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invicta watchesInvicta watches are some of the most remarkable watches in the world. I have a couple of Invicta watches, and therefore, I know these watches very well. If you want to start collecting watches, you will definitely need to start from Invicta watches. If you want to get high-quality watches at affordable prices, Invicta watches will be your ideal choice. Of course, Invicta watches cannot compete with such watch giants as Rolex, Breitling, and Longines. However, Invicta produces some of the best watches for the middle-class. Amazon, eBay, and other online stores are filled with Invicta watches. This shows a huge popularity of these watches on the market. I think that almost every American man has at least one Invicta timepiece in his house. As I mentioned before, Invicta produces high-quality watches at affordable prices. This is the main factor that makes Invicta watches so popular. Today, I decided to write a good review about Invicta watches. First of all, I will tell you something about its history, and then, I will discuss the quality and prices of Invicta watches. I hope my review will help you make the right purchase.


Invicta watch company was founded in 1837 by Raphael Picard in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. In 1991 Invicta watch company was purchased by an American investment company. Its corporate headquarters were relocated to Basel, Switzerland. Today, its headquarters are based in Hollywood, Florida. This is a short history of Invicta watches. I could not find anything more than that. From all the above-mentioned information, we can conclude that Invicta watches have a big history. Since the company was founded in 1837, it has been active on the watch market for almost 180 years. It is a very serious period of time. 180 years on the market make Invicta Watches one of the pioneers in the watch production industry. Invicta was a Swiss company in past. However, we cannot call it as a Swiss company today. As I said before, in 1991, Invicta watches company was purchased by an American investment company. Today, its headquarters are based in the USA. Thus, Invicta is an American company. Whenever you wear some of Invicta’s timepieces, you will feel very proud to have a brand with 180 years history. During these 180 years of business activity, Invicta has built an internationally famous and recognizable brand. From all the famous watches produces for the middle class, I find Invicta timepieces to be the best among them.


invicta watchInvicta produces different types of watches for everyone. Whether you like classic, sport, glamorous, or other watches, you will be able to find a suitable design for yourself. We cannot say that Invicta produces strictly classic watches like Lucien Piccard. While visiting Invicta store or shopping for Invicta online, you will be able to find a huge multitude of different Invicta designs. You can always find Invicta watch suitable for a strictly classic wear such as suits, casual shirt, and jacket. If you are a fan of sports style, Invicta produces a big variety of watches designed for sportsmen. If you are a fan of diving, Invicta has produced a special collection of Invicta watches designed for divers. Usually, these watches have rubber or silicon bands suitable for diving. Some of these Invicta collections are Sea Spider, Sea Hunter, Russian Diver, Subaqua, Pro Diver, and others. If you want to buy more luxurious Invicta watches, Invicta Elite Diamond collection will be your best choice. Invicta Elite Diamond watches are embroidered by real diamonds. Consequently, their price is much higher than other Invicta watches. Finally, Invicta is a universal watch company that produces watches of different styles and designs. Invicta watch company does not have a strict policy when it comes to designing new collections. Invicta timepieces are suitable for businessmen, sportsmen, divers, playboys, family men, and others. If you decide to buy Invicta watch, let me assure you that you will definitely find a lot of different designs suitable for your taste.


Invicta is not a Swiss company anymore. It was founded in Switzerland. After Invicta watch company was purchased by an American investment company, Invicta’s headquarters were relocated to Basel, Switzerland. Today, Invicta’s head office is located in the USA, Hollywood, Florida. In fact, Invicta positions itself as an American company. Even though Invicta watch company is not located in Switzerland anymore, Invicta manufacturers use Swiss mechanism in their watches. While buying Invicta timepieces, you will be sure that you are getting an American watch with Swiss movement. Details and mechanisms of Invicta watch are imported from Switzerland. I am not sure that these watches are produced in Switzerland. At the same time, I can assure you that Invicta produces high-quality watches packed with Swiss mechanisms, details, and parts.

I have several Invicta watches in my collection. I never had any problems with them. Invicta’s wristbands are very solid. Whether you buy Invicta watch with a stainless steel or a rubber, and a silicon band, you will be sure that the band will not break. Also, Invicta provides its clients with 2 years warranty. Thus, you will not have to worry about the quality of your Invicta watch. Apart of my own conclusions, I usually read Amazon customer reviews. Almost every Invicta watch on Amazon has at least 4.8 positive rating.


Invicta watches company is aimed at producing high-quality watches at affordable prices. I can say that Invicta has achieved its objective. Today, almost everyone can buy Invicta watches at low prices. Invicta timepieces price starts from 70 $ up to 1000 $. I am sure that if you are looking for more exclusive and elite Invicta watch, you will definitely find yourself something that is more expensive than 1000 $. Thus, Invicta watches company offer its clients different watches by different prices. While buying Invicta timepieces on Amazon, you might get a replica Invicta manufactured in China. Usually, more than 50% of Invicta watches sold on Ebay are fake. Therefore, I recommend you buying Invicta timepieces only on Amazon. Good Invicta watch will cost you something near to 120 $ – 200 $. It is a very good price for American watches packed and made of Swiss mechanisms and details.


I am an avid collector of Invicta watches. These watches have an ancient history. The brand has been active on the watch market for almost 180 years old. This time period is enough big to prove that Invicta watches brand deserves international acceptance, respect, and appreciation. The majority of Invicta watches are astonishingly beautiful. Their designs are unique and unrepeatable. Invicta pieces are ideal for showing off. They look impressive on a wrist. Invicta watches are designed for people preferring different styles. Whether you are a fan of classic, hip hop, or sports style, you will always find yourself Invicta watch that is more appropriate for your wear. Invicta timepieces are made of Swiss parts and mechanisms. Their movement is Swiss. Hence, you will not have to worry about the accuracy of these watches. What is more, Invicta watches are offered at low prices. Thus, almost everyone can buy a couple of Invicta watches to pack a wardrobe with. Finally, I can assure you that you will be absolutely satisfied by your Invicta watch. 

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