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launch a sex blogLaunching a sex blog is a good way of monetizing your sex knowledge online. There may be several thousands of different sex blogs on the Internet. However, only a few of them are internationally known and popular. A professional sex blog can attract thousands of readers every day. As you know, huge volumes of web traffic can be monetized in different ways. Making money online is not the only reason why a person wants to start a sex blog. Usually, individuals want to launch a sex blog for several purposes. First of all, it is very interesting to manage a sex blog. You can write absolutely everything on your sex blog. Thus, having a sex blog emancipates you to some extent. Secondly, your personal sex blog lets you share your sexual experience with the world. Finally, a sex blog can be easily monetized. Hence, a popular sex blog can become a regular source of financial income. Accordingly, there are several reasons why a person might want to start a sex blog. To rephrase, there is a multitude of different factors that motivate people to launch sex blogs. If you want to build your personal sex blog, you are in the right place.

I decided to divide my narration into three parts. In this blog post, I will give you all the necessary information on how to launch a sex blog. I will give you all the effective tips on how to fill your sex blog with high-quality content. Also, I will give you some unique sex blog ideas you won’t be ever to find anywhere else on the Web. In the second blog post, I will provide you with some original tips on how to create new high-quality content for your sex blog. In the third article, I am going to describe all the ways that let you monetize your personal sex blog. Remember that sex blog monetization does not resemble monetization of a porn site. Though both of these web resources are considered as adult websites, you will find that porn sites are monetized in absolutely different ways. A sex blog is an adult website; however, it is not as explicit and sexually frank as a porn site. Therefore, a sex blog will have some more monetization opportunities that are inapplicable to a porn site. At the same time, a lot of adult advertisement networks will not accept sex blog since they are not fully porn resources. This is a topic of my next blog post. Right now, let me give you some of the most effective tips on how to build, start, and launch a sex blog.


Determining a niche is the first thing you must do before starting any types of blogs. Before you start building your sex blog, you will need to identify its main niche. Some people say that a web resource must have a single blogging niche. These people assume that universal blogs irritate readers. I do not think so. This is why you will find a lot of absolutely different information on my blog. Sometimes, I write about online business, affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO, branding. Other days, I write about travel, hotels, and travel services. Also, you will find loads of blog posts on my blog dedicated to psychological and philosophical topics. What is more, I frequently write about sex on my website.

It is clear that a sex blog must publish sex-related articles. At the same time, you will find that sex is a universal concept. There is gay sex, lesbian sex, classic sex, anal sex, oral sex, BDSM sex, transsexual sex, group sex, interracial sex, and many other categories of sex. You know that porn sites have hundreds of different categories. A sex blogger should choose among them in order to start a sex blog. A sex blog does not necessarily need to be dedicated to a single sex category. This means you can start a universal sex blog publishing general sex-related articles. It is all up to you. It will be your personal choice.


I decided to write this article in order to help you in choosing a niche for your future sex blog. While choosing a niche for your sex blog, you will need to keep in mind the following tips.


Usually, people perform very well at the things they are truly interested in. In other words, we can never succeed in something we dislike. If you are gay, it is very probable that you won’t succeed while running a heterosexual sex blog. It will be better for you to launch a sex blog oriented to gay relationships. Lesbians will perform better while writing blog posts dedicated to lesbians. Swingers will have a lot of things to write about swinger sex. You will see that it is more pleasurable for you to write about the things you are interested in.


Usually, we write about the things we know very well. Take my blog as an example. I write about online business since I have several years of an active experience in the online business sphere. I know how to successfully resolve any of PayPal and eBay problems. Therefore, you will find a lot of instructions on my blog dedicated to the above-mentioned topics.

Before you choose a niche for your sex blog, ask yourself about the sex categories you know very well. If you are a lesbian, it will be probable that you know all pros and cons of lesbian sex. Thus, launching a sex blog dedicated to lesbian sex will be the best choice for you. If you are experienced in BDSM sex, it is very probably that you will have loads of things to write about this type of sex.


A good domain name is 50% of your blogging success. If you choose an irrelevant domain name for your sex blog, your blogging project will fail. When you have already chosen a niche for your sex blog, you will need to include that niche keyword in your domain name. For example, if you are going to dedicate your blog to BDSM, you may choose something similar to these domains,,, and etc. Use your imagination. If your sex blog is going to cover sex in general, you should not include any niche keywords in your domain name.

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You should realize that sex blogs are treated as adult websites. Actually, everything that is not appropriate for children to see can be classified as adult content. This is why so many websites are rejected by Adsense and other ad networks. Even a photo of a girl in a bikini can be classified as something adult oriented. This is why you should choose a hosting company that is adult friendly. TMD Hosting accepts adult websites. Whether your website is a porn resource or a sex blog, you will find TMD Hosting team to be very friendly.


It is clear that a sex blog should look very sexy. The design of your sexy blog must be sexually exciting and passionate. Choose among red, black, and violet tones. These are the most sexually appealing colors. What is more, the theme of your sex blog must be functional. In addition, if you intend to monetize your sex blog, you will need to purchase a multifunction theme. WordPress is the best platform for blogging. Therefore, I recommend using it. You can buy a great theme on ThemeForest. Currently, ThemeForest is the best online marketplace for buying and selling digital products. The world’s most professional developers sell gorgeous themes on ThemeForest. You won’t be able to find a better marketplace filled with wonderful WordPress themes than ThemeForest.

When all the above-mentioned steps are completed, you will need to start creating high-quality content for your sex blog. This process will take several months. Making money blogging is not ‘a quick get rich’ method. Prepare yourself for a hard work. Starting a sex blog is very easy. It can be done in one day. You will find that it is more difficult to fill your sex blog with high-quality content. In the next blog post, you will see some functional recommendations on how to generate awesome content for your sex blog.

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