winter depression


winter depressionWinter depression is also called as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Not also people are susceptible to winter depression. If you are more prone to bad mood, stress, negative feelings and emotions, you will likely suffer from autumn and winter depression as well. Usually, SAD occurs during autumn and winter. In spring and summer, Seasonal Affective Disorder is uncommon. On the other hand, depression can occur anytime. When your life situation is unsatisfactory, you will likely have a sort of depression. Thus, depression that happens in autumn is called as autumn depression. Today, we will talk about winter depression. Let us clarify the main causes of winter depression.


First of all, I want to mention that vitamin D is absolutely crucial for our health. Vitamin D provides us with energy, positive mood, motivation, and good immune system. When there is lack of vitamin D, all the above-mentioned things will start suffering. With vitamin D deficiency, you will be in a bad mood, have less energy, and your immune system will start weakening as well.

No doubts, we spend less time outdoors while it is winter. We hate cold weather, and therefore, we try to stick to warm places during winter. Usually, our flats or houses are the warmest and the most comfortable places to spend our time in winter. What is more, the sun is usually closed by clouds in winter. Thus, we physically get less vitamin D during winters. Too much time without sunlight builds up melatonin which is also responsible for fatigue, sleepiness, and other anti-energetic moods.

In recent scientific studies, it of exposed that vitamin D is crucial for the production of testosterone. Hence, functions of vitamin D go far beyond our common knowledge. With lack of vitamin D, you will have lower levels of testosterone in your blood. This will lead to low energy, no motivation, apathy, and other undesirable conditions.


Cold weather is one of the major reasons for winter depression. Of curse, there are loads of fans of cold weather. Nevertheless, most of us still dislike cold weather. We usually feel good about the things we love. If there is something hateful in our life, we start feeling uncomfortable. This is why haters of cold weather feel depressed during winters.


As I mentioned above, we spend less time outdoors during winters. Thus, if you don't visit a gym on a regular basis, your physical motion will be significantly limited in winters. Physical exercises are crucial for the normal production of testosterone. In addition, heavy physical exercises release endorphins into our bloodstream. Endorphins are known to cause positive feelings such as happiness, euphoria, and self-confidence. Lack of physical motion is the third case of winter depression.


With low vitamin D and low testosterone in your blood, you should not expect high libido. Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for sex drive. Low testosterone = low libido. Without normal sex life, it is impossible to have a happy life. It is known that sex causes a big release of dopamine in the brain. This neurotransmitter is responsible for the sense of well-being and happiness. The release of dopamine can be triggered by other things such as delicious food, physical exercises, money, and drugs. Thus, if you do not control this neurotransmitter by the previously mentioned stimuli, without sex, you will have no dopamine. This condition will lead to depression.


I hate the way a city looks in winters. No trees, no grass, dirt on roads, no half-naked female bodies outside, and many other awful things happen in winters. To be honest, I hate looking at the window when it is snowy. This look causes a very depressing mood. 
These are some of the main causes of winter depression. In the next blog post, I will provide you with some of the most effective ways to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

Written by Bahtiyar
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