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digital dataRecently, I read a story about a girl who was writing a big book. She had already written 300K words and created dozens of personalities in her novel. One day, she woke up in the morning, and could not turn her PC on. The reason was a damaged hard disk of her PC. She could not restore the hard drive. Thus, she lost her almost finished novel which she was working on for several months. Her hard work was totally ruined. Do you think she started writing the novel from the beginning? No, she didn't. It is psychologically impossible to lose such a huge work, and then, start creating it from the scratch. What is more, inspiration is crucial in creating a masterpiece of music, literature, cinema, and other fields. The lady had no clue on how to keep her data safe. Therefore, she lost it.

I am sure that the girl got a very good lesson. Now, she will always back up her digital data and store it in different places. In this article, I won't talk about how to secure your data from hackers. Even iClouds was hacked. Also, I am sure there are loads of hackers that can hack Google Drive if necessary. No, I am not going to cover the hacking theme in this blog post. I will teach you how to keep your data safe in case if your PC is off, lost, stolen, or confiscated.

If you store your digital data only on your PC, then, if your PC has gone somewhere forever, you will lose all the data you had in it. I have been in this situation. Unfortunately, I didn't think that such a terrible situation may occur. Therefore, I never used to backup my digital data. In one day, I lost my PC and my flashcards. I had a huge amount of digital data stored on both my computer and the flash disks. I had expensive apps, plugins, manuscripts, and other digital stuff there. It is all gone now. When this happened, I started thinking about the safety of my digital data. Now, I am more secure about it. Let me give you some of the best tips on how to keep your data safe.


Being ready to lose your laptop, PC, flashcards, and other stuff where you store your digital information is very important to keep your data safe. If you always know that you can lose your digital devices at any time, you will start thinking about keeping them more safely. But if you are arrogantly sure that your PC, or laptop are invincible, then, one day, when you will lose them, you will also lose all the digital data you have. Anything can happen in this life. Our life is absolutely unpredictable. An earthquake might happen right now, and you will have no time to mess with your computer.


You can always store your digital data on an external hard drive, flashcards, CD disks, on your smartphone, and etc. But once you lose some of the previously mentioned tech devices, all the data kept in them will be gone forever. I recommend backup your digital data by the use of physical storage. However, this is not the only thing you should do in order to keep your data safe.


Physical storage is great to make sure that your digital data is also stored somewhere else. Nonetheless, I can assure your that storing your data on the Internet is much safer. Once you lose your computer, your digital data will be still safe, and you will be able to reach it from another computer.

I store my data on Google Drive. I love the way it auto-uploads and synchronizes my digital data. Even if I lose my PC, my data will be still kept safe on Google Drive.

If you have Google account, you will easily get 15GB of free space on Google Drive. If you need more space, you will need to pay additional fees. As I said, digital clouds are much safer than physical storage. No doubts that Google Drive is the most reliable service to store your data. Therefore, do not waste your time using other services which are definitely less reliable and more expensive.

Written by Bahtiyar
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