People have different instincts, feeling, emotions, principles, ideas, ideologies, and beliefs. All this stuff makes a serious impact on every particular individual. Different ideas and dogmas can change a person in a few months. All of us have witnessed how people change when they get involved in different religious, political, and nationalistic groups and sects. Our personalities change every day and hour. Buy yourself a book, and after you finish reading it, you will spot some changes in your thinking. Thus, book by book, day by day, hour by hour, we change ourselves. Sometimes, we are conscious of the changes in our characters and sometimes we are not aware of them. Some of us intentionally try to change our personalities. Reading more books on a specific theme and science makes you more professional in that field. Psychologists tend to say that our characters change all our life. We learn new things, make new conclusions, and thus, we change all our life. After two years, some of your ideas and beliefs will totally disappear and you will think in a different way. This is a rule. When I was twenty, my father told me that after two years, I will be another person and some of my ideas and beliefs will change. I was too young at that time, and I didn’t believe him. Now, after five years, I recognized that his words were really true. I had the great luck to work with one of the German international consultants. He was seventy years old and had been in all parts of the world. He was an atheist and he told me that he had better not told me about his beliefs. I remember his saying when he told me that at the age of twenty-five all religious beliefs and dogmatism disappear. Well, he was not the type of atheist who believes that God does not exist. He believed in God, but he was against some of God’s actions. That was his position. I did not believe him, but today I see that he was right. We change every time. Our beliefs, principles, and ideas change day by day. Psychologists say that our character changes, but our temperament remains the same all our life. I absolutely agree with this statement. 

There are other things that never change, and these things remain to be the same all our life. These things are instincts. Instincts make a serious impact on our behavior. Instincts are stronger than our temperament, character, ideas, ideals, and religion. When someone puts a gun to your forehead and tells you: “Say that GOD does not exist, and I will let you go. If you don’t do it, I will kill you right now!” I think that everyone in this situation will forget about his beliefs and religion. A person will do everything to save his life. This is called the instinct of self-preservation. This instinct is the most powerful feeling that people have. When it comes to self-preservation, people are ready to do everything just to save their lives. How well do you know history? It is a well-known fact that every war ends with someone’s victory and someone’s defeat. When men of the defeated army are dead, their women are still alive. So do you think that these women will do something that may be dangerous for their lives? No, they won’t do it. They will do everything to self-preserve themselves and their children. The instinct of self-preservation rules them at this moment. If they are demanded to get married to men who have killed their husbands, they will surely do it. They need to save their lives, and things like hatred are not important anymore. Hatred surely exists in their hearts, but at that scary moment, this feeling is supplanted by the instinct of self-preservation. The instinct of self-preservation is the strongest instinct that exists in our life.  

Do you think that the instinct of self-preservation does not exist nowadays? If you think so, you are totally wrong. The instinct of self-preservation is still the strongest one. Do you know why you are reading this blog? There are two reasons. You may have a simple interest in my blog, and the second is that you are searching for some tips that may make you rich. You want to get rich because you want to self-preserve yourself from all kinds of possible troubles. Do you know why you were visiting your university day by day? You were doing it because you were afraid not to get a job and die from poverty. Do you know which instinct was motivating you? It was the instinct of self-preservation.  

It is necessary to say that wealth and money are things that preserve our life. Imagine yourself having no money. Will you be able to survive in this world? I strongly doubt that you will. Money and wealth are the best motivators because they preserve our lives. Everyone loves and strives to have more money because money is associated with the ability to maintain your life. At the same time, losing your money is associated with a possibility to become unable to maintain and continue your it.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.