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the internet businessThere are millions of people who actively use the Internet. All these people have different knowledge in IT. I can divide all Internet users into two main groups


This is a group of people who visit the Internet to write or read letters, watch some video on YouTube, have a conversation via Skype, chat on dating services and social networks, read news and blog posts. These people do not make any contribution to the content of the Internet. Web surfers are the main consumers of the global network. Mainly, these people have no knowledge in IT technologies and online business. They use the Internet to use its content, communicate with other people and entertain themselves. Usually, these people have no idea of how to make money online. Most of these people belong to the countries which can be classified as countries of the third world


These people are contributors. They actively produce all kinds of content. It may be text, posts, articles, new videos and different innovations in the cyberspace. This group of Internet users makes money online and for some of them, the Internet is the main source of their financial income. Internet professionals know how to make a profit in the global network. Their purposes in using the Internet are different from the reasons why mere web surfers visit the global network every day.

This article is dedicated to the first group of Internet users. A few days ago a girl told me that it is impossible to make any money on the Internet. I was really shocked to hear such a ridiculous thing because I regularly make money online and the Internet is the main source of my income. I tried to explain to this girl that making money on the Internet is possible and it only requires some knowledge and efforts. She did not agree with me and told me that all the Internet is a total scam. She is only 18 years old and has no enough patience and attention to make concrete and logical conclusions. Several years ago I was not making any money online. So let me tell you what was my opinion regarding making business on the Internet. I definitely knew that there are several ways to make money online but I still did not believe that it is a possible to earn something online. It may sound very funny for you, but try to remember the same thoughts you had many years ago when online business was not so widely spread and there wasn’t such a thing called blogging. Every one of us remembers the day when he made his first money on the Internet. It is unforgettable feeling. When you make your first dollars on the Internet you start realizing that online business is absolutely real and it is not a myth. This proves a famous fact that we never believe in something until we try it ourselves. Let me tell what were my imaginations about online business before I made a couple of dollars. I thought that the Internet business is a privilege of a group of people from the Silicone Valley and that an average person has pity chances to become successful in this sphere. I knew that there are some ways to make income on the Internet. I was searching them in Google but I never even tried to seriously consider about them. I was so assured that it is impossible. I didn’t even try to make any efforts. Those people who do not believe that online business is real, are in the same situation. They are not patient enough to spend some of their time to seriously look at the ways to make business online. 

Dear web surfers, I suggest you to spend some time and try to make money online. If you didn’t succeed that does not mean that the Internet business is not real. The main reason of your failure is your inability to make money online or there may be some external independent circumstance that may not allow you to succeed in the cyberspace.  

I recommend every newbie to be more patient, go deep into details of every possible way of making money online, practice and never give up! ONLINE BUSINESS IS REAL! 

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.