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girls like youWhether you are a young boy or a mature man, sometimes, you will need to know whether a girl likes you or not. To exactly tell if girls like you, you will need to improve your psychological skills. To be honest, it is not as easy to guess whether a girl likes you or not. Girls may seem like they like you, but at the same time, it is very difficult to identify their real thoughts. To say if girls like you, you will need to a very perspicacious person. For me, different girls are like sophisticated puzzles. It becomes near to impossible while trying to guess their real intention. While having relationships with girls, it will be necessary to make it clear whether they like you or not. Since you do not want to merely waste your time, you will need to implement the below-mentioned tips in order to identify if a girl likes you or not.

Even if you are a great psychologist, from time to time, it becomes very complicated to understand a person’s soul. Some people are open and sincere. Other types of people are closed. They will do everything in order to hide their real attitude towards you. If girls are somehow motivated to have you in their arms, the will do everything in order to make it look like they like you. I want to mention that financial motivation is the most powerful stimulator. Thus, if you are a rich man, it is very likely that different girls will do everything in order to seduce you. You will definitely see loads of different girls strolling around you. You might think that these girls like you. If you are not a well-experienced man, it will be very difficult to know whether these girls really like you. Let me tell you my personal opinion. If you are a wealthy man, it is likely that the majority of girls around you will like your money. Especially, when you see some truly gorgeous women who try to look like they like you, you might be sure that their emotions are absolutely fake. These girls are financially motivated in seducing you. Of course, if you are enough handsome, these girls might also like your appearance. I do not claim that money will be the only thing they like in you. There might be a lot of different things these girls might love in you. However, let me make it clear for you that your money will be the most important thing for all of them. Once you are broke, you will see all of these girls escaping from you. This is a classic case that has happened to thousands of rich men who got broke.

As I have previously mentioned, it is always important to know whether girls like you or not. When you know that a girl truly likes you, it will become easier for you to deal with her. When girls really like you, you will exactly know that all your efforts to make them happy are not useless. It the same time, if you foolishly assume that girls like you, I won’t be able to predict the level of your frustration when you find out that all of their words and actions were fake. In this blog post, I prepared a lot of useful information that will let you know if girls like you or not.


It is absolutely usual to see thousands of girls strolling around you when you are rich and popular. Everyone wants to share wealthy people’s fame and wealth. Therefore wealthy people are always surrounded by thousands of different people. For women, a rich man is an infinite source of happiness. Since wealth men are capable of satisfying their whimsical and egotistical desires, women will do everything in order to stick to them. These women may not like appearances and personalities of rich men, however, it will be more appropriate for them to keep sticking to these rich men. As long as they are with rich men, their materialistic desires will be satisfied.

Thus, if you are wealthy and popular, it will be very difficult to know whether your girls like you or not. To exactly say if a girl like your or not, you will need to observe her behavior when you are in a trouble. Problematic situations also have some positive effects. First of all, problematic situations let you identify real personalities of people. When you have some problems, you will see that only sincere people are still with you. Everyone, who is interested in your financial possessions, will leave you as soon as you have some problems. Hence, if girls do not like you, they won’t support you in troubles. In difficult situations, observing your girls behavior will let you exactly know whether these girls like you or not.


Usually, when you get to know a new girl, she won’t know everything about your financial and social status. Of course, if you do not show off your expensive watches, clothes, and cars in front of her, she won’t know anything about your financial possessions. At the same time, a person’s financial status can be easily understood by the way he talks and behaves. Anyways, it will be very easy to hide the fact that you are rich.

When girls like you, they won’t be mainly interested in your money. Sincere girls will like your personality, appearance, smile, habits, jokes, and other stuff. Of course, some of them may like the fact that you are a rich man. However, your wealth will never be a primary interest for them. Thus, to tell if girls like you, look at their main interests in you.


If girls like you, they will definitely enjoy being with you. Look how happy your girls are with you. This will let you know whether these girls like you or not. If you see them bored and annoyed by the time spent with you, it is very likely that they don’t like you. Oppositely, if you always see them smiling, joking, and laughing, you will be sure that these girls like you.


We always miss people whom we like. It is very difficult to live without our beloved ones. This is why missing someone means liking that person. If you miss someone, it will be clear to me that you like that person. We never miss someone if we hate that person. People always want to be near to the people whom they really like.

Thus, if girls like you, they will probably miss you. When girls like you, they will phone you several times a day, think about you all the time, and of course, they will want to date you as frequently as possible. These are some of the signs that girls like you.

Whether you date women with serious or unserious intentions, you will always need to know if they like you or not. Thus, when you exactly know that girl like you, you will not waste your time. Also, knowing if a girl likes you, will let you plan your further actions. If she likes you, you will be more serious with her.  If your girls do not like you, you will start looking for new girls who will sincerely like you.

Written by Bahtiyar
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