not designed to share information, articles, blog posts, your thoughts, and ideas. It is simply a photo-sharing app.

Even though Instagram lets you write long description where you express your ideas, thoughts, emotions, impressions and other mental stuff, this app is not suitable for this purpose. Even though a plane has wheels and you can drive it, it is mainly designed for flying. Any car will be more comfortable to drive than a plan. Thus, Instagram will never accomplish roles and goals of a blog.

There are millions of blog-lovers around the globe. We can even argue  – what is more readable nowadays; blogs or books. Reading is an eternal thing. Reading will never die.

Nobody visits Instagram to read some informative stuff. Even if you write some posts on your Instagram, nobody will spend their time reading it. There is too much distracting stuff on IG to allow someone read there.


What does Instagram offer you? You are given a simple photo editing tool to add effects and filters to the images you publish. You also have an ability to add hashtags (kinda IG SEO) and description on your Instagram. Actually, there is almost no space for creativity on Instagram.

Whilst expressing your thought on your blog requires some talent, almost every child knows how to use IG. Everyone can capture photos and upload them to Instagram. Of course, shooting professional photos requires a lot of knowledge, skills, and money. What is more, shooting photos is still arts. However, Instagram will never provide you that huge variety of tools you get on your blog. If you are an individualist, you will definitely demand something that does not exist anywhere else. On Instagram, there is no such a thing as an absolute individuality. Only a personal website will provide you with this thing.


video contentEven though images still carry some message to their viewers, videos are capable of doing that in a better way. Bloggers can make high-quality product reviews on their blogs. Length of the videos is not limited on their personal websites. On IG, you can only upload videos that are less than 30 seconds. What kind of message can you express in a 30 seconds long video? Yes, this length might be suitable for an advertisement or promotion video. However, a full and informative video will require at least 10-15 minutes. 
Only blogs can provide people with descriptive, informative, and educative video content. Whether a video is embedded from YouTube or they are downloaded on a blog, they will provide people with all information they need. This is why Instagram will never substitute blogging.


Even if you are a super-famous Instagram celebrity, you still don't own this platform. Even though Instagram does not suspend accounts for no reasons, you are still under the risk. To be honest, I am not an avid Instagram user. Therefore, I don't know how often Instagram suspends accounts. They may be suspended if suspected of being fake, buying fake followers, or using fake credentials. Anyway, you are not BOSS on IG.

On your personal blog, you are a KING. You do whatever you want. Nobody tells you what to do. You can publish and say whatever you want. As long as your content does not violate your hosting providers' laws, you are liberal to do whatever comes to your mind.


serpsIf somebody types on Google your Instagram profile name, you will appear on Google. Otherwise, Google does not give any priority to Instagram on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Google strives to provide its users with the most helpful, informative, thorough, and quality content. Therefore, Instagram profiles have no chances to rank high on Google.

If someone types on Google: 'Best glute exercises', Google will show articles from popular fitness blogs, but not fitness Instagram accounts. Therefore, blogs have a great SEO advantage over Instagram.

Instagram will never substitute blogging. Stop hesitating, and start your blog right away. Instagram is still crucial for your business. If you doubt it, you should read this article. IG should be a part of your marketing and branding agenda. The mobile app is tremendously important nowadays. Almost all mobile phone users use it. Therefore, it is ridiculous to neglect its importance. Nonetheless, blogging should be your main online business base. Keep writing and publishing high-quality content. You will be rewarded!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.