LalitFrom ancient times, India was one of the most mysterious destinations around the globe. With years, its mystery did not disappear, and this wonderful country still attracts millions of tourists. India is one of the most tourist-visited countries of the world. This wonderful place is not yet studied and fully discovered. Picturesque landscapes and rich fauna of India are some of the factors that make this country so seductive for curious and sensitive travelers. The country is very huge. It consists of several states. Usually, it takes a long time for a traveler to travel whole India. You may spend a whole year traveling in India and there will still remain loads of areas that will remain to be magic for you. The country is full of secrets and miracles. I can self-assuredly state that India is the most spiritual country that exists in our country. 

I have been to India many times. I have seen both white and black sides of this miraculous country. I have witnessed over exceeding wealth and extreme poverty that exist in India. The country is very controversial. You may see millions of people who have no a roof above their heads, and at the same time, India is full of billionaires. The most expensive house of the world was build in India. This fact lets us make some conclusions regarding this area. Usually, India is associated with poverty, diseases, and dirt. That is absolutely true. According to my data, there are nearly 300 Indian million people who live in utter poverty. These numbers may be underestimated. These facts make travelers consider twice regarding their plans to travel in India. There are loads of areas and districts in India that should not be visited by tourists. Let me state that I hate dirt and crowded places. I get very stressed in these occasions. Therefore, when I plan my travels to Asian countries, I choose to travel in luxurious style. There is a lot of evil in our life, and usually, we travel to get away from our problems. Traveling is a stress-relieving activity and we anticipate a pleasurable time in our trips. These are the main reasons why luxurious travel is the best way to travel when you go to such contrast regions like India. 

I value my precious time, and therefore, I never waste it by looking for something twice. Once I have found the thing that I like, I will stick to it lifelong. That is my habit and I consider it to be very beneficial. It saves a lot of time and protects your nerves from additional disturbance. Regularity and stability are key factors to have a happy life. These looks are applied to every side of my life. Travel is not exclusion. My travel preferences and choices are always stable and regular. I perfectly know how much frustrating it can be when your choice of a hotel does not satisfy you. In this situation, travelers regret about their choice. You are doing great by reading this blog because I strive to help you to avoid the popular problems that travelers encounter in their journeys. It is better to listen to a good specialist, and then, make your own decision. In this article, I will try to suggest you the best hotels that you may choose if you plan to travel in India. I hope that my tip will make your travel in India more pleasurable, and thus, you will avoid everything negative that you may meet in this wonderful country. 

I always choose Lalit Hotels, while traveling in India. I love Lalit Hotels for several reasons. Let me tell you something about this wonderful hotel company. 

The LaLiT

The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group, an enterprise of Bharat Hotels Limited is India’s largest and the fastest growing privately owned Hotel Company.

Headquartered in New Delhi, the company opened its first hotel here in 1988 under the dynamic leadership of Founder Chairman Mr. Lalit Suri, who spearheaded the Group’s unprecedented expansion plans.

Rapid expansion and consolidation of its leadership position continue under the enterprising stewardship of Dr. Jyotsna Suri, who took over as Chairperson & Managing Director in 2006.

All hotels within the group operated under the brand The Grand – Hotels, Palaces & Resorts. It was re-branded as ‘The Lalit’ on November 19, 2008, as a tribute to the company’s Founder Chairman Mr. Lalit Suri.

The company offers Seventeen luxury hotels, with 3600 rooms in the five-star deluxe segment with eleven operational hotels and six under development/restoration (including three overseas). The operational hotels include The Lalit New Delhi, The Lalit Mumbai, The Lalit Grand Palace Srinagar, The Lalit Golf & Spa Resort Goa, The Lalit Ashok Bangalore, The Lalit Laxmi Vilas Palace Udaipur, The Lalit Temple View Khajuraho, The Lalit Resort & Spa Bekal (Kerala), The Lalit Jaipur, The Lalit Chandigarh & The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata.

The LaLiT

The Group has also forayed into mid-segment hotels under the brand – ‘The Lalit Traveller’. The first two hotels under this brand opened in Jaipur and Khajuraho with 25 more hotels planned in the next five years.



The Lalit Chandigarh

   The Lalit Chandigarh Received Customer Choice Award 2016 from Make My Trip.

