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in bodybuildingBodybuilding is one of the most complex sports in the world. To be more accurate, bodybuilding is a big science. To understand bodybuilding, a person should perfect his knowledge of human anatomy, endocrinology, chemistry, biology, nutrition, and many other fields. Even this sport is a tremendously complicated thing, there are 3 key factors in bodybuilding that will let you understand it very well.

You do not necessarily need to read tons of fitness magazines and books in order to learn how bodybuilding works. If you the most important factors in bodybuilding, you will start making a better progress in this sport. So what are the 3 key factors in bodybuilding? These factors are three things that are crucial for building muscle mass. I am sure it will be much easier to understand these key factors rather than studying tons of different scientific information on bodybuilding. Let me start my narration from the first key factor.


Training is the most important thing in bodybuilding. Without training, you will never build any muscles. Even though anabolic hormones are mainly important for the growth of muscle mass, heavy lifting is crucial for the growth. A proper training is the most important thing in bodybuilding.

You do not have to spend hours in the gym in order to build a gorgeous body. Three training days a week will be absolutely enough for your success. Do not train every day. Otherwise, you will be overtrained. Also, do not forget to increase weights on your barbells and dumbbells. As your muscles grow, you will need to put more stress on them in order to stimulate the further growth.


proper diet in bodybuildingThe body uses proteins to build muscles. Firstly, proteins are converted into amino acids. Amino acids are building blocks of muscles. Thus, when proteins are converted into amino acids, the body uses them to build muscles. To build 500 grams of lean muscles, the body requires 2500 calories. If you have a proper diet, your body will use carbohydrates for the needed energy. 
This is a small drop of knowledge you will need to have in order to plan a proper diet. Otherwise, if you train without having a proper diet, you will merely waste your time. Muscles do not grow if they are not enough saturated. In my further articles, I will teach you how to plan a proper bodybuilding diet.


healthy sleep in bodybuildingThere are two reasons why good sleep is essential if you want your muscles to grow. Firstly, you should know that the presence of anabolic hormones such as testosterone, insulin, and growth hormone in your blood is essential for stimulating muscle growth. Do you know why women are physically incapable of building muscles? Girls lack all the above mentioned anabolic hormones. This is the reason why they do not grow any muscles even while training very hard.

90% of the above-mentioned anabolic hormones are produced during sleep. The remaining 10% might be produced during the daytime. Hence, if you do not sleep healthy, you will have almost no anabolic hormones in your blood. Consequently, you will be unable to cause muscle hypertrophy due to the lack of testosterone, insulin, and growth hormone.

These are the three key factors in bodybuilding. Even though bodybuilding is an extremely complicated sport, you will be able to build muscles without fully understanding it. Follow the above-mentioned tips, and you will get huge.

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