last longerSex is enormously important in our lives. If you are rich and successful, famous and popular, healthy and strong, but your sexual life is not satisfactory, you won’t be happy. There are thousands of couples who break their relationship just because one of them is incapable of satisfying his sexual partner. I need to tell you that your relationship with a woman may be perfect, you may have the same interests and ideally, understand each other, but if you have some problems in bed, be sure that it will impact your whole relationship with this girl. Every man wants to last longer in bed. Inability to have a long sexual act is the common problem of millions of couples around the world. This article will give you the most effective tips that will help you to last longer.

I launch this blog, to be honest, and open with my readers. Therefore let me tell you my story. Some of you may think that it is not appropriate to tell your readers about your sexual life. I give my apologies to the group of readers who thinks so, but let me tell you that I am a very open-minded person and some common misconceptions and delusions do not impact me. I consider it to be absolutely normal to share my own sexual experience with my readers. Let me come back and start my story. I had a girlfriend and our relationship was more platonic. I didn’t feel a strong desire to make sex with her. It is very unusual for me because usually, I feel a sexual desire to my girlfriends. We used to talk about everything. She was a smart girl and enjoyed reading. You may be sure that there are a lot of themes and topics to discuss with a person who reads much. So we had different conversations and discussions, starting from politics, business, history, and ending with sex and children’s education. I never felt bored or tired of her. We were dating regularly. I can tell you that we were spending at least three or four days a week together. Our favorite date places were parks, cinemas, and our homes. I was visiting her and she was visiting me. I loved and enjoyed kissing and hugging her. At the beginning of our relationship, she was giving me different sexual hints but I did not react to them. It is really very unusual for me because usually, I am the first who initiates sexual behavior. As I have told you, her hints were useless and we continued our platonic relationship. Usually, I have an animal desire when I like a girl but  I did not hurry up to have sex with her. I was enjoying our communication. Six months have passed before we decided to make sex. Our first sex was preplanned. I remember that I had a very bad mood that day. However, I did not cancel our date. I will not give you any details but I will mention that it was the worst sex I had in my whole life. She was tall enough, had a nice breast and butt. When I saw her naked I did not feel any usual desire and arousal. She was not a passionate girl and I have recognized this factor in the beginning of our relationship. Neither, I saw her passion and temperament in bed. As a result, I was fully frustrated. It was the worst and the least passionate sex in my whole life. Do you think that we continued our relationship after our first sex? She phoned me several times and asked me not to break her heart but I didn’t react. Our first sexual intercourse showed me that this girl was not my sexual type and therefore I did not wish to continue any further relationship with her. She was sending me tons of SMS and asking me to have a short conversation with her but I refused to do it. I do not regret it. The main idea of this story is that your dissatisfaction in bed can fully destroy your whole relationship. I understood this fact after this sex experience. It does not matter how many common interests you have with a girl. if she is not your sexual type, you won’t have any good attitude with her.

Let me return back to the main theme of my blog post. I have already explained to you the importance of the quality of your sexual life. The dissatisfaction of both a woman or a man can cause serious problems in your couple. 

It is not necessary to tell you that in order to be fully satisfied women need to have long sexual intercourse. A man can reach a climax in a few minutes. Sometimes he may not want to repeat the act again and sometimes he may be unable to do it. I won’t study this situation in detail because I plan to dedicate a separate article to discuss the topic. Now, let us come back to the problem. A woman wants to receive lots of frictions and has a long sexual act but a man comes very quickly. It takes a few minutes for a man to reach a climax but women need more time to be fully satisfied. In this situation, we see that a man is satisfied and he got what he wanted but a woman is frustrated and dissatisfied. We should prolong the first sexual act. This is a perfect solution for the current problem. Thus, a single sexual act will satisfy both a woman and a man. So what are the ways to make you last longer in bed? Let me suggest and explain a list of them.   


Using a condom can reduce the sensitivity of your penis. You reach a climax too fast because your penis is too sensitive. If you want to last longer in bed your penis should be less sensitive. There are several ways to achieve it and one of them is to use a condom. You may use a simple condom or a special condom with antiseptics. This type of condoms is the best sex prolonger. It will fully turn off the sensitivity of your penis for a specific period of time. This may be very unusual and you may not even feel your penis. Sounds very funny. Most of you, are mature men and women, and you have experience of using such condoms. Sensitivity will come back after a short period of time and you will reach your desired climax. This method will surely let you last longer in bed. Check out other effective tips to last longer.


When you don’t have sex for months it is predictable that you will come very soon. Having regular sex lets you avoid this problem. Usually, when men have a regular sex life, they last longer in bed. Regular sexual life is a natural way to make your sex longer.


Some specialists say that this is the worst way to make sex longer. They think that a woman does not feel a high level of sexual excitement when frictions are not fast enough. It may be true on some occasions. I have met lots of girls who told me that they prefer slow sex. This type of woman enjoys it when a man makes very slow frictions. That means that sex gurus are deceived by another popular sex delusion. There are women who prefer slow sex and you can use this fact to last longer in bed. Making very slow movements let men considerably prolong a sexual act. It is important to be excited all the time. Otherwise, you may have problems with your erection. Sometimes it is very difficult to control yourself and you start moving faster. Experience and try to control your feelings. This tip can definitely be a very efficient method to last longer in bed.   


Another way to last longer is to use antiseptic creams or sprays. This tool will give better results than you have while you use condoms with antiseptics. The number of antiseptics on condoms is very small and therefore its effect will last for a short period of time. Antiseptic creams and sprays give you better results because you control the number of antiseptics that you smear on your penis. Applying antiseptic creams and sprays is very popular nowadays and it certainly lets you last longer in bed.   


Some of the antidepressants are commonly used to prevent premature ejaculation. At the same time, they cause a decrease in your libido level. Fluoxetine and dapoxetine are the most popular antidepressants which are used to prevent premature ejaculation. I have no experience of using antidepressants in order to enhance my sexual life but I have some information about it. Usually, one pill of fluoxetine is taken four hours before your sex. People say that fluoxetine lets you last longer in bed. However, all people who have used it, complain that the pills decrease or sometimes even fully destroy your libido. My opinion is that Fluoxetine won’t make you any harm if you use it very rarely in order to prolong your sex. It can impact your libido if you drink it on a regular, but occasional users won’t give you any harm. 

As you see, there are several methods that may help you to last longer in bed. All of the above-mentioned tips are regularly used by millions of people around the world to prevent premature ejaculation. All of them are effective. However, some of them guarantee you some effect during a short period of time and other recommendations are more efficient. You should make some experiments and try some of these methods in order to choose the best and the most suitable tools for you.

As always, enjoy your life and remain to be healthy and successful!.

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.