The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group

 National Award for Excellence in Hospitality Education 2011-12 for Hotel Undertaking Skill Development in the Hospitality Sector

The Lalit New Delhi

National Tourism Award 2014 – 15 for providing Best facilities for the differently abled guests

   National Tourism Award 2012 – 13 for providing Best facilities for the differently abled guests

National Tourism Awards 2009 – 2010 for providing Best facilities for the differently abled guests

 National Tourism Awards 2009 – 2010 for Best Tourism Promotion Publicity Material ‘Delhi – A Gateway to India’

Times Food & Nightlife Awards 2013 & 2012 to Kitty Su for Best Night Club

The Miele Guide 2012 & 2011 recognized The Grill amongst the 500 Finest Restaurants of Asia

The Lalit Mumbai

   The Miele Guide 2013 recognized Trendz amongst the 500 Finest Restaurants of Asia

   Asia Spa Awards 2013 for Most Luxurious Spa Treatment

   Tripadvisor 2012 voted 24/7 as the Most Recommended Restaurant

The Lalit Ashok Bangalore

   Best Ornamental Garden Hotel by Mysore Horticulture Society for six consecutive years in a row

   Asia Pacific Hotel Awards 2013-14 for Best Convention Hotel

Best Business Hotel in South India by BIG Research Business & Service Excellence Awards 2012

Times Food & Nightlife Awards 2013 to Sutra for Best Lounge Bar in the city

   The Miele Guide 2013 recognized OKO amongst the 500 Finest Restaurants of Asia

The Lalit Great Eastern Kolkata

   Travellers ChoiceAwards 2014 – Heritage Hotel

   Travel + Leisure Awards 2014 – Best Hotel for Women Travellers 

The Lalit Jaipur

   Best Airport Hotel by Asia Pacific Hotel Awards 2013-14

   Best New Spa (Hotel) by Asia Spa Awards 2013

The Lalit Resort & Spa Bekal

   India’s 20 most romantic resorts by Conde Nast Traveller

   AsiaSpa Awards 2014 for Best Medi Spa

   World Luxury Spa Award 2013 for Best Luxury Spa Resort

Geo Spa Asia Spa India Awards 2011 & 2012 for Best Eco Spa

   CNBC Awaaz Travel Awards 2012 for Best Wellness Resort

   Excellence Award by Kerala State Pollution Control Board

   Pevonia AsiaSpa Awards 2010 for Best New Spa Resort

The Lalit Golf & Spa Resort Goa

   Goan Hospitality Excellence Awards 2016 for Best 5 Star Wedding Destination at South Goa

Goan Hospitality Excellence Awards 2016 for Best 5 Star Horticulturist & Landscaping at South Goa

   Goan Hospitality Excellence Awards 2016 for Best 5 Star with Exotic Cuisine Restaurants at South Goa

Goan Hospitality Excellence Awards 2016 for Best 5 Star Food & Beverage Manager at South Goa

   Asia Pacific Hotel Awards 2013-2014 for Best Golf Resort

   Asia-Pacific International Hotel Award 2013-14 for Best Resort Hotel

Times Food Award 2013 for Best BBQ & Grills to Sea by

   Times Food Award 2013 for Best Shack to Corta’s

The Lalit Temple View Khajuraho

   GMR Express Travel World Awards 2010-2011 for Excellence in the Corporate Social Responsibility

   Pevonia AsiaSpa Awards 2008-09 for Best New Spa in the Country

   Asia Pacific Hotel Award 2012 in the category of SMALL HOTEL, India

The Lalit Grand Palace Srinagar

   National Tourism Awards 2009 – 2010 in ‘Heritage Grand Category’

The Lalit

The awards of Lalit Hotels are really impressive. I never knew about Lalit Hotels before. My acquaintance with this wonderful hotel company started in 2012. I have made a couple of trips to India and I stayed at several hotels that did not satisfy my demands. The hotels were considered to be the best among all India, but I did not like them. I near gave up traveling to India because of this issue. I did not want to dwell at the hotels that I did not like. For that reason, I started browsing the Internet with the intent to find a good hotel that has everything I need to have a pleasurable travel. Thus, I found the official web page of Lalit hotels. I liked the design of Lalit Hotels website. I liked the way they represent the information regarding their hotels. The prices surprisingly amazed me, because they are very low for such luxurious hotels as Lalit Hotels. I easily book myself lodgings via Lalit Hotels website. Made the payment online. On the 3rd of July 2012, I arrived at the Lalit New Delhi hotel. Designs, decoration, and style of the hotel made a great impression on me. I can assure you that the hotel was one of the most luxurious and beautiful hotels I have ever seen in my life. I felt myself like a Maharaja, an Indian king. Customer service at Lalit Hotels is awesome. The hotel’s workers are very polite and punctual. They perfectly know the way a client must be treated. I visited Lalit Hotels in other Indian states. I have been to The Lalit Bangalore, The Lalit Chandigarh, The Lalit Kolkata, The Lalit Jaipur, The Lalit Udaipur, The Lalit GOA, The Lalit Khajuraho, The Lalit Spinagar, and The Lalit Bekal. 

All the hotels had different designs but all of them were extremely rich decorated and luxuriously gorgeous. Even though Lalit Hotels are elite and exclusive, the prices will satisfy your wallets.  

If you want to have a luxurious journey in India, you should definitely stay at one of the Lalit Hotels. Lalit Hotels will make your travel unforgettable and unrepeatable. Lalit Hotels is the best hotel company in whole India.

Choose Lalit Hotels and your absolute satisfaction is guaranteed!

Written by Bahtiyar
Bahtiyar is a businessman, Internet marketer, blogger, traveler, and the founder of one of the world's most popular blogs Bahtiyar World.